Integrating layered-earth and voxel-based modelling: A case study from offshore East Africa using public domain satellite gravity data

See how to successfully combine conventional layered-earth modelling and voxel-based modelling by using GM-SYS and VOXI Earth Modelling. Gaud Pouliquen presents a case study using public domain satellite gravity data in the offshore of East Africa. She demonstrates how a regional inversion, carried out with limited constraints, can reveal a meaningful, basin-scale preliminary density model of the subsurface.

The presentation also demonstrates a number of GM-SYS features for working with both 2D and 3D models. In a challenging economic environment, this low cost, integrated modelling approach can prove extremely useful in exploring frontier basins, and could also provide value to exploration in better understood and constrained basins.

This live webinar was recorded at Geosoft on 2017-11-29.

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