Introducing VALEM for GM-SYS 3D

Join Geosoft Chief Technologist, Ian MacLeod as he introduces VALEM (Voxel Assisted Layered Earth Modelling), a new cloud powered inversion service seamlessly integrated into GM-SYS 3D, Geosoft's powerful layer-based 3D modelling software program.

VALEM resolves the base of salt from gravity data bound by the constraints of seismic modelling, leveraging a unique hybrid approach that incorporates grids, geosurfaces, and 3D voxels for more accurate representation of salt geometry and sub-salt density distributions versus traditional modelling methods.

See how VALEM harnesses the power of Geosoft's most advanced 3D inversion technology deployed in a high performance computing (HPC) cloud to solve large problems quickly, enabling interpretation teams to iterate and collaborate through different constraining scenarios maximizing the value of gravity data to obtain the best possible integrated models.

0:00 Intro to GM-SYS 3D and VALEM
24:06 How to use VALEM demonstration
33:43 Audience Questions and Answers

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