Simplify Geochemical Analysis within ArcGIS

Find out how you can effectively organize, validate, process and visualize your geochemical data without leaving your ArcGIS environment. Also learn what's new for Geochemistry for ArcGIS 2.0.

In this seminar you will learn about:

• Maintaining data in an ESRI file geodatabase using a data model optimized for geochemical data.
• Using the merge reports to identify samples that are missing location or assay information.
• Simplify the quality control process with easy to use standard and duplicate handling and graphing capabilities.
• Leveling Data options based on a categorization field such as lithology.
• Analyze multi-element geochemistry data using interactive multiple histogram plots (now in colour), Pearson’s correlation reports, scatter plots, probability plots (multi now in colour), ternary plots and box plots, to identify outliers and define populations.
• New Box plot options including log distribution and whisker display to identify outliers.
• Select and subset data interactively from maps based on rock codes, regions or map groups.
• Grid and contour geochemical assay point data to enhance data display.
• New 3D capabilities (3D Topography draping).

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