UXO Software 8.0 Update 1

June 12, 2013

This update introduces the new UXO Marine extension for Oasis montaj 8.0

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Release Notes

About this release
System requirements
Installing the software

About this Release

This update introduces UXO Marine, a new extension for Oasis montaj that enables you to work with and manage the rapidly expanding volume of site investigation surveys aimed at detecting unexploded ordnance (UXO), buried utilities, and other seabed contamination. A dedicated workflow along with specialized new tools enable you to process and visualize magnetic data in order to detect and analyze targets for effective marine site investigation surveys.

You can use UXO Marine to work with individual and multi-sensor arrays, as well as Transverse Gradient (TVG) data, to rapidly and reliably convert high volumes of magnetic data into accurate target detection, mapping and analysis. UXO Marine can provide quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) both onboard and after a survey is complete.

Data can be processed in profile form for wide line spacings (often the case in TVG surveys), or in 2D grids for surveys with dense data coverage. Geophysical correction tools identify and remove noise in data from background geology or instrument-inherent sources.

Using Transverse Gradient (TVG) and other magnetic data, the UXO Marine extension provides unique capabilities for locating and analyzing the subsurface position of potential UXO targets. The magnetic anomalies for selected targets are modelled to estimate the target locations and depths. Apparent size and weight calculations help to further characterize UXO targets informed decisions.

Use UXO Marine to:

  • Ensure data quality through instrument tests and other QA/QC processes
  • Automatically position all sensors in multi-sensor arrays
  • Drape survey lines to constant “altitude” above sea floor
  • Enhance data with filtering and residuals for noise and background removal
  • Pick targets automatically from profiles using new Quasi-Analytic Signal and from gridded data with standard analytic signal
  • Interactively add and delete targets in profile or map views
  • Automatically analyse targets by modelling data locations, depths, and ferrous weights.
  • Produce specialized reports and maps.

System requirements

To install this update, you'll need a license for the UXO Marine extension and Oasis montaj 8.0. If you don't have one, contact us and we can help you get set up. The system requirements are the same as for Oasis montaj 8.0.


UXO Marine

Data processing and correction

  • Apply standard lag, heading, and diurnal corrections
  • Ensure data quality with instrument tests and other quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) processes
  • Survey path corrections
  • Automatically position all sensors from multi-sensor arrays
  • Drape survey lines to constant “altitude” above sea floor
  • Enhance data with filtering and residuals for noise and background removal,
  • Special tool to level transverse gradient (TVG) data to remove DC shift between left and right magnetometers.

Quasi-analytic signal tools for picking targets

This capability enables you to calculate the Quasi-Analytic Signal along a survey line path for dual-sensor (horizontal gradient configuration) magnetic data. This helps you pick an improved along-line target location independent of magnetic remanence or induction effects, from the peak of the output quasi-analytic signal channel. It is normally used when transverse gradient data has been measured and line spacing is significantly greater than distance from the seabed.

The tool uses measured cross-line gradient, interpolated along-line gradient and calculated vertical gradient to calculate the quasi-analytic signal for each data location along the survey line.

Automated and interactive target picking

  • Pick targets automatically from profiles using new Quasi-Analytical Signal tool, and from gridded data with the standard Analytic Signal
  • Analytic signal tools position peaks over the centre of targets, even with remanent magnetization present
  • Use new Quasi-Analytical Signal tools to automatically pick targets from TVG profile data
  • Other targets are selected using automated peak picking algorithms from gridded analytic signal data, or from profile data where lines are too widely spaced for gridding
  • Add and delete targets interactively in profile or map views

Target analysis

  • Quickly improve the location of potential targets and calculate apparent depths, sizes, and weights using UXO Marine’s magnetic modelling capabilities
  • If using TVG data in the modelling, the target locations are re-calculated using both left and right magnetic profiles to generate a solution for a magnetic dipole
  • The altitude of the magnetometers above the seabed can be subtracted from the calculated target depths to obtain target burial depths

Create professional maps and reports

  • Prepare and customise a wide variety of standard maps with line work and imagery
  • Target results may be displayed on individual maps or plotted on any map
  • Create and deliver specialised reports that include:
    • Prioritized list of locations (dig sheet)
    • Depths and coordinates
    • Apparent type of munition if predicted
    • Audit log of data processing steps performed
  • All UXO Marine data and reports can be exported in industry-standard formats such as ArcGIS SHP files, PDF, CSV and others as needed.

Installing the software

To install this software update and access UXO Marine, you'll need to check for updates in Oasis montaj:

  1. On the Help menu in Oasis montaj 8.0, click Updates, then click Check for Software Updates.
  2. A list of the available updates is displayed. Click the Install button to begin installing.
  3. You may need to restart Oasis montaj for the changes to take effect.

If you are unable to update through Oasis montaj, you can download the software update resource file on this page and install it manually:

  1. Click the download button at the top of this page to download the software update resource file.
  2. Unzip the zip file and save the resource update file (*.geosoft_resource_pack) to the same folder location.
  3. On the Help menu in Oasis montaj 8.0, click Updates, then click Apply Resource Update.
  4. In the Manual Resource Update dialog, click the browse button Browse button to locate and select the resource updates file (*.geosoft_resource_pack).
  5. Click Update. If there are no new resources to be updated, a Nothing to Update window informs you the resource pack has no new resources for you (this will happen if it has been previously installed or does not apply to your version). If there are new resources to be updated, the system automatically updates them. When the update is complete, the Update Complete window informs you that the update was successful. Click OK.
  6. Restart Oasis montaj for the changes to take effect.


For technical support options, please visit the Support Centre. All users may access the forums and other resources available within the Support Community. In particular, we recommend that you join the UXOnet e-mail list, if you are working in the UXO industry. It provides occasional updates on new releases, training opportunities and other information.


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