Target for ArcGIS 3.2

March 4, 2010

Update from Target for ArcGIS 3.1.1 to Target for ArcGIS 3.2. This file will also update Geochemistry for ArcGIS from 1.0.1 to 2.0 for customers with licenses for both products.

Release Notes

About This Release
System Requirements
New Capabilities
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

Target for ArcGIS 3.2 is a scheduled software upgrade available to all 3.1 maintained customers.

System Requirements

Enhanced Support for Windows 7: Geosoft Target for ArcGIS will run on Windows XP (32 Bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64 Bit) and Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit) operating systems. Requires ArcGIS v9.2 (SP6) or 9.3.1 (SP1). 

New Capabilities


Length Weighted Mean Calculation By highlighting a selected section of your drillhole database, you can now calculate Length and Length Weighted Mean values. This makes it easy to quickly find out the length of several irregularly spaced samples as well as the length weighted mean assay value.
Significant Intersections Reportingclick to enlarge Significant Intersections Report enables geologists to quickly identify drill core intervals that have significant assays based on minimum cut-off length and grade. This is useful for highlighting successful drilling results visually within sections, maps or 3D views, and is exportable as a tabular report.
Grouped Geosoft
Map Layers click to enlarge
To provide more flexibility in the display of Geosoft Map Layers in separate data frames, we have created a "group layer" of the various graphic elements of a Geosoft Map. Now you can now turn these individual items on or off, or easily combine them with Shapefiles created in Target for ArcGIS.
Strip Logs now support Shapefile Output When creating Strip Logs, we have added the option to create Shapefile outputs as well Geosoft Map Layers. This is consistent with section and plan maps, and provides added flexibility in creating detailed graphic logs of your drillhole data.
Legends in Data Frames Due to customer feedback, we have reinstated Legends within data frames for all Target for ArcGIS maps (plan, section, multiple section, strip logs and fence diagrams) allowing easier organization of map layers, especially when working with multiple sections in one MXD.

Advanced 3D Subsurface Visualisation

Voxel Colour Bar Button click to enlarge We have added an option to display a Colour Legend Bar for voxels to the layout of a 3D view.
GOCAD Voxet orientation support The GOCAD Voxet conversion to Geosoft Voxel has been expanded to fully support the orientation parameters of GOCAD Voxet files. This ensures that voxets are correctly oriented and located in the Geosoft 3D Viewer.
Sample a Voxel to GDB locations The new Sample a Voxel capability allows values in Geosoft voxels to be queried using Geosoft databases with X,Y,Z coordinates. Use this to compare original database values to interpolated voxel values or add a new channel containing voxel values to databases containing different data types.
Log and Log/Linear options for 3D Gridding click to enlarge New options to the 3D Gridding tool allow Log and Log/Linear interpolation when creating voxels. Using the logarithm of the original values can be a very effective way to reduce distortion in highly skewed data, such as geochemical assays.

Data Access and Data Support

Seeker click to enlarge Seeker combines capabilities from DAP Find Data and Dapple interfaces. It replaces our two 'Find Data' options with a 3-step workflow. Search criteria can be used to refine results, retrieve and use them in your local mapping environment. Seeker is available in all Geosoft applications and plug-ins.Watch the Geosoft Seeker Video.
ODBC Import with Filters click to enlarge A filtering capability for our ODBC tools has been added for surface data GDBs and Target drillhole projects. Access the drillhole databases or surface data that you need without SQL query knowledge. Also connect to other drillhole databases like DataShed and Century systems.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

8034 Fixed - 3.1.1 YO FR: Target does not pass on allthe datafields from the .gdb files into the Shapefiles that it generates;client would like to see all fields in the interval (assay gdb) passed to theexport
10953 Fixed -3.1.1  ABORT <sClipLineIntPLY>
11165 Fixed - Afterusing Target Surface > Import >Geosoft Database tool to import surfacedata, the dialog box to choose the databse is no longer displayed if try torun it again.
14102 Fixed - 3.0."Create Lithology Voxel" should use default Rockcode CSV file asspecified in Preferences.
14244 Fixed - 3.0.1(OL) , Shadow Cursor Tool with Data Linking is not consistently reliable
14340 Fixed - v7.0, 7.0.1, 7.1 (Oasis montaj, Target for ArcGIS, Target, Free Viewer):  ABORT <CDOC_Cell::sWriteData> 
14787 Fixed - v7.0.1,v7.1.1  ABORT<CGeoExtMap::bCanLink>
15122 Fixed - v7.0.1,v7.1, v7.1.1  ABORT<CompleteInstallESRIStyles>
15374 Fixed - 3.0.1Association/support for Geosoft *.grd formats 'lost' in ArcGIS 9.3
16027 Added - OM:Need the ability to plot a colour range legend for Voxels  on a 3D Map (or 3D View)
16412 Fixed - v7.1(Plugin and ) ABORT <sSetERM_IPJ> <sSetStringINI_GXX> - uninstallplugin as it should not exist on a computer running 
16420 Fixed - 3.1 -BUG - - Section Legends: the Legend dataframe is NOT created. Instead, anumber of layout elements are generated for each section that remainspermanently visible on the layout. They cannot be turned on or off easily.
16426 Fixed - 3.1 -Bug - Auto Save Time under Geosoft Setup -> Advanced Settings doesn'tgenerate a save pop-up.
16618 Fixed - v7.1 (,Plugin) BUG - *.tbl, *.zon and *.lut files available to display grids with inArcMap needs to be updated
16621 Fixed -v7.1  BUG - Creating a plan map ONLYusing the Shape File Output option still produces a map with a referencegrid. Inconsistent behaviour with v3.0 and v3.0.1.
16700 Fixed -v7.1  BUG - unable to see certaingroups when opening map in 
16791 Fixed - Sectionlocation information changes erratically when the spacing is changed.
16925 Fixed -v7.1  BUG - Voxel Section GX - linesselection parameter, "Displayed line" and "Interactive - frommap" make no sense for 
17004 Fixed - 7.1.1VU StripLog/selection. Option to plot a range of drillholes is not working,all the holes are plotting
17079 Fixed -3.1.1  ABORT <sClipLineIntPLY>
17128 Fixed - v3.1.1: BUG: when enter "minus", "-" sign in a database cell it prints as "1/2","half"!
17132 Fixed - v3.1.1: BUG: Polynomial fit for hole resurveying needs manual entry for user tospecify order. to prevent N (number of defined deviation survey measurements)equal or greater than number of points in survey - strange borehioledeviation observed.
17512 Fixed -v3.1.1  Bug - When you type a numberfrom the keyboard numeric pad into the table the result is a letter or a kind of symbol, so you have tobackspace and then re-type the number.
17592 Fixed - v3.1.1: 3D Viewer error when displaying multiple images at once: "boundary isinvalid in the required projection".
17719 Fixed - v3.2(1U) - Fence Diagrams: when output to separate data frames, the name of thelegend data frame is "ESRI_DH_Legend_Legend".  Should be "FenceSection_Legend" to be consistent with other map types.
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