Target 6.0

April 30, 2004

Release Notes

New in Oasis montaj 6.0 System


Chimera Geochemistry Extension

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

New in Oasis montaj 6.0 System


No More Red Disk

Oasis montaj 6.0 has replaced the Red Disk licensing technology with a new electronic licensing (eLicensing) model. The new eLicensing technology provides current users with a Provisional license, enabling both systems (Om5.1.x and Om6.0) to be run concurrently for up to 6-months.

Provisional License

This 6-month transition period begins with the install of Oasis montaj 6.0. A Provisional license will be created when the eLicensing software queries our server and validates the GC (GA, GL, GE or GS) number on your Red Disk. Once validated, the license server and software then creates a Provisional license key for Oasis montaj 6.0 (e.g. ABC123DE). This 8 digit alpha-numeric key will enable you to run the Oasis montaj 6.0 software, for up to 6-months.

At any time during the 6-month transition period you can surrender your Red Disk using the Surrender RED license Disk option on the File|License menu. You must choose after the 6 month time period to upgrade to Oasis montaj 6.0 or stay with Oasis montaj 5.1.x, as the Provisional license will expire at that point.

Please note the new license agreement, which specifically spells out the 1 user, 1 license concept of our licenses. The user is prompted when retrieving the license to confirm that the user holding the license is the person downloading it.

New License Options

New license options under File/License enable you to manage your license:

  • Show computer ID – Displays computer ID
  • View license – Displays users license
  • Update license – Enables license to be updated from license server
  • Park license – Enables license to be parked on server, and then retrieved later
  • Transfer license – Enables license to be transferred to a different computer ID
  • Lock License – Enable license to be locked on the current computer
  • Unlock License – Enables license to be unlocked from the computer using the 'License key'

eLicensing Questions

More information about Geosoft's new eLicense is available in the Top Support Questions online help.

Oasis montaj Viewer

The Oasis montaj Viewer, Geosoft's downloadable software product, enables users to view Geosoft databases, Geosoft grids and a variety of common image and data exchange formats. The Viewer (equivalent to the Oasis montaj 5.1.x Interface) now has a separate install and can be run concurrently with a licensed version of Oasis montaj. The Viewer, however, can not be upgraded to a licensed version.

Project Explorer

The new Project Explorer tool enables users to browse as well as open any project (workspace) item.  The new project file (*.gpf) is used to keep track of all information related to a working project. Some of the highlights of the Project Explorer are:

  • Keeps track of all files and information related to the project. Note that, in the past, file information was maintained in the file system and the user had to keep track of what the files were
  • Project Explorer tools include; Tools (3D Tool, Edit Bar, Project Explorer and New! Undo/Redo Map Editing Tool), Toolbars (Database Tool Bar, Map Edit Bar, Map Tools Bar, Script Bar, Standard Bar ) and the new Auxiliary Tools enable Histograms, Scatter Plots etc. to be saved for later use
  • File locations displayed in popup dialog when you mouse over item in the Project Explorer
  • File locations displayed in popup dialog when you mouse over item in the Project Explorer
  • Data Description Tool enable users to add description to project items
  • Grids appear in the Project Explorer under "Grids". Opening a grid opens a view of the grid in its own internal "map". A grid map view is just like a real map and can accept any graphics that a map can. It can also be saved as a map, in which case the map will appear in the "Map" section of the Project Explorer

Workspaces and Project files

Workspace files (*.gws) used in Oasis montaj prior to version 6.0 can be easily converted to Project files (*.gpf) simply by opening them in Oasis montaj 6.0.  On the Open Project dialog (File|Project|Open) select File of Type as "Workspaces (*.gws)" and when asked if you want to convert the old workspace into a new Oasis montaj project file, select "Yes". The workspace file will be converted to a project file and all associated workspace information will be transferred to the new project file.

Enhanced Metadata Capabilities

  • Enhanced metadata capabilities enable access to 'Properties' of items displayed in Project Explorer
  • Upgraded "advanced' settings (Edit/Settings/Advanced) replaces Geosoft.ini file (now displayed in Metadata Browser)

New 'Light table' Capabilities

New 'Light table' element is based on a new generation of rendering capabilities. Each group or layer has individual transparency settings (controlled from the Map View/Group manager). These transparency settings affect both 2D raster images and vector line work

Upgraded Mapping Capabilities

  • New View/Group manager
  • Zoom to selection
  • Zoom in and zoom out buttons
  • Undo/Redo Map Editing Tool
  • Editing tools to draw circles/ellipses and n-sided polygons
  • Draw open polylines from a file
  • Moving the vertices of polygons, lines, polylines, rectangles
  • Add points on vertices
  • New polygon edit bar. Exclusion zones, and editing of these zones
  • Multiple clip (mask) regions in a map
  • Automatic display of new grids to a temporary map for quick viewing with default image display options
  • Short cut / hot keys (listed in the right mouse button pop up menu)
  • Hot key for next or previous group

Signed Geosoft GXs

All Geosoft GXs are signed. A Geosoft signed GX is a GX written and tested by Geosoft. It contains no viruses or code that can harm your system. As a user you can trust that this GX works and is safe to use. Non-signed GXs will generate a report warning the user that there could be a problem with the GX or its contents, and that Geosoft did not test or create this GX.

More new features...

  • Recent Projects & recent Geosoft data files available under File menu
  • Set projection has option to set channels as current X, Y
  • Warning added to ensure that you do not unknowingly attempt to reproject between datums without specifying a local datum transform. It is possible, and often necessary to define coordinate systems without local datum transform information. In such cases the coordinates should only be used on the original datum
  • Added the EGM96 geoid model, which provides a gravity-based estimate of the geoid for the entire world at a 15 minute interval
  • Now display up to 5 profile windows in the database profile display (enabling 32 profiles per window)
  • Reverse line selection option (selected lines become unselected and unselected lines become selected)
  • You can get out of the line and channel selection lists by clicking anywhere outside of it! You no longer need to hit escape!!
  • Menus now display icons where appropriate
  • Import Maxwell plate file
  • New TIN gridding method "Nearest Neighbour" (current TIN gridding methods are Linear and Natural Neighbour)
  • Export of flight and date information to XYZ files
  • Add a DAP server from the "Get DAP Data" dialog


Target Upgrades

  • New ODBC Import
  • New project refresh capability provides a single-step method for re-importing an entire drillhole project in one go, with the option to overwrite or append/merge to the existing databases
  • Drillhole import now enables the merging of data from contiguous from-to intervals
  • Text bands are now case sensitive (wild cards are still acceptable)
  • Bar graphs and profiles can now be filled with zone-coloured fill, with the colour zones being determined by any channel (not necessarily the one being plotted as a bar or profile)

Chimera Geochemistry Extension

Chimera Upgrades

The geochemistry analysis tools (Histogram, Scatter, Probability and Triplot) have been upgraded and can now be docked at the top/bottom or sides of the current project window. Once created these tools can now be hidden/displayed as necessary, and saved in the project when you close Oasis montaj. The tools will then be available automatically, with the same settings, the next time the project is opened.

Data linking between the Geochemistry analysis tools and the databases has been improved. Previously, the "X" and "Y" location values associated with each point in the tools were used to find the data point in the database which was "closest". This method could often give erroneous or misleading results, especially in data sets where multiple points shared the same location. Now, the line and FID value for each point are stored in the tools, so clicking on a point in a tool will now move the database selection to the correct row of data. Should the fiducials be altered (e.g. by adding/deleting rows, or sorting the data), simply use the "pump" button on the tool to refresh the data. Refreshing one tool refreshes all the tools.

A new Regression button on the scatter plot tool draws the least-squares best-fit regression line through the data. A pop-up dialog returns the slope and intercept calculated.

A new CHNORM.GX lets you create normalized versions of one or more channels. This is useful when creating multiple-component symbol plots when the dynamic range of items can vary markedly.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Software enhancements and bug fixes

2372 Wholeplot From-To databases, changing the names of assays in assay database, loose changes
2925 Abort while trying to plot a section view in a 3D view. hGeth3DN_MVIEW
2846 Abort trying to plot holes on any plan.
3722 Abort while plotting a drill 3d map with topo grid and bar plot. sBarGraph3dDH
3886 Wholeplot Excel import wizard not honouring all the field mapping
3238 Section view will not display in 3D view
2746 Wholeplot export does not export more than 3000 holes
3189 Defining channel itr for section data plot the cumulative % button behaves strangely
2631 Grids are created but not displayed in the 3D map of dh3d.gx.
2546 Corrected error when specifying a swing value: Please enter a number between 1 and 100000000.
2710 Corrected displaying a grid in an angled Wholeplot section
3068 Cannot draw a polygon .ply to the plan view of a section map.
3812 Back button in DH Template does not work.
4025 Final depth is different at then collar depth of a composite database.
2561 Error importing mdb files with % and ( ) in channel names
2474 QC on From-To data gives errors, but depths same.
3815 Axis labels in the Triplot Analysis are too small.
3153 No rock codes in stacked sections
2645 Added ability to colour code bar plots in Wholeplot.
2924 Abort while running the dhcompositedb.gx. sGetInfoSymb_SDB
3046 Using the import wizard a maximum of 20 fields can be set to 'not imported' at once
3156 Added zone coloured down hole bar plots
2907 Increased field width of drop down lists within strip log.
3151 Cannot save data plotting parameters for Strip Log more than once
2566 Strip log not plotting to scale.
3809 Abort while trying to plot a group from a section view into a 3D drillhole view. sIsGroupGrid_MVIEW
3542 Title block does not plot to map in Drill 3D
Chimera Geochemistry
2529 Abort while importing ASCII file with punctuated sentences. CCTL_Text::sFieldBreaks
2579 Abort after pressing the pump button while the channel colour dialog box open. CCTL_Prob::OnPaint
3449 Abort using the chhisto.gx. sSendReadMChan_SDPUMP
2580 Corrected error when merging large survey database with many string channels and assay data
2581 Added support in import wizard for single element fields with spaces.
2443 Corrected auto-redraw problem.
2506 Abort when closing a workspace that has open scatter analysis, Triplot and correlation tools. CCTL_Scat::Destroy_Scat
2362 Cannot edit symbol layer attributes created from the Histogram tool.
2824 CHSTAT.gx not calculating correct channels stats when using multiple channels
3826 Fixed Error:"OE32 Substr_STR:INVALID START LOCATION (<0)" caused by one character channel names.
Oasis montaj
2364 Modified import of incorrect MapInfo files with Argentina zone 3 projection method.
2363 Abort while trying to load 32 bit TIFs. hFindData_META
2390 Abort when specifying correction width to 1 in gridstich. sGSLowFCorrectionIMU
2704 Abort when using bigrid.gx with Gradient data and a low pass filter. sSpline_VV
3061 Ability to draw an open polygon from a ply file
3276 Corrected error in Import template, cannot have more than 100 characters in the path.
3340 Extract standards gives unusable directory path in some cases
3285 Minimum curvature not working for creating section grids from array channel
3279 Plot option in array viewer doesn't plot the displayed row.
2542 Added warnings about projection transformation without a local datum transform specified.
3041 Corrected error when adding second trend line "Cannot write to a protected channel".
2731 Improved explanation of weighting slope parameter in rangrid help.
2975 Cannot split a line based on a channel other than the XY pair.
3129 Abort when importing a DGN file. sConvertOrientWarpRev_IPJ
3222 Abort creating plan map. sPlotDataDH
2853 Abort trying to import a DGN map. sCurveEx_MVIEW
2519 Abort displaying bad grid. GetStandardHistRange_ST
2888 Abort: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address. sGetRange_ARCVIEW
3172 Abort while trying to print. CVU_Map::GeoPrint
3906 Abort while using refid.gx. Destr_VV
2594 Abort in GX Debugger. CDG_GXDebugger::CheckBreak
3827 Abort: SetParmS_AP when running a script that plots line paths to a map.
2878 Abort when two maps opened and went to select a group on one of them. sIsGroupHidden_MVIEW
3141 Abort while opening a corrupt GWS. CDOC_Map::OnMapeditSelect
2886 Abort while trying to export to Landmark Z-map; had wrong format for input grid. sZMapHeaderZMPXGD
2702 Abort while trying to grow some databases. sDeCompStreamWork_GS
3050 Abort while trying to import a DGN file. sTranslateComplexHeaderDGN
2574 Abort while trying to import a TAB file. sSetInfo_BASEIMG
2880 Abort while trying to send a map. SendMail_INTERNET
2741 Abort while upward continuing a grid file. SMPLoopAcross_FILLPGU
2928 Abort while trying to display a grid created by interactive windowing. GetStandardHistRange_ST
2856 Abort while trying to import RAW file. sLoadGravity_DU
3214 Abort trying to add new plane to 3D view. sIsGroupGrid_MVIEW
2583 Export to single table (access format) not working with gdb that has multiple lines and groups
2789 ECW export does not produce an ECW file
3779 Limit of field width of 14 characters when exporting to aseg-gdf format
2508 i0 template file outside working directory and greater than 100 characters gives error: Please enter no more than 100 characters.
2665 Output is a white image when region to export is selection of aggregate.
2859 Reprojection of historic data from NAD83 to NAD27, 50cm difference in X and Y
3822 Error when no data exists in the channel when using rollingstats.gx.  SetFidIncr_VV: Invalid Fiducial Increment
2703 Added support for different USGS DEM grid types: error reading integer value, parameter B2
2402 USGS PC grids convert dummies to -1e32 rather than the correct value of  1.e38 as specified in the user\ini\geosoft.ini file.
2791 Abort while opening a series of maps.  hCreatIterator_HASH.
3522 Added "Add server" button to DAP data tool
2770 When neither the GDB nor the GRD have units assigned, draw basemap assumes data in meters, and then calculates the scale bar in feet.
3799 Documentation error: Support of Import/export file types includes GIF files
2929 Grid origin shift when grid windowing of some grids.
2934 Grid outline does not work with small grids (less than 5 cells), no outline is displayed.
3864 Added support for contouring rectangular cells.
2868 Added support for SRTM30 DEM files.
2558 Creating a line channel (line only), the channel entries in those lines that are not selected are erased.
2359 GX Developer: the Fill_PGU() unable to open the reference file for smoothing flags if more than one smoothing pass is specified.
2491 String channels are not getting exported.
2540 Unpacking a map that includes a GRD will overwrite existing grids.
2825 Grid point and profile values not working with USGS DEM grids.
2385 Abort when importing an XYZ file. sDummy_VV
2742 Error: "Invalid size of 1106 by 0 in the grid ".\USGS_DEM_geographic.dem(DEM)". 
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