KEGS Presents: A new generation of induction sensors for broadband magnetotelluric measurements

Magnetotellurics measurements are divided into two categories depending on the frequency of interest: Audio Magnetotellurics (AMT) for the high frequency content and Magnetotellurics (MT) for the low frequency content.

AMT and MT signals have different origins. AMT and MT signals have large diurnal, seasonal and secular variations of amplitude that may affect specific frequency bands, the so called MT and AMT deadbands. Because of the nature of these signals, their frequency content and their variation over time, the industry has relied so far on two types of instrumentation to capture them. This has defined two different field methodologies that are rarely deployed simultaneously because of the costs associated to them.

We introduce here a new generation of broadband induction sensor that has the capability of capturing simultaneously both AMT and MT signal, which provides the geophysicist with a true broadband A/MT spectrum, with improved quality in the AMT deadband.

Presented by Yann Avram, VP Sales and Marketing, Phoenix Geophysics at the KEGS (Canadian Exploration Geophysics Society) on Feburary 9, 2016.

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