Mineral Prospectivity Mapping - Integrating multidisciplinary geoscience data

Leveraging a case study from the Yukon plateau, Lee Steven describes how exploration risk can be mitigated through the integration of multidisciplinary geoscience data and the strategic application of innovative geoscience technology.

Lee reviews the high-value outcomes of applying different algorithms to different types of data:

  • SOM analysis of VOXI Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) results.
  • Principal component analysis (PCA) of stream sediment geochemical data.
  • Prospectivity Semantic Technology (ST) to outline permissive, favourable and highly favourable areas using as input geology maps, geochemistry, geophysics as well as a mineral system model.

The true value in the approach lies not within one single aspect, but the complete integration of all these methods.

Based on the 2017 Frank Arnott Award submission by the Deep-on-Data Team: Reducing Mineral Exploration Risk in the Yukon Plateau.

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