Processing and modelling of magnetic vertical gradient data from marine surveys

Magnetic surveys are a cost-effective method for detecting buried UXO not visible on the seabed, in a variety of marine environments. Oasis montaj and UXO Marine provide a dedicated workflow and specialized tools to process and visualize magnetic data for effective detection and analysis of targets in marine site investigation surveys.

Marine surveyors design magnetic surveys according to project requirements, whether this be wide area surveys, cable routes, cable detection or close spacing UXO clearance. Magnetometers can be towed individually collecting total field measurements, or mounted onto fixed frames to collet or calculate magnetic gradients. UXO marine has been developed to effectively use and integrate all types of offshore magnetic data.

This webinar covers:

  • Dedicated workflow for detecting buried utilities and UXO with magnetic vertical gradient data in marine environments
  • Tools for processing and interpreting vertical gradient data
  • Automated target picking and other specialized capabilities

This webinar covers the tools relevant to the vertical gradient workflow. For information on how Oasis montaj and UXO marine can be used to process and model your transverse gradient (TVG) data, please see the related webinar below.

Presented by Sara Lise Underhay on November 2, 2016

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