Geophysical Data. Now what?!

Are you thinking of embarking on a geophysical survey? Want to do more with your data provided by your geophysical contractors? In this webinar we will demostrate a typical workflow for working with geophysical data as part of grassroots or brownfield projects.

Topics in this seminar:

• Easily work with data from small ground based surveys to large airborne projects.
• Quickly import and review your data from your surveys.
• Visualize your geophysical data using industry standard formats.
• Integrate the geophysical data with other earth science data (geological, geochemical, drillhole, etc).
• Easily access and incorporate publicly available datasets, to help minimize the cost of further exploration or investigations.
• Optimize the understanding of your geophysical data through applying advanced filters and other analysis tools to your data.
• Add powerful 2D and 3D visualization and specialized data modeling, compilation and interpretation functionality to your projects.
• Easily create final report-quality maps and images.

This seminar was recorded on April 5, 2011.

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