Desktop Cataloger 7.5.1

April 18, 2012

Utility for organizing and finding spatial data on a personal computer.

Download from My Geosoft


Release Notes

The Geosoft Desktop Cataloger is a free utility that helps you build a catalog of your spatial files from your local drives, and lets you easily find that data when using Geosoft exploration software (Oasis montaj, Target) or Geosoft exploration software extensions for ArcGIS. Watch the Geosoft Desktop Cataloger video.

With Geosoft Desktop Cataloger, you can:

  • Build a "My Data" catalog of spatial files by selecting folders on your computer or external drives.
  • Specify data types to be cataloged from a preset list of spatial data set file types. The list of supported data types includes ECW, ERS, GDB, Geosoft VOXEL, Geosoft GRD, ArcGIS LYR, ArcGIS SHP, MapInfo TAB and GeoTIF Images.
  • Include up to 5000 datasets in your spatial catalog.
  • Access your catalog using Seeker within Geosoft desktop applications and Geosoft Extensions for ArcGIS.
  • Search and find indexed data through the use of keywords.
  • Find Geosoft XML metadata created for the datasets within your search. Metadata can be opened and reviewed.
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