Target for ArcGIS 3.1

February 27, 2009

Update from Target for ArcGIS 3.0.1 to 3.1

Release Notes

About This Release
System Requirements
New Capabilities
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

This release includes a number of new features, including enhancements for viewing subsurface 3D data and importing 3D DXF files.

System Requirements

The Target for ArcGIS extension requires ArcGIS version 9.2 or later. See detailed System Requirements

New Capabilities

Subsurface 3D

Working within the subsurface has become easier. Geosoft has added support for additional data formats, streamlined workflows, added new capabilities and centralized all 3D related actions within a single 3D Viewing tool.

New Supported Formats

  • The 3D Isosurface export and import functions enable you to export your 3D Isosurfaces to a 3D DXF file and import 3D DXF files into a 3D map. 3D DXF files may be displayed filled or wireframe. As DXF is supported by most 3D packages, this new capability enables you to easily share data with others.
  • The 3D PDF export now supports text. All of your text, such as drillhole labels, posted assay values and coordinate axes will be displayed on the 3D PDF view.
  • The GEMCOM Data Import supports triangulated surfaces .BT2 files, and block models .BLK files.
  • MineSight Data Import supports all the geometry elements within the MSR file type. These include markers (a set of points), polylines/polygons (connected line segments), or shells (surfaces and solids).

Improved Workflow

  • You will find all of your 3D-visualisation settings, functions, and tools in a single integrated 3D to enlarge The 3D menu has been consolidated to save you time by making it easier for you to get started.
  • You can now control and manipulate the 3D View by accessing the object and layer control tools within the 3D Viewer window.
  • You now have more control to set the background, axis, surround box and label colours for your 3D View.
  • Geosoft has improved the navigation experience by including a 3D orientation compass and a navigation cursor. 3D Viewer Navigation has an improved zoom feature to enable you to quickly go to the location of the cursor, and a series of navigation tips and other useful hints displayed on the status bar for quick reference.
  • Voxels now behave more like grids. Geosoft has made it easier for explorers to quickly access Voxel properties and metadata by adding them to the Project Explorer. As well, clicking on the voxel, will display it within a voxel previewer.

New 3D Capabilities

  • New "Open 3D Viewer" button.  New "Create a new 3D View" menu added to 3D menu.
  • New "Add to 3D" menu (consolidates all items that can be added to 3D view including surfaces, srelief surfaces, voxels, isosurface, 3D symbols, plane grids, plane vectors and drillholes).
  • Hotkeys enable quick selection between panning, zooming and rotating 3D to enlarge
  • Shadow Cursor upgrades include the ability to toggle show/hide the cursor and the cursor location is now shown in the status bar.
  • A Status Bar has been added to the 3D Viewer. The Status bar displays the view's coordinate system, the shadow cursor location, the view's inclination, declination and look-at point (center of rotation).

Integration with the new Geochemistry extension

Geosoft has released a new Geochemistry for ArcGIS extension to provide geoscientists with the ability to import, validate and nalyze their surface or drillhole geochemical data within the ESRI ArcGIS environment.

Enhancements and aMaintenance Fixes

11759 Corrected ABORT <CGeoExtMap::bCanLink> - Trying to exit an unresponsive 3D window
12958 Fixed - Plan map definition box, define box. Hit default button, get error: "Please enter a number between 0.1 and 1000000"
13557 Fixed - "Module C:\Program Files\Geosoft\ArcGIS\bin\geoarcgis_target.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147010895. Contach your support personnel."
13994 Fixed - Opening a Geosoft packed map (built in Oasis montaj) in ArcView results in the following error message: "The "orvn_chg_all0708_fin~1.grd" object does not exist in the "geo_XXX1:"storage".
14040 Fixed - Turn off Plot Holes, then plot to Shape Files. Error: "PlotPlan failed because iLoadMAP_ARCMAP : Invalid CSV file name for flags specified."
14048 Fixed - Voxel Math tries to display new voxel. Error: <<Run failed because Current_EMAP : There is no current EMAP set.>>
14049 Fixed - Tin gridding option in Create contact surface from Geology causes error "Unable to find the TINGRID.GX GX"
14101 Fixed - "Voxel grid info..." should be renamed to "Voxel Properties..."
14185 Fixed - plotting a map in TfA at a specific scale does not match the scale of the Arc data frame or on the printed sheet. Cannot change scale of Arc data frame with unprojected data
14217 Fixed - Incorrect azimuth values are getting placed in Shapefiles produced using Structural Ticks Plot Type.
14323 Fixed - rendering a 3D view with a good video card, the 3D map rotation is still very slow
14380 Corrected Abort - <EndContext_GEO3D> set transparency in 3D Viewer
14401 Fixed - Plotting a section with assay data type: profile. Section plotting takes a long time and program stops
14412 Fixed - where is the function to draw holes to an existing 3D view in TfA
14508 Fixed - AcQuire point data to TfA does not honour decimal precision of original data.
14562 Corrected ABORT <CGeoTool_3D::UpdateTab> exporting a 3D PDF. Cannot export to 3D PDF. Errors: "Error exporting view 3D..."; "The file 3d.pdf was not created"
14739 Fixed - Composite database/ Reject intervals where the value of / is / value is frozen
14758 Fixed - DH_Bottom has to have a minimum of 1m otherwsie, when try to plot a lithology voxel, error message "Plot 3D failed because Error calculating hole location. Requested depth -0.39 is not in surveyed depth range 0 to 0.61.".
15227 Fixed - "Edit" button in 3D Viewer has no functionality, relic from View\ Group Manager Tool in Oasis.
15456 Fixed - Voxel slice grid can't be visualized in Fence Diagram maps
15510 Fixed - when printing a map with a 3D data frame, the frame is always shifted to the top left when printing or print previewing regardless of where it is in the layout view
15854 Fixed - Target Project GDBs do not honour the relative path setting for the MXD.
15856 Fixed -Drillhole project GDBs are set to a Local coordinate system in feet, the units are not passed to the dataframes.
16012 Fixed - Edit metadata in Target for ArcGIS Geosoft Database toolbar is always greyed out even if Geosoft database is active. Edit audit log is also greyed out.
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