Target for ArcGIS 3.0.1

June 18, 2008

Update from Target for ArcGIS 3.0 to 3.0.1

Release Notes

Target 3.0.1 is a software update that addresses software improvements and corrects reported issues.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

12955 Fixed ABORT <EndContext_GEO3D> Adjusting the transparency on a geology voxel in TFA 3d viewer
13126 Fixed ABORT <Memory Leak. The MP Object was destroyed while not empty>
13347 Fixed ABORT <sFontColor_MVIEW> when re-creating a plan map in some cases
13368 Corrected overlap when you plot multiple sections on one section map
13467 Corrected inability to open ERS files in ArcMap in some cases when ER Mapper plug-in installed. Unable to get default rows and columns
13509 Corrected misaligned buttons for relative/absolute in Strip log/Fracture density plot parameters
13163 Removed length limit of structural ticks
13504 Corrected text data plotted as "Comments" using default plotting parameters only
13505 Corrected internal tension Rangrid parameter. Now supports non intergers
13532 Corrected improper North reference in legend when section has very large numbers (sig digits)
11925 Corrected import of some acQuire fields/coordinates, being imported as text
13254 Corrected non-posting of text in some cses where data fileds are very similar
13513 Improved Voxel lithology model when data is beyond dh_bottom
13297 Corrected problem dealing with project with underscores in title and inability to locate collar database
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