3D Modelling of Highly Conductive Massive Sulphide Bodies

There has been a need in EM exploration for interpretation tools that can model a large earth volume with fine resolution and high conductivity contrasts. In response to this, a multigrid EM solution was developed for use in practical EM modelling of time domain EM data. This solution is an extension of multigrid methods to geophysical inductive EM problems. We illustrate the use of this tool by modelling UTEM data over the Voisey’s Bay Ovoid deposit. Starting with a conductivity model derived from published drill sections the methodology was successful in rendering both the early time large current channeling response generated by the host troctolite dyke and the very long late time decay of the highly conductive massive sulphide core.

Presented by Owen Fernley, a research geophysicist at Lamontagne Geophysics Ltd. in Kingston, Ontario at the KEGS (Canadian Geophysical Exploration Society) meeting on September 13, 2016.

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