UXO Software 8.0.1 Update 1

October 1, 2013

This update adds new functionality, new tools, and an improved workflow to UX-Analyze.

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Release Notes

About this release
System requirements
Installing the software

About this release

This is the first of a two-part release focused on advancements in the UX-Analyze Advanced extension, which is currently undergoing rapid development to make it easier and more efficient to use. These releases introduce new functionality, new tools, and a simplified workflow to UX-Analyze.

In this release, major changes include:

  • A sensor-coil numbering change (to start at 1 instead of 0), required to match the renumbering of coils in the MetalMapper data acquisition software.
  • An updated ID channel format, to encompass a variety of target database information in a single ID.
  • New channel names, to reduce some confusion around target channel naming.
  • New polarization plots (multisource and clustering options), for additional target analysis.
  • Enhancements to data maps and interactive image viewer.
  • Advanced target classification was enhanced and renamed to Perform Library Match
  • First steps at handling dynamic sensor data (import, leveling, and locating).

These and more changes are described in the Capabilities section below. This release is an offline release, so you will need to download the resource file from this page and install it manually.

The next release will be distributed through the automatic updates in Oasis montaj. In that release we will introduce a new workflow with simplified work menus, upgraded QC reviews, and standardized decision maps.

System requirements

To install this update, you'll need a license for Oasis montaj 8.0.1 and the UX-Analyze Advanced extension. If you don't have one, contact us and we can help you get set up. The system requirements are the same as for Oasis montaj 8.0.1

Installing the software

To install this update, you'll need to have Oasis montaj 8.0.1 installed and then download the resource file from the link at the top of this page. Here's how:

  1. Click the download button at the top of this page to download the software update resource file.
  2. Unzip the zip file and save the resource update file (*.geosoft_resource_pack) to the same folder location.
  3. On the Help menu in Oasis montaj 8.0.1, click Updates, then click Apply Resource Update.
  4. In the Manual Resource Update dialog, click the browse button Browse button to locate and select the resource updates file (*.geosoft_resource_pack).
  5. Click Update. If there are no new resources to be updated, a Nothing to Update window informs you the resource pack has no new resources for you (this will happen if it has been previously installed or does not apply to your version). If there are new resources to be updated, the system automatically updates them. When the update is complete, the Update Complete window informs you that the update was successful. Click OK.
  6. Restart Oasis montaj for the changes to take effect.
  7. After installation is complete, copy these two files, uxa.config and UxaSensorTable2.xml, from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Geosoft\Oasis montaj\resourcefiles\etc” to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Geosoft\Oasis montaj\user\etc”


For technical support options, please visit the Support Centre. All users may access the forums and other resources available within the Support Community. In particular, we recommend that you join the UXOnet e-mail list, if you are working in the UXO industry. It provides occasional updates on new releases, training opportunities and other information.



Channel additions, format and pattern changes

There are five fundamental changes as follows:

  • A new channel was added to the target database, UXA_ID, which follows the pattern ABBBCC, where A is the flag ID, which may contain several digits BBB is the measurement number, which is a sequential number starting from 1. CC is the source number, starting from 1.
  • The format of the target ID channel was changed to A_BBB_CC, to be consistent with UXA_ID.
  • The line names in survey and subset databases were changed to ABBB pattern, to be consistent with UXA_ID.
  • Added "UXA_" to the channels created in the UXA Advanced package.
  • New GX to break target ID into Flag, Measurement, and Source IDs.

Enhancements to Calculate Background Statistics

Enhancements to Calculate Background Statistics:

  • Populate the background list database with some background statistics.
  • Use median instead of mean for the calculations.

Enhancements to Create Data Map

Enhancements to Create Data Map include:

  • Add the option of using a pre-defined grid instead of the grid made through the subset database.
  • Add a legend to the output map.
  • Allow the option to create data maps for the different monostatic options.

Enhancements to Create Polarization Plot with Library

Added the ability to use clustering to check for groups of targets that may not have been expected or may not exist in the library. Also simplifies workflow and enhances visualization for source analysis. Enhancements to Create Polarization Plot with Library:

  • Add a cluster option to compare a target to other targets in the target database as well as to the library database, and plot the ones above a certain correlation.
  • Add an option to plot multiple sources for multiple library matches.
  • Simplify the match channels selection by using just a suffix instead of the channel names.
  • Show noise (min Beta) threshold from Classification on the plots.

Enhancements to Import Advanced Data

Enhancements to Import Advanced Data:

  • Add the option of importing the background list into a Geosoft database.
  • Import the new CSV format with coil number starting at one instead of zero.
  • Import improved TEM2x2x3 sensor CSV files.
  • Add magnetic declination to import and add to Yaw prior to locating sensors.

Enhancements to Level Advanced Data

Enhancements to Level Advanced Data are:
  • Accept dynamic advanced data as well as static (cued).
  • Add the option of using "time and location" to find the proper background data.

Enhancements to Model Targets

A significant improvement is the new multisolver to find and model multiple targets simultaneously. Also, improved functionality for correlation assessment. The following enhancements were added to Model Targets:

  • Add the Chi squared threshold, and populate the associated channels in the target database.
  • Change the correlation coefficient calculation in the subset database to Pearson's chi square calculation.
  • Incorporate the new multisolver.

Enhancements to target classification (now Perform Library Match)

Advanced target classification was renamed to Perform Library Match, with the following enhancements:

  • Saving the actual library ID descriptions into the target database instead of their indices.
  • Changing some of the labels in the user interface.
  • No library database is opened when the GX is executed.
  • Allow multiple modeling result sets to be read for each target ID and save the results with the highest metric
  • New GX to put a given target modelling result set into the target and subset databases.

Enhancements to the Interactive Image Viewer

You can re-use previous views instead of setting them up from scratch which provides better flexibility when working with maps. The changes to the interactive image viewer include:

  • Fill prefix list
  • Add a title to map to show the target information and the image folder
  • Create tools to hide/show and disable/restore all the viewers
  • Change the limit to 20 viewers (from 10)
  • Auto-size the map title
  • Create two GXs to save and load interactive image views

New GX to convert the imported dynamic data for the advanced sensors to located format

Imports dynamic survey data from advanced sensors. This is required as one of the first steps in adding support for dynamic data.

New GX to import dynamic data from advanced sensors

Imports dynamic survey data from advanced sensors. This is required as one of the first steps in adding support for dynamic data.

UX-Analyze General enhancements

A number of general improvements to UX-Analyze, including:

  • Automatically reduces disk space to maintain cleaner databases by defragmenting the target database after some tools finish to avoid an unreasonable file size increase.
  • Add new configurable parameters to uxa.config, which are used in Perform Library Match and Create Polarization Plot GXs.
  • Clean up Model Targets GX by removing inactive fields.

UXO Marine

Multi-Sensor Gradiometer Positioning

​You now have the ability to calculate the position of each individual sensor in a gradiometry array.​

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