3D Modelling IP and Resistivity with VOXI

Join Geosoft Principal Scientist, Dr. Robert Ellis and Geophysical Modelling Technical Lead, Taronish Pithawala to learn about the 3D induced polarization (IP) and resistivity capabilities within VOXI Earth Modelling. This technology showcase will outline the theoretical underpinnings behind DCIP for VOXI, focus on the technological developments to support a modern approach to modelling, and will offer an applied example.

Topics include:
  • A brief recap of IP and resistivity theory
  • How VOXI IP and resistivity models measurements from DCIP surveys
  • A primer on the VOXI Earth Modelling interface, tools, and unique features
  • Constrained modelling example
Presented at PDAC 2017 on 2017-03-05.
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