Target for ArcGIS 3.1.1

June 3, 2009

Update from Target for ArcGIS 3.1 or 3.1 SP1 to Target for ArcGIS 3.1.1. This file will also update Geochemistry for ArcGIS from 1.0 to 1.0.1 for customers with licenses for both products.

Release Notes

Target for ArcGIS 3.1.1 is a scheduled software upgrade available to all maintained 3.1 customers. The upgrade addresses software improvements and corrects reported issues reported below. The 3.1.1 update also includes the 3.1 Service Pack which addresses a coordinate conversion issue discovered in the 3.1 release.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

Target for ArcGIS
8666 Fixed - Abort ; SetParmS_AP
16122 Fixed  - section plot, shapefile shape file output, only 2 decimal values written out to assay value, attribute table
16123 Fixed - PLAN MAP. Image in Planview does not clip to View extension.
16323 Fixed - Installation: Error messages: "Please install a valid license to upgrade the software"
16453 Fixed - warning "No matches were made between" is not really correct in this situation
16662 Fixed - W, S being cut off in compass diagram legend item
16722 Fixed - ABORT <ErrorTool_GUI>
16452 Fixed -ABORT <sStartContext_GEO3D> -Adjusted 3D resolution which caused a video driver failure and program abort.
16454 Fixed - ABORT <Lock> - Tried to draw a plan view of a drill section line. Caused an instant abort.
15756 Added - Need to be able to set advanced database parameters when importing high-resolution drillhole data
16310 Corrected - Exporting to dxf. When in 3D Viewer, Export| AutoCAD 3D DXF, file name is populated with a temporary random filename.
16326 Fixed ABORT: <w2strcpy_GS > editing a layout in ArcMap, number of grids in the MXD Assertion failed:
16566 Fixed ABORT: <Lock> Unhandled exception, clicking on View VAriogram in 3D advanced gridding controls
Plug-In for ArcGIS
10446 Fixed ABORT <SetParmS_AP> - Export to PDF from the ArcMap Export Map dialog.
16567 Fixed - ABORT: <CGeoTargetExtension::Save>, Unhandled exception
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