Oasis montaj 7.2 Service Pack 1

April 27, 2010

Oasis montaj 7.2 Service Pack 2 resolves issues with installation and Seeker.

Release Notes

Geosoft recommends that you install this service pack to resolve the following issues within the installation process and Seeker:

  • Seeker proxy issue: Customers were unable to access DAP servers using Seeker with certain proxy/firewall configurations.

  • Seeker timeout issue: Seeker failed to return a valid response when timing out due to inability to reach a valid DAP server

  • Seeker Reprojection issue: When extracting data via the Cart capability within Seeker, the data was always extracted based upon the DAP server's native coordinate system even if the user selected the "Reproject to original map" option instead of "Native".
    > More info

  • .NET dependencies issues (Browsers/start-up/font): We have also resolved issues that prevented using Oasis montaj with systems using Internet Explorer 6 and earlier browser versions.
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