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May 5, 2014

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Release Notes

About this release
System requirements
New capabilities
Enhancements and maintenance fixes

About this Release

Target 8.2 is a scheduled software upgrade available to all maintained customers. In this release, we added new features and streamlined workflows to make working with grids, arrays, databases, and voxels an even faster and more efficient experience.

A new grid display tool enables you to preview colour ramps, add shadows, reverse the colour distribution, control the brightness, and add a custom colour legend bar. We also added new database shortcut keys, and the ability to rename files in Project Explorer to save you time. Also, Oasis montaj is now 64-bit aware, increasing the memory available to Oasis montaj and improving your ability to work with large files.

The wireframing workflow now includes the ability to merge geostrings and edit geostring and geosurface coordinate systems. When digitizing wireframes, the snapping circle and tooltip now indicate when you select a vertex or the edge of an existing geostring interpretation. New features for working with drillholes include improved vector slicing for sections and plans and the ability to refresh an acQuire drillhole project. When working with 3D views, you can now import DXF and GOCAD TSurf files directly into a geosurface file.

We consolidated a number of the section and array tools. Depth, time, frequency or velocity sampling increments can now be stored within an array channel, making array operations faster while reducing both the array database size and potential errors. You now also have the option to view array data along a true horizontal axis in the array viewer.

How to update

Online installs for each product are available through the Check for updates option within the software and from the download link at the top of this page. If you require the upgrade on a DVD, you can request one here.

System Requirements

Target 8.2 runs on Windows 8.1 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 7 (recommended) (32 and 64 bit) , Windows XP SP3 (32 bit), or Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit) operating systems. See detailed System Requirements

New Capabilities

Workflow Improvements

New 64-bit support

On a 64-bit system, Geosoft desktop applications, including Oasis montaj and Target, are now aware of and will use the full 4 GB of RAM provided by the operating system, instead of the 2 GB limit for 32 bit applications. This access to additional memory improves our ability to work with larger files

New database shortcut keys

We've added some new keyboard shortcuts to help you work more efficiently with databases. You can save the changes to a database by simply pressing CTRL+S. You can cut (CTRL+X), copy (CTRL+C), and paste (CTRL+V) channel math formulae to and from the database formula bar located along the bottom of the current database. This handy option allows you to easily transfer a very long and complex equation that you have already built to a different channel and reuse or edit it.

New DXF import options for 2D maps

New AutoCAD DXF importer provides all the controls for importing and displaying one or many DXF files on a 2D map. Plot the DXF layers to a new or existing map as a either a single group or as multiple groups. You can use the existing DXF file colours or pick a new colour for all the lines and polygons. When creating a new map you can specify the map name, scale, and the projection type (plan view, E-W section view, N-S section view).

Rename files in Project Explorer

You can now rename any grids, voxels, databases, or maps that are loaded in your Oasis montaj project directly from the Project Explorer pane. Click on the file to select it, then click again or press F2 and type the new name.​​ Oasis montaj is aware of the file structure and will also rename all the associated files as well.​​

Array Data

Embed increment information into an array database channel

When recording geophysical array data, the properties (depth, elevation, time, frequency or velocity) are normally set by the instrument and use the same increment for all data points. If this is the case, the increment information for the array can now be stored in the channel itself instead of having to be stored in a separate channel. Embedding the information in the array channel saves disk space and computation time while making your data more concise and minimizing the potential for error.​​

View Array Channel profiles on true property axis

The ability to embed increment information in arrays means that you can now toggle the display of the horizontal axis of an array between a simple indexed presentation and a true horizontal view, which provides a more realistic view of the array profile.

3D Visualization

Improved DXF import in 3D Viewer

You can now import multiple AutoCAD DXF files into a 3D view at once. In addition to importing the DXF files as map groups, you can create a new geosurface using the imported DXF files or add to an existing geosurface file.

Improved GOCAD T-Surface import in 3D Viewer

When importing a GOCAD T-Surface file into the 3D Viewer, you can now import the GOCAD file to a new geosurface, append it to an existing one, or use the previous option to import as map groups in the 3D View. You can also specify whether to invert the Z-axis.


Modify a geostring or geosurface coordinate system

You can now add or edit the coordinate system for geostrings and geosurfaces.

New import option to merge geostrings

You can now import features from another geostring into the current geostring. This enables you to combine interpretations from different projects or others in your team.​

Wireframing snap to vertex

When snapping to an existing geostring interpretation, the cursor snapping circle and tooltip will change to indicate that a vertex or edge is selected.

Drillhole Plotting

Improved vector slicing for drillhole sections and plans

In addition to slicing a DXF or shapefile, you now have the ability to slice a geosurface in section or plan view. This makes it easy to review a geosurface you've created with the wireframing tools by viewing it from different orientations. ​​You can select multiple vector files and have the option to edit the colour and fill attributes for lines and polygons.​

Refresh an acQuire drillhole project

You can now refresh a drillhole project from an acQuire database. When refreshing the data, you have the option to overwrite the drillhole databases or append new drillholes to the project. This enables you to easily refresh your drillhole projects while preserving the existing configuration of any custom data fields.

Grid Display

Colour legend bar

You can now access all the vertical and horizontal colour legend bar display options from a single tool. In addition to annotating the colour bar at colour breaks, you can now also annotate the bar using your own specified increments. You can access this tool directly or through the new colour grid display tool.

New colour grid display options

A consolidated grid display tool provides all the options in a single dialog so you can set everything before you display your grid. The new options include:

  • New colour ramps for more varied colour options.
  • All the colour ramps now include a preview so you can see the colours before displaying your grid.
  • Colour ramps are organized into logical groups such as geophysics, topography, heat maps, and favourites so you can select quickly colours based on the type of data you want to present.
  • Quickly flip the colour ramp distribution.
  • Easily set and adjust the brightness.
  • Choose an un-interpolated colour display.
  • Apply an optional shadow effect.
  • Trigger the colour legend tool to add a colour legend bar.


Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

Target features

IS9682 Added the ability to rename project and ancillary files directly in Oasis montaj.
IS9744 Added the ability to extract (interpolate) voxel values along an undulating surface (e.g., a grid, DEM, topography).
IS9785 Double-clicking a minimized item in the Project Explorer now opens it instead of just highlighting it.
IS15261 Added the ability to create voxel depth slices paralleling topography.
IS21055 Added a button in the colour tool to quickly invert the selected colour table or the chosen colour scheme.
IS78566 Added the ability to select more than one SHP or DXF file in the Plan/Section Map Slices Tab.
IS84581 Added the ability to plot the Colour Legend Bar with no ticks in between the colours.
IS94864 Added the ability to change colours of DXF lines/polygons in the Section Tool's Slices tab before importing the DXF into a map.
IS109957 Added the ability to custom invert tables in the Colour Tool.
IS117765 Added the ability to import a DXF and convert to Geosurface.
IS117771 Added the ability to slice a geosurface in Plan and Section.
IS119391 Default symbols for String Classified symbols in Geochemistry Scatter plots are now changed to different symbols to facilitate a quick view.
IS124458 Refreshing a project now works if the data was imported from acQuire.
IS127175 Added the ability to automatically plot a Colour bar when displaying a grid in a map.


Maintenance Fixes
IS8613 The Vertical Scale Factor is automatically cleared whenever a new grid is entered in the new Display Grid dialog.
IS16000 Composite Database "Intervals from file" option now allows you to have different intervals for different holes.
IS73325 Abort no longer occurs: related to <pSnapViewConv>.
IS74892 Added the ability to import multiple DXFs to a single map or 3D map.
IS78478 Section grid created from a defined .itr file now displays the colour and colour legend as expected.
IS78574 The Depth and Data array channels are now created and populated as expected the first time Sample a Voxel is run.
IS82564 Grid Display dialog now allows the option to display grids without smoothing.
IS83241 Geosoft section grid files no longer display with a shift in the 3D Viewer.
IS99591 The Composite tool now calculates the average grade using the actual length of the interval instead of the defined length of data in the interval.
IS118851 Abort no longer occurs when clicking No on the UAC prompt for admin credentials when a non-admin user executes a software update: related to <georefresh.exe>.
IS119478 Plotting a scatter plot to a map now labels the plot axes correctly.
IS124305 Display issues no longer occur when switching from a dual monitor configuration to a single monitor configuration.
IS127256 Drillhole Editor no longer miscalculates collar locations and depths.
IS127757 Importing Drillhole (collar) data using ODBC importer no longer fails when loading saved filter settings.
IS134528 Abort no longer occurs: related to <CDOC_Map_Model::bIsCurView3D>.
IS134997 All the rows from a source *.xlsx file are now imported into an Assay GDB as expected.
IS135001 Negative values now get plotted on strip logs when plotting bar plots.
IS135004 Rendering issues with polygon/polyline intersections no longer occur when importing a DXF file into an existing map.
IS136247 Error no longer occurs when plotting a section grid on a section plot if the grids are in a different projection.
IS139505 Icon and checkbox rendering issues no longer occur.
IS139511 Deleting a map/row from the Geostring Table now removes the interpretations when the map itself is closed, irrespective of whether it is still displayed in the Project Explorer.
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