Oasis montaj 7.2

March 4, 2010

Update from Oasis montaj 7.1.1 to Oasis montaj 7.2

Release Notes

About This Release
System Requirements
New Capabilities
Oasis montaj Extensions
Oasis montaj Plus Partner Extensions
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

Oasis montaj 7.2 is a scheduled software upgrade available to all 7.1 maintained customers. The upgrade includes new software capabilities, improvements and corrects reported issues for Oasis montaj, Oasis montaj Extensions, and Geosoft Plus Extensions.

System Requirements

This release includes enhanced support for Windows 7. Geosoft Oasis montaj will run on Windows XP SP3 (32 Bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64 Bit) and Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit) operating systems. See detailed System Requirements.

New Capabilities

Ease of Use Improvements

Multiple View Shadow Cursors click to enlarge Shadow cursor support has been added to all data views within a map. Use the shadow cursor to link multiple data views or a section view and a plan view in the same map. Shadow cursors work across different Geosoft Project Files (GPF).
Map/Grid Relative Paths Improved handling of relative paths for rasters in maps makes opening maps more efficient. When opening a map where the grids have been moved from their original file locations, the path to the grids are now stored relatively so that they will be discovered automatically.
Multiple Channel Gridding click to enlarge Efficiently create grids for many channels from multi-element geochemical data, or multichannel array data such as EM. Multiple Channel Gridding is available for Minimum Curvature or Bi-Directional Line Gridding algorithms. The same parameters are applied to all selected channels.

Menu Updates

The Math, Math Expression, and Load All Channels GXs have been added to the Scripting submenu, making it easier to access these items. Load All Channels is used to display new channels created within a script. The Math and Math Expression functions are an alternative to the Channel Math tool and are recorded in detail when scripting, making it easier to edit in the script file.
Extended Map Group Name Limit click to enlarge We have improved map group names in the Map View/Group Manager. The character limit for group names has been extended to 1024 characters. This is useful when identifying groups in maps with longer descriptive names and distinguishing between groups with very similar names.
Array Channel Utilities click to enlarge New selection tools provide new ways to transfer channels to and from arrays. Use "Array to Database Channels" to quickly display selected elements from an array as channels, or use "Database Channels to Array" to create an array from a selection of channels in a database.
Metadata Improvements A new feature, Metadata Lineage, records how Geosoft document files are created. Database Lineage has been streamlined to only record database creation tasks. A scriptable option has also been added to better manage the creation of metadata updates when using scripts.

Advanced 3D Subsurface Visualisation

Voxel Colour Bar Button click to enlarge We have added an option to display a Colour Legend Bar for voxels to the layout of a 3D view.
GOCAD Voxet orientation support The GOCAD Voxet conversion to Geosoft Voxel has been expanded to fully support the orientation parameters of GOCAD Voxet files. This ensures that voxets are correctly oriented and located in the Geosoft 3D Viewer.
Sample a Voxel to GDB locations The new Sample a Voxel capability allows values in Geosoft voxels to be queried using Geosoft databases with X,Y,Z coordinates. Use this to compare original database values to interpolated voxel values or add a new channel containing voxel values to databases containing different data types.
Log and Log/Linear options for 3D Gridding click to enlarge New options to the 3D Gridding tool allow Log and Log/Linear interpolation when creating voxels. Using the logarithm of the original values can be a very effective way to reduce distortion in highly skewed data, such as geochemical assays.
Master Voxel The Master Voxel utility allows you to create a uniform voxel of any size, orientation, and coordinate system. A Master Voxel can define the dimensions of the resulting voxel when resampling and completing voxel math operations.
Master Grid The Master Grid utility lets you create a uniform grid of any size and coordinate system for Grid and Voxel Math operations. A Master Grid may also be used in GMSYS-3D for creating the Index Grid that defines the model.

Data Access and Data Support

Seeker click to enlarge Seeker combines capabilities from DAP Find Data and Dapple interfaces. It replaces our two 'Find Data' options with a 3-step workflow. Search criteria can be used to refine results, retrieve and use them in your local mapping environment. Seeker is available in all Geosoft applications and plug-ins.Watch the Geosoft Seeker Video.
ODBC Import with Filters click to enlarge A filtering capability for our ODBC tools has been added for surface data GDBs and Target drillhole projects. Access the drillhole databases or surface data that you need without SQL query knowledge. Also connect to other drillhole databases like DataShed and Century systems.
JPEG 2000 Support We have added support for JPEG 2000 (*.JP2 and *.J2K). Conversion to JPEG 2000 can be found under Map Export formats. Similar to GeoTIFF format, JPEG 2000 supports embedded coordinate system information. Transparency for sharing grid images that are not rectangular is also supported now.
ASEG-GDF2 The ASEG import has been updated to support ASEG-GDF2 format. The ASEG document creates a user readable text file containing information regarding data collection such as geographic coordinate system and location. This information is imported and can be viewed in the metadata under Abstract. Upon export the description information, if present, is saved into a text file.
Excel 2007 Added support for Excel 2007 (*.xlsx) files.

Updates for Oasis montaj software extensions


Geophysical Sections click to enlarge    New support for sections has been added to montaj Geophysics. Create sections from survey lines with bends or curves and display them in 2D or 3D views as either grids or pixel plots. This new section support provides accurate geospatial representation by ensuring that data are correctly positioned along the survey line. Sections are dynamically linked to all other data including plan maps, sections and 3D views. See common questions about creating sections. Watch the Geophysical Sections video.

Sample a Voxel to GDB locations

The new Sample a Voxel capability enables you to query the values in a Geosoft voxel using a Geosoft databases with X, Y, Z coordinates in points or arrays. This capability is useful when sampling a voxel to an existing survey line, or can be used to add a new channel containing voxel values to a database that contains a different data type (e.g. combining data from different inversion models).
1D-FFT Filtering examplesclick to enlarge A Constrained Linear Prediction (CLP) extrapolation method has been added to the 1D-FFT expansion routine. It is useful in minimizing edge effects when working with data containing systematic high frequency interference.


New Duplicate Sample Identification Method click to enlarge Duplicate sample identification has been simplified and improved. The Duplicate indicator column now contains the original sample number of the parent sample. This enables you to have multiple duplicates that reference a single parent sample.
Log options for Box plots Box plot graphs have been improved with the addition of a new option for plotting a logarithmic scale.


Length Weighted Mean Calculation By highlighting a selected section of your drillhole database, you can now calculate Length and Length Weighted Mean values. This makes it easy to quickly find out the length of several irregularly spaced samples as well as the length weighted mean assay value.
Significant Intersections Reportingclick to enlarge Significant Intersections Report enables geologists to quickly identify drill core intervals that have significant assays based on minimum cut-off length and grade. This is useful for highlighting successful drilling results visually within sections, maps or 3D views, and is exportable as a tabular report.
Real world coordinates in Fence Diagrams In Fence Diagrams, we now support true geospatial positioning. The status bar reports the correct 3D location of the cursor position when moving within the fence section, and the dynamic linking from Fence Diagrams now works consistently with other map views.

MAGMAP Filtering

Additional Gridfill option: Multi-step Expansion algorithm click to enlarge The new Multistep Expansion (MSE) algorithm option in Gridfill is useful for minimizing artefacts when working with grids having jagged edges and short wavelength features. The MSE filled area has a more natural look and is truer to the power spectra of the original data.

GM-SYS Profile

Velocity/Density conversion This addition enables easy conversion between density and velocity allowing selection from ten of the most commonly-used, published relationships. Seismic interpreters commonly provide velocity models to potential-field professionals as an exchange format. Velocity information must then be converted to density using known relationships between parameters.
Updated User Interface click to enlarge The user-interface has been rewritten to improve workflow, extensibility, and efficiency. The new interface is comfortably familiar with a new look-and-feel: new icons, cleaner organization for the toolbars, and a newly dockable floating Action toolbar.
Access IGRFPT.GX IGRFPT.GX calculates the Geomagnetic Reference Field for specific locations and dates. This is required to calculate the magnetic response of a model. IGRFPT.GX replaces the NGRF.exe utility. The upgraded IGRFPT.GX is a more robust implementation and is now easily accessible from the GM-SYS Profile menu.
Enhanced Block Spreadsheet click to enlarge For doing easier quality control of your model, you can now sort the Block Spreadsheet by any block parameter (e.g. Block Name or density). You can also copy one or more properties from a block and paste those properties into any other block(s).


Draped surface FFT gravity calculations We have removed the limitation that required upward-continuation of your data to a constant elevation. GM-SYS 3D will now calculate the gravity response of a model on a draped surface, typically topography. This new capability allows for a more accurate and detailed model.
Menu changesclick to enlarge To improve your workflow the GM-SYS 3D menu has been reorganized into two separate menus. GM-SYS 3D: contains model creation and basic model manipulation including open/close/export functionality. GM-SYS 3D Tools: contains the editing, display, and calculation capabilities.
Space-domain vertical prism calculation utilities (Gbox and MBox) This new utility allows you to perform forward calculations for simple vertical prisms. This in an implementation of Blakely's GBox (Gravity) and MBox (Magnetic) forward calculations for testing simple theoretical models.

SEG-Y Reader

Improved XML Configuration SEG-Y Reader now saves the configuration data in Geosoft-standard XML Metadata format allowing the SEG-Y Reader to automatically recognize the file format and load it. Making it faster and easier to work with SEG-Y files.

New CET Grid Analysis Extension

CET Grid Analysis click to enlarge The new CET Grid Analysis extension contains tools for texture analysis, phase analysis, and structure detection. These versatile algorithms are useful for grid texture analysis, lineament detection, edge detection, and thresholding.

Oasis montaj Plus Extensions



PotentQ 4.10.07 New version, primarily with bug fixes.

Praga 4

Praga4 - version 1.1 New version, primarily with bug fixes.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes


Oasis montaj Features

9515 Added - Extend the map group name limit
9827 Fixed - voxclip.gx: first box should be input voxel model, second box should be output voxel model (All other Geosoft menus go in the order Input file/Output file).
10246 Fixed - Saving a project with many open maps: after the save, the map that was previously active now changes to another map that wasn't
11746 Fixed - Grid multiple channels at once using the same gridding parameters.
12004 Added - support for full JPEG 2000 functionality
13488 Fixed - v7.0 (K9) ABORT <InitProgThread_GUI> - Just opening Oasis and opening ArcGIS.
13861 Fixed - v7.0 - Project status bar still displays the last projection of the last grid or map open, even if none are open. Misleading if you open a GDB in a different projection
13988 Fixed - turn off automatic creation of XML files - some users just don't need them and find them taking up too much space
14069 Fixed - v7.0, v7.1 ABORT <GENSURF::pLoadVBO>
14340 Fixed - v7.0, 7.0.1, 7.1 (Oasis montaj, Target for ArcGIS, Target, Free Viewer):  ABORT <CDOC_Cell::sWriteData> 
14509 Fixed - v7.0. v7.0.1, v7.1 Abort <sLoadSPF_ARCVIEW> - importarc.gx
14682 Fixed - v7,1 Geotiffs created in Oasis montaj are not displaying correctly in MapInfo
14843 Fixed - : Oasis montaj 7.0.1 - SHP file Exports have no projection info when a Base group is the active selection; but do have projection when a Data group is selected.
14903 Added - Add the ldallch.gx to the scripting menu.
14904 Added - Add the MATH.GX and MATHFILE.GX to the Scripting submenu.
14971 Fixed - Import embedded projected information in .jp2 files
14978 Fixed - v7.0.0 (K9), v7.0.1, v7.1 ABORT <Free_MP> - TINDB massive data set
15048 Fixed - v7.0.1 - The auto save message pops up in the middle of an edit and interrupts your editing and you lose any unsaved work.
16118 Fixed - 7.1 MXD Support: When in Oasis montaj none of the data frames in our MXDs are activated when saving maps as MXDs and opening existing MXDs.
16163 Fixed - 7.1 3D Viewer: Sometimes 2D Map Tools (namely contours) either fail to render in 3D Viewer or produces "error" advising to use RESZMAP GX.
16181 Fixed - 7.1 V: Pooled license users unable to upgrade unless they check for updates while Oasis montaj is running OR uninstall and install new.
16354 Fixed - v7.0.1 ? - Entering and existing map editor mode drastically increases the size of a map without even editing anything.
16415 Fixed - v7.1 - When creating an "index" map using long/lat limits and then copy/pasting (NOT georeferenced) into a UTM based map, the index limits are used as the default limits to draw the coordinates for the base map.
16456 Fixed - v7.1 (VU) ABORT <CGeoProjectom::sLoadomN> - Made a new project in a directory. Only unusual thing about the directory is that it has been "junctioned"
16472 Fixed - v7.1 NEWCHAN.GX - The GX help has the wrong Script Parameter for Channel Size. It should be NEWCHAN.SIZE but it says NEWCHAN.WIDTH
16720 Fixed - v7.1 - When exporting a mask polyline group to an ArcView shapefiles you get the entire polyline group. The mask does not have any effect on the export.
16765 Fixed - v7.1 - when duplicating a map symbols/grids are on the duplicate map, but invisible.
16773 Fixed - v7.1 - Change error message --- ManageLibrary failed because Unexpected end of file has occurred.  The following elements are not closed: parameters, basegroup, basegroups, maptemplate. Line 1, position 6039."
16821 Fixed - Oasis montaj 7.1.1  MXD Support/ArcEngine: Unable to drag and drop groups (at least LYRs and grids) from VGM Tool into our MXD window; error advising object does not exist in "...geotmp.map\VIEWS" storage.
16823 Fixed - v7.1 SP1 ABORT <Out of OPENGL Objects.  at System.Environment.GetStackTrace(Exception e, Boolean needFileInfo> - aborts when attempting to exist the program after importing a Minsight file into a 2D Section map.
16842 Fixed - v7.0.1\ 7.1: : PROJECTIONS: Exporting KKJ method to MapInfo Tiff - projection not recognised and not correctly registered, versus Geotiff projection correctly registered, seems related to contents written to table file
16866 Fixed - Oasis montaj 7.1.1 vaprfsct.gx: Displaying an array channel as a section and profile & section causes all channels to the left to be coloured as well.
16929 Fixed - v7.1 (GXDeveloper Toolkit) ABORT - abort on installation "KERNEL32 : Unknown exception."
16939 Fixed - Oasis montaj 7.1.1:  Coordinate System not included when importing USGS-produced ER Mapper grids
16999 Fixed - v7.1 SP1 - Math expression builder is outputting dummy values in channels that should contain valid data.
17026 Fixed - v7.1 Oasis montaj: Add Grid CDI function to the 3D Menu
17065 Fixed - v7.1.1 (YW) Oasis montaj, Target, , plug-in ABORT <sSavePlanesMVIEW> - I packed a 3D map (created from Target tutorial data), attempted to "send map to", ABORT!. Opened up 3D model in  caused Abort
17076 Fixed - v7.1.1 (UNKNOWN) ABORT <wWinMain> - no info
17098 Fixed - v7.1.1 (setdatav.gx) - not changing current view when a given view is selected
17099 Fixed - v7.1.1: : Channel statistics for database not functioning correctly when create new channel and modify channel contents
17107 Fixed - Oasis montaj 7.1.1 - - MXDs open in Oasis montaj don't maintain proper page orientation set in ArcGIS
17119 Fixed - v7.1.1: : SETIMGPRJ GX: not cooperating with scripting.
17133 Fixed - v7.1.1 ABORT <Exception occured- Requested registry access is not allowed> - Geosoft.GeoRefresh.GeoRefresh.Main(String[] argc)
17147 Fixed - v7.1 \ v7.1.1: : Ellipsoid.csv has incorrect major axis parameter for several ellipsoids.
17151 Fixed - v7.1.1 usage/ - Re-grid a grid change the KX value.
17184 Fixed - v7.1.1 - export to MapInfo Tif appears to georeference differently at different DPI.
17201 Fixed - v7.1.1 PROFILE.GX - both "log" and "log-linear-log" give the same result
17341 Fixed - v7.1.1 /enhancement Apply a Warp using MULTIPOINT option - 
17388 Fixed - v7.1.1 Metadata - If you compare the metadata list items for a GDB created in v7.1 to v7.1.1 you'll notice a fair number are missing.
17395 Added - Add "Unit of measure" to the Geosoft ISO 19139 Metadata schema used in Oasis montaj
17405 Fixed - v7.1.1 - Long math expressoin works the first time you enter it, but gets cut off if you try to edit it.
17408 Fixed - v7.1.1: : PROJECTIONS: South Pole Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area projection does not work...error msg "Unable to define X,Y region for the projection. The projection parameters may be invalid"
17413 Fixed - 7.2 - Broken help links in the Channel, Grid, and Voxel Math Expression Builder tools
17424 Fixed - lat long co-ordinates DO NOT include minutes if they are 00'
17427 Fixed - v7.1.1 (DXFNEW2.GX) - DXF produced in Maxwell are not importing into Oasis montaj v7.1.1. They import correctly into AutoCAD 2009 and Oasis montaj v7.0.
17429 Fixed - v7.1.1 (IMPMAXPLATE. GX) - Error message when attempting to import *.PTE file into the 3D Viewer: "Invalid plunge angle for plate 1  The magnitude of the plunge angle cannot exceed the magnitude of the dip angle".
17517 Fixed - v7.1.1 - Tracking between channel and profile not working on large database.
17553 Fixed - v7.1.1 - ucegenerateid gx - output channel deleted for unselected lines
17609 Fixed - v7.1.1 ERROR running script - RunChannel failed because Failure in the "MathExpressionBuilder" GX.NET Form (Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: '' Key being added: '').
17680 Fixed - GEOCOM:  cursor tracking bogs down 3D viewer severely, rendering Oasis montaj unusable for several minutes
17749 Fixed - SetExtents3d_USERMETA:  Invalid Invalid range in X:  underlying in metadata when a document has no range in X or Y
17760 Fixed - JPEG 2000 - At certain zoom ranges edges of jp2 get 'fuzzy'
17893 Fixed - v7.1.1 (Desktop Cataloger) -An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly.
17904 Fixed - v7.1.1 ABORT - <AbortNowThreadSYS> trying to install software using CD.
17942 Fixed - With the setting on False, XML file was created when I made a new map, but not when I made a new database.
18008 Fixed - v7.1.1 - cannot display surface file (*.ts) that is in state plane in a 3D model with UTM projection
18143 Fixed - v7.1.1 (USACE) ErrorMsg - "Year 2010 not found in C:\Program Files\Geosoft\om\etc\igrf.dat."
18159 Fixed - v7.1.1 - convert UBC to Voxel - error "Error importing mesh file at line 4: Error parsing N*DX token - X-Direction cell sizes"
DAP Client
13781 Fixed - DAP Client v7.0.1: Clients unable to automatically locate DAP Servers through ISA Server without specifying ISA address
14022 Fixed - Find Data w/ Dapple v7.0: Setting a Region as AOI (such as a rectangle like Chile) in Dapple as you can in the old Dap client interface. Resolved through Seeker.
16850 Fixed - Find Data w/ Dapple v7.1.1-MapInfo: "tif.xml is not in a recognized format and no metadata will be loaded" error when extracting ECW in MapInfo
16865 Fixed - DAP Clients v7.1.1-Oasis montaj/MI:  Abort/Error downloading a dataset that is prefixed with "!"
17625 Fixed - Unable to extract Web and Image server datasets into existing projected grids and maps.
17189 Fixed - Dapple: Include metadata stylesheets in saved Dapple Views
Desktop Cataloger
16369 Fixed - DAP Clients v7.1: Lose colours when opening ERS files from a Desktop Catalog in ArcGIS
17659 Fixed - Desktop Cataloger slowing down machine and need a lot of memory.
17611 Fixed - Desktop Cataloger file type description for GRD is incorrect.

Oasis montaj Extensions

Drillhole Features
9489 Fixed - v6.3, v7.1.1 ABORT <sGetHoleLocation3dDH> and <sPostData3dDH> - running dh3d.gx
14810 Fixed - v7.0.1, v7.1, v7.1.1 SP1 (Target, Oasis, OM Viewer) ABORT <VOXSURF::pLoadVBO> Trying to add Voxel to 3D map, also trying to create isourface, and GoCAD to 3D
15714 Fixed - Add Lineage to Target section grids
16330 Fixed - 17076v7.1 (OM/Target) ErrorMsg - Error Signature AppName: esrilictester.exe and "This utility requires a licensed installation of the ArcGIS Desktop products or the ArcGIS Desktop Engine."
16346 Fixed - acQuire import to GDB; comments field has characters in acQuire which are getting cutt-off when importing into  a GDB.
17115 Fixed - v7.1.1: PROJECTIONS for SECTION MAPS: BUG: "Boundary is invalid in required projection" when plotting pseudo section : FIX2: Section grids with projection "unknown" and units in non-meters should be handled correctly by code
17186 Fixed - v7.1.1 (Target) LAS import, error “Error importing file 08RP0001_30068159MP_Revised_cropped.las at line 117. The number of data fields [24] does not match the number of fields defined in the corresponding Definition section [42].”
17528 Fixed - Abort in Length Weighted Mean calculation
17529 Added - Help topic for Significant Intersections
17616 Fixed - Bug: Acquire API. Convert negatives from assays extracted from BEST channels.
17617 Fixed - Bug: Acquire API. Assays extracted from BEST channels come without “Assay” class
17694 Fixed - v7.1.1 Target: On Windows 7 get error that pops up about GeoRefresh.exe stopped responding
17707 Fixed - v7.1.1: BUG: Section map's "georeferenced" plan view does not correctly import 3D DXF's - introduces "double-rotation"
17835 Fixed - Target, OM - Significant Intersections: DHCOMPOSITEDB.GX - 2nd dialog won’t go back when clicking [<Back] if there is no channel listed in the selection.  Should go back regardless.
17852 Fixed - v7.1.1 Target - BUG.  3D map with surface in NAD 83, add NAD 27 drillholes with downhole data to 3D map, assay data gets plotted offset from drillhole trace in the incorrect location.
18028 Fixed - v7.1.1: Drillhole - interpolated X,Y,Z coords are not calculated correctly when using "straight segments" as the resurveying method
18163 Fixed - DH FR: Allow band widths >100m when creating 3D DH maps
15144 Fixed - OM Geochem - Bug in CHCLASS.GX - Colour range symbols created from the Histogram tool cannot be scaled using the fixed & frozen scale tools in the MVGM.
15222 Fixed - BUG: OM Geochem needs Log option in Boxplot tool to match GfA options
17155 Fixed - Geochemistry (OM Target) - Duplicate identification should use original sample number as dup identifier, not 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 system.
17456 Fixed - Geochemistry: Importing survey/assay data from a database (xls) results in a floating point "Sample" channel
16962 Fixed - SEG-Y Reader abort on writing voxel
17921 Fixed - Unable to clear Topo in Section from a CDI Database dialog.
Geophysics Leveling         
16916 Fixed - v7.1 \ v7.1.1: LEVELLING: BUG: INTERSCT GX: When use gdb as an existing table file, receive error msg: "Attempt to access Unknown Symbol [-1] failed because this is an invalid symbol."
GM-SYS Profile Modelling    
15195 Fixed - v7.0.1: GMSYS2D: Tutorial in GMSYS Users Guide lacks the figures referred to.
18198 Fixed - v7.1.1: BUG: CVTGMS: Problem with exported LCT 2-MOD polygon model, does not import to 2010  edition of 2-MOD.
GM-SYS 3D Modelling
16557 Fixed - GM-SYS 3D v7.1: Unsigned "Convert to depth model" dll
17097 Fixed - v7.1: GMSYS3D:Error msg: "Run failed because Creating Control Geosoft.GMSys3D.PlotXTool.PlctXTool failed because Could not load file or assembly 'ZedGraph, Version, Culture=neutral, PubliKeyToken=25af711bae526fce' or one of its dependencies. T
17149 Fixed - Infinite loop when choosing an index grid from a directory other than the current OM project directory.
17303 Fixed - No progress bars for GMSYS-3D calculations
17700 Fixed - Draped3D calculation:  Progress bar disappears in second portion (upper layer?) part of calculation.
17702 Fixed - Draped3D:  Error when one or more deeper horizons crosses range of topography
Induced Polarization
17114 Fixed - v7.1.1: IP: BUG: "Boundary is invalid in required projection" when plotting pseudo section - FIX1: Projection\units to be retrieved from X,Y channels, and full projection applied to section map data views
17028 Fixed - v7.1 UX Detect: UCEOFFSETMULT GX ignores field  "sampling threshold" when set by user. Overrides with default average data sampling interval
17087 Fixed - v7.1.1 (UX-detect) BUG - UCEPEAKDIPOLES GX dummies out all the data in the database
13974 Fixed - 7.0.1, uceculturalmask, Any large polygon file is not being clipped to the boundary and extends past the map extents making it difficult to zoom to full map.
14632 Fixed - 7.0.1, uceplan, Index map, polygon was not clipped.
16536 Fixed - 7.1 T1 SP1, Noise Threshold, Review the legend how the Noise_flag is illustrated.  The term "4th difference" probably identifies the method, but the way it is laid out one expects something to the left of it.  Clarify that it is the method.
16550 Fixed - 7.1 T1 SP1, Installs, if 7.1 is installed with arc 9.3 but some of the installations required uninstall/no commonality.
16654 Fixed - uceoffsetmult, The parameters of the of the last sensor dialog window such as Sampling Threshold and Smoothing interval for heading are not populated in the Progress.log file..
16756 Fixed - 7.1.1 YI, ucefillgaps, error message when the cultural mask ply file has a space in the name of the file. Error: Unable to open \CulturalMask.ply for mode ReadOnly because The system cannot find the specified Directory or file not found,...
16760 Fixed - 7.1.1 release, ucemovetarget, give message "Target ID not found in GDB" meanwhile the database does have it and and is selected in the mask channel.
17514 Fixed - 7.1.1 T1, UCEWINDOWSTATS GX, Same fate as QA 14377 with ucenoisest.gx In the dialog, "Display channel histogram(s)" needs to change to "Dispay channel(s) histogram" and the help file needs updating.
17552 Fixed - v7.1.1 (UX-Detect) BUG - ucegenerateid gx - target names not correctly populated if there is more than one group
17717 Fixed - OM 7.2 - uceanalyzetarget - the base level shoudl not be restricted to >=0
18015 Fixed - v7.1.1 (UXO) BUG - Error "In the polygon directory, there are no polygon files with the prefix 'EMmpB5N1_test'."

Geosoft Plug-ins and Oasis montaj Plus Extensions

Potent Q Modelling Lite
15405 Fixed - OM 7.0.1: PotentQ - the gx dialogue boxes do not cancel when the "X" is clicked
Geosoft Plug-in for ArcGIS
16293 Fixed - v2.0.1/7.0.1 (Plugin for ArcGIS) BUG - After installing our Plug-in for ArcGIS, ERMapper ECW & JPEG2000 plugin to ArcGIS stops working
Geosoft Plug-in for MapInfo
16930 Fixed - v7.1.1 ABORT <InitAppProg_GUI> opening mbx in MapInfo
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