Geosoft channel math and voxel math tools

Learn how you can use the Geosoft channel math and voxel math tools to automate tasks and apply formulas when working with database channels and voxels.

 In the Geosoft database, you can use Channel math functions for:

  • Access to data on offset rows.
  • Additional string operators, such as concatenating two string channels.
  • Statistical information on partial or complete data channels.
  • A random number generator.
  • Access to elements of an array channel.

The voxel math tool now supports open and closed surface operations and includes the ability to:

  • Intersect open and closed surfaces.
  • Identify voxel cells within a specified distance from an open or closed surface.
  • Identify the voxel cells on one side of an open surface.
  • Identify voxel cells located inside (or outside) of a closed surface.
  • You can use these functions to build voxel models from your geology models and attribute geological properties and values to them.
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