Target 7.2.1

September 9, 2010

Update from Target 7.2 to Target 7.2.1. This update includes SP1. 

Release Notes

About This Release
New Improvements
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

Target 7.2.1 is a scheduled software upgrade available to all 7.2 maintained customers. The upgrade includes software improvements, workflow efficiencies and corrects numerous reported issues. The 7.2.1 update also includes 7.2 Service Pack 1 which addressed an installation issue discovered in the 7.2 release.

New Improvements

Support for ArcGIS 10

With this version we have added support for ESRI ArcGIS version 10.  For clients who have ArcGIS 10 installed, you can open version 10 layer (LYR) files and version 10 map documents (MXD) files inside of Target.  You can also create version 10 MXD files inside of Target.

For clients without a licensed version of ArcGIS 10 Target 7.2.1 will open version 9.x LYR and MXD files. The ArcGIS Engine v9.3.1 installed with Target does not support Arc v10 MXD or LYR files. An upgrade to ArcEngine v10 will be available in a subsequent release.

For additional information on ArcGIS compatibility please refer to our Knowledge Base articles.

General Improvements

  • Improved speed of zooming and panning on maps containing very large grids or raster images.– Large images or grids in maps cause the map to be very slow when zooming & panning.  Grid caching has been added, so the first time a map is opened, the progress bar displays "Copying grid data to pager" followed by "Caching grid".  After this, zooming & panning around on the map is instantaneous.
  • Improved support for Oblique Stereographic projections including support for the New Brunswick Stereographic (NAD83) projection.
  • Map packing now includes the XML files for the grids. When packing a map the xml files associated with an AGG layer (grid, picture) and a voxel will be packed inside the map. When the map is unpacked these XML files are restored. Also added message to notify when overwriting files on map unpacking.
  • Improved support for MapInfo fill patterns.
  • Improved rendering for large arrays.

Drillhole Improvements

  • Added the ability to directly export drill hole traces as a polyline shapefile.
  • Improved plan map collar and trace SHP exports, including attributes.
  • Added a Refresh and replot drillhole option for stacked sections.

Seeker Improvements

  • Image datasets may now be reprojected. Modified the Cart layout to combine the "Rasters" download parameters.
  • HXYZ files are also reprojected to the map's coordinate system.
  • JPEG2000 files can be downloaded in their native format, however if the image is smaller than 128x128 pixels it will be provided as a TIF.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes



Core Features


Fixed - georefresh.exe Exception occurred- Requested registry access is not allowed


Fixed - Voxel creation memory error in some datasets


Fixed - Abort <CPG_ImpDHBField::OnSelChange> while trying to import some ODBC database tables


Fixed - Abort sSmpLoopN_SYS when opening a DEM


Added support for USGS .DEM files that have 0x0A separating each 1024 block. Previously produced an error: Error reading integer value, Parameter B2:


Fixed - Error message: "The polygon(s) does not intersect the current data view. Change clipping flag to plot


Fixed - The report created using the XYZSTAT.GX is not producing any statistics of the current X and Y channels.


Fixed - Abort CDOC_Map_Model::bIsCurView3D. Adding a grid into a map.


Map exports to Compressed ECW formats have Red and Blue colours swapped


Fixed - Abort <sStartRendering_LAY> opening some large grids


Fixed - Paste or Paste Georeferenced to paste a selected polygon from one group into another group results in an error about temp storage


Fixed - DXF import: single group & separate groups not working correctly


Fixed - ASCII grid import (readasciigrid.gx) fails to correctly import some ASCII grids which contain improperly placed carriage returns.


Fixed - IGRF from a point is missing from the IGRF menu


Fixed - Memory Leak - The MP Object was destroyed while not empty.


Fixed - Abort trying to import SEG-Y file into 3D view <SetPlaneTransform_MATRIX>


Fixed - Database compression setting in Default General Settings is not being obeyed when creating a new database.


Fixed - Abort <NewSymbEx_DB>


Fixed - Copying and pasting base groups between maps is changing the line attributes of the specific elements within the groups


Fixed - When importing some XLS data, the channels in the import dialog are not displayed in the correct order


Fixed - The database channel to array GX  creates the new array, but is added to fiducial of instead of the first fiducial in the GDB.


Fixed - Orient a tiff in 3D, results in the incorrect location on a section map.


Fixed - The XYZLINE.GX , is not honouring the Down Line Distance Tolerance


Fixed - Abort <VOXSTORE::sGenerate> while trying to import a seg-y file


Fixed - 3D grid orientation information is sometimes lost when grid projection parameters are modified/set using SETIMGPRJ.gx.


Added - Warning message if using the NEWXY.GX  on XY channels that are strings


Fixed - Unhandled Exception - georefresh.exe


Added - Updated Technical Support email address for abort logs


Fixed - ECW files imported into a map with a different projection result in an empty group


Fixed - Coordinates coming in as text from an acQuire source in some cases


Fixed - Abort <CGeoTool::OnEraseBkgnd>


Fixed - Import of unsupported entities AutoCAD DXF file produces an empty map with no visible layers


Fixed - Abort <sLineThick_MVIEW>  importing a DXF file into a 3D view


v7.1.1 ABORT <sCompact_SDB>


Fixed - Abort <sScanDateGS> during import of ASCII file, impasc.gx


Fixed - Expression used in Math.gx not working in Math Builder


Fixed - Abort <sCheckSymb_SDB>


Fixed - Abort <sListImg_AGG>


Fixed - Using a 1-point grid warp, number of cells in X and Y dimension increase


Fixed - Multiple profiles will ignore rescalling options and obey the options set for the active profile panel


Added - Improved rendering of large arrays in a GDB


Fixed - Documentation on Trend statistics is not present (GRIDTRND)


Fixed -GaussJVV failed error when attempt to run linear regression on  a line with constant X or Y coordinate


Fixed - GFN MapInfo Symbols (mapinfo) are not correct, symbol numbers are shifted


Fixed - Corrected documentation for using group masks in a Geosoft map


Added- Improved the Kriging help file


Fixed - Kriging Control file help link is broken


Fixed - The lookup GX is matching values that are not the same - even when using exact match in some cases


Fixed - Channel Math Expression tool not calculating expression results when more than 2 channels are added together


Fixed - Large images/grids very slow when zooming or panning


Fixed - 3D DXF files imported from Maxwell file


Fixed - Crooked Sections where the reference grid group is created irrespective of selection setting.


Fixed - ABORT <Memory Leak> The MP Object was destroyed while not empty. After saving project and closing OM.


Fixed - Removed the econfig.gx (Internet trust settings) as they no longer apply to Seeker


Added - Updated IGRF Model Year to include 2010 for IGRF a Point


Fixed - The MagDownload.gx dialog should terminate upon clicking cancel


Fixed - Text DXF layers cause problems for the Z-axis scale in some cases in 3D Viewer


Fixed - Message to overwrite files on map unpacking made clearer


Fixed - Clicking on the ? In a dialog with the Help system open can cause crash

Drillhole Features


Fixed - Importing shapefile into existing plan map yields error messages and import fails with 'Cannot find key...'


Added - Changed the order of output assay values for the output composite GDB when using Significant intersections as the Interval selection. DHCOMPOSITEDB GX


Added - Improved messages when "Maximum internal dilution length " is larger than the "Minimum Composite Length"


Fixed - Error when trying to extract a section grid from a voxel using "Interactive - from map"


Added - Ability to be able to refresh and replot drillhole for stacked sections


Fixed - Displaying an .ECW in a defined angled section but the .ECW is not visible.


Fixed - When creating Fence diagram the geology polygons don't align with the down hole geology.


Added - Improved plan map collar and trace SHP exports, including attributes and removing "T" at end of hole


Fixed - Launching Fence Tool causes a warning to be displayed after it is run for the first time when there is a conflict with the drillholesxxx

Common to all Geosoft Products

4952 Fixed - Windows 7 not being correctly logged in Abort log
7658 Fixed - Updated the support email address for the Help menus
Added - Updated the algorithm for Oblique Stereographic projections. Now properly support the New Brunswick Stereographic projection.
N/A Fixed - Proxy Authentication double prompt issue.
4886 Fixed - Resizing "Seeker" can hide Advanced, Preview Map, Metadata and Options Tabs
4922 Fixed - Opening cataloged voxels from Desktop in Seeker displays them as thin vertical lines in 3D maps.
5258 Fixed - You are not directed to download Dapple when clicking the Dapple button in Seeker if you do not have Dapple Standalone installed.
7668 Added - Improved the Estimated File Size calculation when retrieving a grids from Seeker
8375 Fixed - Insufficient Web datasets returned in Seeker when trying to find datasets contained entirely within defined AOI.
9490 Fixed - Seeker displays a maximum of 100 datasets in a folder
N/A Fixed - Large red X on browser Images that are cached in Seeker
N/A Fixed - XML file format tag incorrect
N/A Fixed - Seeker downloaded JP2 and JPEG 2000 images in native format come in as ECW instead.
N/A Fixed - The metadata from zoomed in LYR files not correct
N/A Fixed - Errors when retrieving data and overwriting existing grids in ArcGIS
N/A Fixed - No download options when ECW file has a 3D level plan orientation
N/A Added - Ability to reproject images via Seeker
N/A Added - Added ability within Seeker Cart for reprojection of rasters
N/A Added - Ability within Seeker for download options of oriented grids
N/A Fixed - Error icon on retrieval page doesn't immediately get removed
N/A Fixed - Prompts for overwriting datasets are inconsistent
Desktop Cataloger
5271 Fixed - Desktop Cataloger does not work when Geosoft products are licensed using a Pooled License
Oasis montaj Viewer
7779 Fixed - Abort <ArcLYR::sSetDatumTransInfo> opening LYR file
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