Pushing the resource envelope: Using Geosoft within the resource estimation workflow

Learn how to combine Geosoft 3D gridding techniques and geological modelling workflows to create accurate grade distribution models from drill hole data.

Using case studies and data from real exploration projects, Geosoft geologists Darren Andrews and Sara Deschamps present a resource estimation workflow consisting of 5 main steps:

  •  Creation, standardization and validation of drillhole data (or any other sample type used in an estimation)
  •  Section plotting
  •  Interactive geological modelling
  •  Geostatistical analysis
  •  Block modelling and block estimation

They highlight several cases where explorers have employed Geosoft software to perform one or more of these tasks. Then present an exploration case study from the Maggie Hays nickel deposit in Australia.  In this example, they were able to access 40 plus years of exploration data over and around the deposit, including several resource estimates.

They applied Geosoft tools and workflows to data from one such (circa 2000) estimate, using it as a guide to the accuracy of our work. They were able to match the volumes and grades quoted in the estimate to an accuracy of +/- 10%.

During the presentation Sara and Darren highlight several areas, within the context of geological and voxel modelling in Geosoft, where 'best practice" can be employed by explorers to improve their result and to get to that result faster.

Recorded on October 26, 2017 as part of the geology track at the Geosoft LIVE customer success forum during the Exploration '17 Conference.

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