More than you know: Environmental Applications for Electromagnetic Instruments

Over the course of recent decades, the increased acceptance and continued advancement of near-surface geophysical technologies has led to broad adoption within the environmental sector. As a consequence, instrument manufacturers today are needing to address a much more diverse range of applications than in years past. This presentation will offer a number of case studies to illustrate the successful use of electromagnetic (EM) instruments, developed by Geonics Limited, for environmental applications. Examples will include the characterization and monitoring of groundwater, contaminant plumes and mine tailings, and the detection of various targets of environmental concern including pipelines, underground storage tanks and UXO. Further, the mapping of faults, sinkholes and other potential hazards such as changes in sea-ice thickness will show how EM methods can be used to support critical risk evaluation.

Presented by Mike Catalano from Geonics at the Canadian Exploration Geophysics Society (KEGS) meeting on October 11, 2016.

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