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July 16, 2014

Oasis montaj Update

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Release Notes

What is included in this release?
How to apply this release
New Capabilities

What is included in this release?

Oasis montaj provides the following resolutions as well as new VOXI Earth Modelling Capabilities:

  • IS147766: When checking for software updates the correct permissions are assigned and sign in prompts are now displayed.
  • IS150582: MAPPLOT command CBAR now correctly plots a vertical colour bar instead of a horizontal one.
  • IS149165: Abort no longer occurs running IP QC tools: related to <CDG_IPQCTool::sGetCurrentSamples>.
  • IS146527: Changing the data view size no longer causes shifts in coordinate locations away from the coordinate bounding surround.
  • Install/Uninstall notifications have been improved in Oasis montaj when other applications are open or permissions are lacking when files are locked.
  • IS33451: Merge Voxels tool now checks the spatial extents of both voxels to see if they overlap and informs you when they do not.
  • IS145200: Boolean operations in merging grids no longer produce any errors.
  • IS94065: Importing Minesight .msr files into maps now works as expected.
  • IS119091: MAPEXP.GX now exports CGM plots as expected.
  • IS101624: Issue no longer occurs in use of *.itr file in Assay plot with "Profile" option in 3D Viewer.
  • IS146211: Abort no longer occurs in Oasis montaj when importing a DXF file: related to <Memory Leak>.
  • IS145430: Colour Legend bar for IP pseudo sections now plots with numbers as expected.
  • IS145584: Abort no longer occurs when attempting to add a grid onto 3D space when using the Default Orientation Projection.
  • IS118271: Resulting output gravity grid now at the windowed position, coincident with the input rotated windowed voxel.
  • IS111978: In VOXI MVI models the projected and perpendicular components have been corrected to represent respectively the component of the magnetic vector along the geomagnetic field and the component normal to it.
  • IS145589: The VOXI Absolute/Relative default errors were set to the same value for all model types regardless of whether they started from a grid or a database. It is now set as a function of the data type being modelled.
  • IS135158: Computational Accuracy setting in VOXI now referred to as Computational Error Tolerance.
  • The issues resolved in Oasis montaj and UXO Software Update 1 are also included in this release.

Who should install this release?

If you are experiencing any of issues described above, we recommend that you apply this release.

How to apply this release

To install this release, you'll need to check for updates in Oasis montaj, following the steps below:

  1. On the Help menu in Oasis montaj, click Updates, then click Check for Software Updates.
  2. A list of the available updates is displayed. Click the Install button to begin installing.
  3. You may need to restart Oasis montaj for the changes to take effect.

If you are unable to check for updates and install through Oasis montaj, you can install download and install the offline update by following these steps:

  1. Click the Download from My Geosoft button on the top of this page and sign into My Geosoft with your Geosoft ID.
  2. In My Geosoft on the Oasis montaj download page click the download button at the top right of the page and save the *.zip file to a folder on your local computer.
  3. Extract the *.zip file to the same folder.
  4. Double-click and run the file (.exe). Follow the wizard to install the release.

New Capabilities

Oasis montaj Extensions

VOXI Earth Modelling

Added further validation to VOXI

We've added new checks to insure that your data is valid before running an inversion. Where possible, your input is further validated to ensure it is within expected ranges.

If you accidentally specified incorrectly a potential parameter or data and caused the data to fall outside these ranges, a warning message will alert you. You will​ then have the opportunity to review your entries and make corrections before using the inversion service, saving time and cost in running an incorrect inversion

Default error set to an infinitesimal non-zero floor value

In VOXI, if the default error value is calculated to be zero, it is now automatically reset to be an infinitesimally small value close to zero.

This change was made to accommodate the following situation: when running a forward model, the sensor channel does not matter and you can pick any channel. If this channel contains a constant, then the error is set to zero and forces you to specify a value.

By nudging the error just a touch over zero, we avoid this issue and you can perform forward and inverse modelling using the default settings without having to enter any other information.

Improved the default fit error for gravity gradient inversions

The default fit error calculation that controls the outcome for Airborne Gravity Gradient (AGG) and Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) inversions was adjusted slightly to provide better results.

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