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July 22, 2013

Oasis montaj 8.0.1 full install

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Release Notes

About this release
System requirements
New capabilities
Oasis montaj extensions
Enhancements and maintenance fixes

About this Release

Oasis montaj 8.0.1 is a scheduled software upgrade available to all maintained customers. This release includes a number of new workflow improvements and enhancements for Oasis montaj and extensions.

How to update

Online installs for each product are available through the Check for updates option within the software and from the download link at the top of this page. If you are using the Oasis montaj Educational version you can update through the software or contact your local Geosoft support team for an download file.

System Requirements

Oasis montaj 8.0.1 runs on Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 7 (recommended) (32 and 64 bit) , Windows XP SP3 (32 bit), or Windows Vista (32 and 64 bit) operating systems. See detailed System Requirements

New Capabilities

Ease of Use

Convert between Geosoft and GOCAD grids

You can now convert between Geosoft and GOCAD 32-bit grids, making it easier to transfer data between software platforms.

Default colour fill pattern for rock code file

Now when you import lithology data, default colours are automatically assigned. This enables you to visualize the results right away and makes it easy to generate colours and patterns and build a rock code file.

Workflow Improvements

Convert between Velocity and Density in voxels

In a single step, you can now convert velocity cubes (voxels) directly to density, or density cube to velocity using one of several published velocity/density relationships. This new simplified workflow elminiates the steps of having to dump the voxel to a database, convert it, and then regenerate the voxel.

This tool complements the existing conversion tool for database channels, implementing the same velocity/density relationships. Velocity cubes, often as GOCAD voxet or 3D SEG-Y files, are a common exchange format for 3D seismic reflection information. A density cube may be used in GM-SYS 3D or VOXI. A density cube that is the result of modeling or inversion may be converted back to velocity for use in reprocessing seismic reflection data.

Set colour, size and symbols in the scatter plot tool

In the scatter plot tool, you can now define the colour, the size and the symbol independently. This feature was previously only available in the Geosoft extensions for ArcGIS, this update makes the scatter plot tool options the same in all Geosoft software applications and extensions.

3D Visualization

Draw vectors along a 3D drillhole paths

Using this new feature, you can draw vectors representing three component geophysical data along a 3D path such as a drillhole trace. Vector plots are very useful for visualizing interpretating three component magnetic and electomagnetic fields from borehole surveys. The colour and size of the vectors in the 3D viewer to indicate the amplitude and the direction of the surveyed geophysical field.


Orthographic 3D view added to the 3D viewer

In the 3D viewer you can now view your models in an Orthographic 3D view. When the human eye looks at a scene, objects in the distance appear smaller than objects close by. Orthographic projection ignores this effect and allows you to create drawings that are to scale.

You can toggle between between Perspective Orthogonal icon and Orthographic Orthogonal icon views by clicking the new icons on the toolbar. The options are also available under Tools & Settings > Rendering Settings.


Enhancements and maintenance fixes



Added an orthographic projection option in 3D views.
IS17793 Added the ability to automatically generate colours and patterns to quickly populate a rock code file.
IS45722 Added the ability to change the colours if "Colour by categories" is chosen for a Ternary or Scatter plot.
IS101641 Added keyboard shortcuts for IP QC Tool.
IS101646 Added velocity-to-density and density-to-velocity conversion options for voxels.
Maintenance Fixes
IS14881 Density-depth table values now have better defined and displayed units.
IS24387 Coordinate groups now stay masked to the Map Extent box when using the Draw Holes on any Plan menu option.
IS30394 Importing a MapInfo TAB file that points to a ECW file now results in the import of the complete image, right-side up.
IS38948 GMS3PROF New Model Background Magnetization is now zero by default.
IS71006 Restored the ability to modify the database profile axis value (min, mid or max) in Oasis montaj Viewer.
IS84086 Error no longer occurs when exporting an Isosurface or interpretation group to a 3D DXF file.
IS88635 Exporting rotated isosurfaces created from rotated voxels to a AutoCAD DXF file now works as expected.
IS88644 The "Browse from Predefined ESRI Projection" option in the "Copy Coordinate System From" dialog is now visible.
IS108321 Error no longer occurs when running the "All Data" data type option from the Drill Hole QA/QC tools..
IS109013 Data downloaded from Seeker now displayed as expected in the active map.
IS109041 OM no longer crashes when trying to open a MapInfo TAB file.
IS109912 Abort no longer occurs: [bQueryMarked_MGROUP]
IS109913 Error no longer occurs when using a Datamine file in the Topo tab of a section map.
IS109918 For a Profile model extracted from a 3D model, air (background) block is no longer 2-1/2D, with +/-Y extents no longer set.
IS109921 Error no longer occurs when updating to Oasis montaj 8.0 with USGS custom GXs installed.
IS109924 Error no longer occurs when attempting to download and display a LYR file.
IS109934 GRD2PLY.GX now works for grid outlines to display square outlines.
IS109939 Can now change the size of a string channel (e.g. # of characters) when importing an XYZ file into a new database even when the channel is not originally identified as a string channel.
IS109941 Convert Vector Voxel to Voxels Help topic now available.
IS109943 Error no longer occurs when attempting to download a large GDB.
IS109954 Licensing error when attempting to run GRIDGRAD GX no longer occurs.
IS110043 All the controls for the filters in the MAGMAP Filter Design dialog are now visible, even at low resolutions.
IS110045 The option to switch from selected holes to unselected is now available when selecting holes in DH-Plot.
IS110046 Surpac STR export no longer experiences rounding errors and STR file overlays the original polygon as expected.
IS110054 Can now export a database with rotated points as expected.
IS110132 Abort no longer occurs when working in 3D Viewer: [CCTL_3DView::Disconnect]
IS110520 Error no longer occurs when importing Datamine files.
IS110756 User Account Control prompts for granting access to geolicense.exe are no longer triggered when launching the application.
IS110761 Abort no longer occurs: [FeatureWireFrameBuilder::ChangeWireframePieceSelection]
IS110775 Only the Section Azimuth from the INS file is now retained after loading the section parameters from an INS file.
IS111246 Abort no longer occurs when packing files from a 3D map: [GeoSurfaceModel::GetTotalVolume]
IS111249 Double installation of Oasis montaj no longer occurs; either previous version is detected and uninstalled/reinstalled or most current version is left untouched.
IS111793 Geosoft applications now display the correct projection method (UTM zone 19N) from GeoTIFF images.
IS111976 When saving grid maps to real maps, able to now digitize from level plan grids and have the Geostring file preserve the correct level of the plan grid.
IS112074 Reproject option now available in Seeker.
IS112075 Importing a property voxel with dummies works as expected as the voxel is now filled and validated.
IS112082 Increased the maximum allowed Falloff Distance when creating Wireframe ends.
IS112845 Non-English Oasis montaj environment now functional when working offline (not signed in to Geosoft Connect).
IS113007 Error no longer occurs when creating an isosurface from a Geosoft Voxel, using any valid surface value.
IS113086 Oasis montaj help system now displays VOXI Earth Modelling help topics.
IS113841 DXF file now displays correctly in the plan view of a section map.
IS113842 3D DXF file now honours section thickness for both the solid and the outlines of the DXF.
IS118274 Structural inversion no longer generates crossed layers in the model.
IS118440 Added validation to prevent 3D-oriented voxels from being used as GM-SYS inputs.
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