UXO Software Update 1

June 18, 2014

UXO Software Update 1

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Release Notes

About this release
System requirements
Installing the software
Enhancements and maintenance fixes

About this release

Oasis montaj UXO Update 1 is a scheduled software upgrade available to all maintained customers and provides enhancements to the UXO extensions for Oasis montaj  There are many new tools and features in UX-Analyze (Advanced) for working with advanced EM sensors such as MetalMapper and TEMTADS.  Several of these new tools simplify the data processing and classification workflow, making it quicker and easier to follow.  There are also several tools that bring new capabilities to UX-Analyze, such as working Instrument Verification Strip (IVS) data, performing cluster analysis and visualizing the result with scatterplots.

In addition, many customer-reported issues have been addressed in UX-Analyze (Advanced) and UXO Marine.

These and more changes are described in the Capabilities section below.

System requirements

To install this update, you'll need a license for Oasis montaj 8.2 and the UX-Analyze Advanced extension. If you don't have one, contact us and we can help you get set up. The system requirements are the same as for Oasis montaj 8.2.

Installing the software

To install this update, you'll need to have Oasis montaj installed and then download the resource file from the link at the top of this page. Here's how:

  1. Click the download button at the top of this page to download the software update resource file.
  2. Unzip the zip file and save the resource update file (*.geosoft_resource_pack) to the same folder location.
  3. On the Help menu in Oasis montaj 8.1, click Updates, then click Apply Resource Update.
  4. In the Manual Resource Update dialog, click the browse button Browse button to locate and select the resource updates file (*.geosoft_resource_pack).
  5. Click Update. If there are no new resources to be updated, a Nothing to Update window informs you the resource pack has no new resources for you (this will happen if it has been previously installed or does not apply to your version). If there are new resources to be updated, the system automatically updates them. When the update is complete, the Update Complete window informs you that the update was successful. Click OK.
  6. Restart Oasis montaj for the changes to take effect.
  7. After updating, to ensure proper changes are applied: go in to the Geosoft\User\etc folder and delete the following files: UXA.Config and SensorTable2.xml.  The updated files will be copied to your User folder next time you run UX-Analyze.
  8. To confirm the update has installed correctly, on the Help menu in Oasis montaj click About Oasis montaj.  The Geosoft Oasis Montaj splash screen will appear.  Click on Module versions to retrieve the module versions.  The UXO Software Solutions version should read


For technical support options, please visit the Support Centre. All users may access the forums and other resources available within the Support Community. In particular, we recommend that you join the UXOnet e-mail list, if you are working in the UXO industry. It provides occasional updates on new releases, training opportunities and other information.


VOXI Earth Modelling

Added further validation to VOXI

We've added new checks to insure that your data is valid before running an inversion. Where possible, your input is further validated to ensure it is within expected ranges.

If you accidentally specified incorrectly a potential parameter or data and caused the data to fall outside these ranges, a warning message will alert you. You will​ then have the opportunity to review your entries and make corrections before using the inversion service, saving time and cost in running an incorrect inversion

Default error set to an infinitesimal non-zero floor value

In VOXI, if the default error value is calculated to be zero, it is now automatically reset to be an infinitesimally small value close to zero.

This change was made to accommodate the following situation: when running a forward model, the sensor channel does not matter and you can pick any channel. If this channel contains a constant, then the error is set to zero and forces you to specify a value.

By nudging the error just a touch over zero, we avoid this issue and you can perform forward and inverse modelling using the default settings without having to enter any other information.

Improved the default fit error for gravity gradient inversions

The default fit error calculation that controls the outcome for Airborne Gravity Gradient (AGG) and Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) inversions was adjusted slightly to provide better results.


Enhancements and maintenance fixes

IS74985 UX-Analyze Create Data Maps now allows users to select the transmitter to plot for MetalMapper data.
IS73308 UX-Analyze Decision Plot now automatically populates the suffix and prefix lists with likely candidates by scanning the folder.
IS84904 Improved the UX-Analyze Advanced menus to better match the advanced workflows in Oasis montaj.
IS82590 Added support for TEMTADS 2x2x3 in QC Decay display.
IS120972 Added a scatter plot size/decay image highlighting individual targets and overlaying the library items in UX-Analyze Advanced.
IS120968 Added the ability to select which additional channels to add to a located database in UX-Analyze Advanced.
IS120971 Improved the method by which the Background statistics are calculated in UX-Analyze Advanced.
IS120974 Added mask channel to be used to calculate ROC curve in UX-Analyze Advanced.
IS120966 The GPS antenna offset now all 0's by default when MetalMapper is selected in UX-Analyze Advanced.
IS120970 Default for modeling now set only after leveling is done in UX-Analyze Advanced.
IS120969 Removed mm-geometrics from the Advanced data lookup table in UX-Analyze Advanced.
Maintenance Fixes  
IS88197 Data Map Help map now indicates location information being plotted on the map.
IS88207 Polarization Plot With Library now plots full page when using a munition type.
IS43885 If the computer is locked while UXABATCHFIT.GX Batch Mode is running, the image fit results map is created as expected.
IS85020 Parameter Plot tool now enhanced with features similar to the Multi-Scatter Plot tool and the Interactive Image Viewer.
IS88201 QC Data Decay display Help now updated to include all relevant parameters.
IS85030 Added the ability to find clusters of data in a “decay vs. size” scatterplot or other scatterplots during Advanced Target Classification.
IS85026 Default color table in the QC Data Decay display now displays the profiles with more contrast between adjacent colors.
IS88209 Improved the page layout for Closest Matches of 1 and 2 in a Polarization Plot with Library.
IS88206 Added the ability to level the MetalMapper data based on the nearest background reading in time for Level Advanced EM Data.
IS85028 Can now define string classification in the Parameter Plot Tool.
IS32355 Metalmapper import no longer shifts the data by 28us.
IS85032 Can now automatically identify similar targets in the Target database for Advanced Target Classification.
IS88202 Improved several help topics to be more aligned with technical communications standards.
IS85034 Advanced Target Classification now works as expected.
IS88203 Adjust Colour Scale Help topic now updated.
IS85011 Starting Depth Channel option now removed from Batch Modelling.
IS109022 Level Advanced Sensor data Help topic now updated
IS109030 Improved layout of graphs in Polarization Plot With Library.
IS109016 Changed term in the Advanced Target Classification menu to "Perform Library Match."
IS103576 Background statistics help topic now updated.
IS103573 Advanced Target Classification now treats the output with same root name.
IS88228 Default survey mode now set to Static.
IS109015 Metric Weights dialog now labelled as Criteria Weights in Advanced Target Classification.
IS109019 Level Advanced Sensor data help topic now updated.
IS188218 Added a tool to calculate standard metrics.
IS103575 Data Map Help topic now updated.
IS144575 Running Export Anomaly Parameters through a script now works as expected.
IS120961 The monostatic option for Decay display QC now displays the decays for only combinations with the same TX/RX coils, as expected for TEM2x2 data.
IS143301 The Analytical Signal Tool now calculates the midpoint of all the sensors as expected.
IS39653 Advanced Target Classification help now updated for the Signature Library Database parameters.
IS78901 Advanced Target Classification help now updated for Gates and Metric weights.
IS58765 UX-Analyze Create Polarization Map no longer stops after creating 1000 maps.
IS73311 UX-Analyze ROC curve help topic now updated.
IS80893 UX-Analyze Data Map now removes temporary files after creating data maps.
IS188186 Can now plot the fit location on the Data Map.
IS103581 UX-Analyze Interactive Image Viewer now only redraws/ updates the image view when moving to a different line in the database.
IS101727 Browsing for the site database no longer disables the location options in Level Advanced Sensor data.
IS78904 Library legend colours now in line as a column for Create Pol Map with Lib.
IS84591 Symbols and colours modified to differentiate positive and negative values in QC Data display.
IS143067 Gradient Sensor Offset Correction no longer fails if there are dummies and any error messages describe the problem more accurately.
IS74988 UX-Analyze Create Polarization Map now allows the user to specify a threshold for the beta parameter.
IS84992 Decision Map can now Auto Scale the plots to fit the page.


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