VOXI 8.0.1 Update 1

Release Notes

About this release
System requirements
Installing the software
New Capabilities

About this Release

This update adds a number of features that make VOXI easier to use when creating models and inversions and includes some maintenance fixes as well.

System requirements

This VOXI update requires Oasis montaj 8.0.1, for additional requirements, see the full system requirements.

Installing the software

To install this software update and access VOXI, you'll need to check for updates in Oasis montaj. There is no offline download available for this update.

  1. On the Help menu in Oasis montaj, click Updates, then click Check for Software Updates.
  2. A list of the available updates is displayed. Click the Install button to begin installing.
  3. You may need to restart Oasis montaj for the changes to take effect.

New Capabilities

VOXI Earth Modelling

Support for feet in VOXI

VOXI now supports feet as ground units so that if your project is in imperial units, you no longer have to convert the ground units to metric in order to perform geophysical modelling and then have to convert back again.

IRI constraint to sharpen the negative end of the property distribution

When using IRI constraints to model geological structures you now have option to sharpen not only the positive, but also the negative or both ends of the property spectrum. This enables you to sharpen a geologic structure with a property lower than the surrounding rock, such as a salt dome or a Kimberlite. You can also sharpen both the positive and negative properties simultaneously, useful with porphyry structures which exhibit pronounced variability in their property distribution.

Reweighting constraint split into two separate constraints

We have created a separate IRI reweighting constraint. The previous single Reweighting constraint is now separated into the 2 constraints: Reweighting and IRI (Iterative Reweighting Inversion) reweighting. This change enables you to apply both voxel and IRI reweighting constraints in the same inversion.

Customize the constraints layout

You now have the option in the VOXI Viewer Constraints menu to display all the VOXI constraint options in the tree, or display only the ones that you have set.

Modified show padding cells option

In the VOXI viewer, under the Settings menu the Show padding cells menu item contains a submenu with options to show or hide the padding cells. This change was made for consistency.

Increase the limits of the horizontal padding

Increase the limits of horizontal padding cells to 50 times the active area width. The limit was increased to minimize edge effects when working with small voxel models.

Export VOXI mesh generates a voxel model of type double

An exported mesh is now saved as a double precision Voxel model to support floating point operations.

Removed autopopulation of input voxel in Gradient weight generation

The input voxel model is no longer auto-populated when generating gradient weight constraints Manually populating this entry ensures that you will consciously select the appropriate input voxel model.


Enhancements and maintenance fixes

VOXI Maintenance Fixes
DESK-1664 VOXI now honours the projection rotation angle with respect to the Y-Axis (North). This is critical specifically for gravity gradient inversion where Gxy refers to Gxy and not Gn.  To compute the correct components, the projection rotation angle must be taken into account.
DESK-1436 When resizing the mesh, the view of the sample locations is now updated.
DESK-1710 The elevation can now be defined as Constant above terrain or Elevation Grid elevation definition when using a grid as the input observed data source.
DESK-993 In the Regularization setting: Fixed Coefficient a negative value can no longer be entered.
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