Leveraging open geoscience to support exploration and discovery

Learn how government agencies, industries, and Geosoft are supporting Open Geoscience through open data, applied innovation, and better collaboration to accelerate exploration and discovery. Tim Dobush, CEO of Geosoft Inc., presents some key government insights from our 2017 GDMS surveys, and explores the concepts and value of precompetitive data. He describes how Geosoft works with governments to support Public Private Partnerships, with some success stories around open data initiatives in Botswana and Uganda.

Edward Lewis from International Geoscience Services shares some prospectivity map case studies that use the IGS Xplore automated mineral targeting system. These case studies from around the world highlight the social, economic and environmental importance of making government-acquired data accessible for mineral discovery.

Taronish Pithawala from Geosoft provides an real-life example of how you can use precompetitive data and geophysical inversion to help enhance or support exploration and prospecting.

Recorded live on the Geosoft booth as part of the 2018 PDAC Conference, Sunday, March 4, 2018.

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