The Science Behind Euler Deconvolution – How it Affects UXO Depth and Weight Estimation

In this webinar you will learn best practices for using Euler Deconvolution as an interpretive technique for UXO detection with offshore marine magnetic survey data.

Dr. Alan Reid et al. (1990) expanded Thompson’s (1982) Euler technique to gridded magnetic data and coined the term “Euler Deconvolution”. Euler Deconvolution is a popular technique for magnetic interpretation, however, poor parameter choices and data quality can deliver incorrect or misleading results. Dr. Reid and Tim Archer from Reid Geophysics discuss the science behind Euler Deconvolution, sources of uncertainty and error, commonly asked questions, and best practices for interpreting Euler depths in offshore marine UXO surveys using Oasis montaj and UXO Marine. Geosoft’s Nigel Halsall provides a practical demonstration of these techniques using Geosoft’s UXO software.

This webinar was recorded on 2017-11-05 as part of Geosoft’s Near Surface Customer Success webinar series.

The technical papers on Euler Deconvolution mentioned in this video can be found on the Reid Geophysics web site.

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