Oasis montaj 7.1.1

June 3, 2009

Oasis montaj 7.1.1 is a scheduled software upgrade available to all 7.1 maintained customers.

Release Notes

Oasis montaj 7.1.1 is a scheduled software upgrade available to all 7.1 maintained customers. The upgrade addresses software improvements and corrects reported issues reported below. The 7.1.1 update also includes the 7.1 Service Pack which addresses a coordinate conversion issue discovered in the 7.1 release.

Enhancements and bug fixes

Oasis montaj

6958 Added ability to change the size of the fields which are STRINGs when we are importing ASCII files.
9006 Corrected MVGM tool - 100% transparency should actually read opacity 
14567 Corrected - Inability to delete a secondary layer in the colour bar tool
16063 Fixed - Some Surfer v7 grid created in OM had wrong statistics in Surfer8 due to dummy values
16072 Corrected - OM Database Profile Window Plotting; Axis missing from panel in the plot, with same the range.
16121 Fixed - Problem creating Lithology voxel from 1 character string field
16163 Corrected 3D Viewer error reported in some 2D Map Tools advising user to use RESZMAP GX.
16166 Added support for import of DDMM.mmmmm format directly in impasc.gx
16209 Corrected “Tolerance” inconsistency in help files: “Performing Minimum Curvature Gridding (RANGRID GX)” and “RANGRID GX”
16347 Fixed some upgrade issues from 7.0.1 to the 7.1 version - VISTA
16427 Fixed error - Installing the update patch from v7.1 to v7.1 (SP1) "The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer serice because the program to be upgraded may be missing, or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program..
16443 Fixed v7.1 INSTALLATION: Error Message: Unhandled Exception: 'the string Date Time is not valid'
16466 Updated  - End-User License Agreement 4. (ii) Supported Operating Systems 
16475 Fixed - contours broken for negative values that have decimals - i.e. where you should get -0.005 you get 00-005
16591 Corrected - Issues downloading section grids from DAP into existing 3D map views
16604 Corrected -  INSTALLATION: Error Message: "Invalid configuration file, failed to parse XML elements."
16622 Fixed - (DBSUBSET.gx) - subsetting a database causes database size to increase.  
16625 Corrected Error - cannot open DXF file in 3D viewer “Run failed because Invalid polyface mesh object encountered. Found a VERTEX face definition where the vertex indices (2, 1, -8) were not all in the expected range of 1 to 120.”
16699 Fixed - (A0 hex) 160  characters interpreted as wide characters on import
16447 Corrected ABORT <sReadLineRA> - Import ASEG-GDF data into an Oasis database.
16448 Corrected  ABORT <CDOC_Cell::sZoomProf > - working with very large database
16463 Corrected - importing shapefile into existing map yields error messages and import fails. 'Cannot find key'
16468 Corrected - 3D viewer does not make use of entire window, but rather leaves empty grey space
16486 Corrected - default file type for loading expression files is *.* instead of *.exp
16488 Fixed - atan_deg function gives wrong result
16572 Corrected (import.gx) - "Unit" dropdown in Output Channel section is too narrow and doesn't show the 'degree' options.
16631 Corrected - stat.gx - doesn't work in GS script for arrays
16100 Fixed - When creating a section map from an array channel, not poss to limit grid extents via Xmin,Ymin, etc
16165 Added -(impasc.gx and import.gx) - DEGMMmmmmm format not precise enough 
16312 Fixed  - Installing v7.1 "module c:\program files\geosoft\Oasis montaj\bin\dmfile.dll failed to register.  HRESULT-2147221164. Please contact your support personel"
16375 Fixed - ABORT <sExportShapeMAP> - running a script
13126 Fixed - ABORT <Memory Leak. The MP Object was destroyed while not empty>
16278 Fixed - 3D Viewer adding quick contours to 3D relief grid, results in no display of contours
16324 Corrected - MXDs created in Geosoft running under 9.3 ArcEngine are not compatable with 9.2 ArcEngine: "ArcGIS MXD map ~:\~.mxd does not appear to be valid"
16351 Fixed - BASEMAP2 GX: Reference crosses plotting too large.
16495 Fixed - ABORT: <CDOC_Cell::sSetSelectData>, Programming Error: selecting a channel and pressing backspace to delete
16571 Fixed - importing a (v12) 3D DXF : "Invalid VV Object header".
16593 Corrected -Contour GX Error message: "Requested pen attribute 6 is out of range of available pens 1 to %2", when applying quick contour
16611 Fixed - GRIDWIND GX: Subsetting large grid outputting to ZMAP dat format rotates and inverts grid
16730 Fixed - Copying projection method from grid to database does not preserve all parameters, as it did in 6.4.2
16133 Fixed ABORT <System.UriFormatException at System.Uri.CreateThis> if attempt to add a dap server without http://
14086 Fixed - Get errors when extracting and 'reproject to original map' when orientations differ.

Oasis montaj Extensions

Drillhole Plotting
7666 Corrected - Make colour.tbl default for other overlay colour grid.
8770 Fixed - Abort while trying to export drill hole data to surpac format; <sPreProcessSurpacDH>
16110 Fixed - ProjectCode not exported as a field in acQuire GDB export.
16660 Fixed - signs need to be reversed for warning message when trying to plot an angled section with azimuth of 360
16667 Fixed - Map Extents grow to DXF file extents when DXF has been imported - Causes printing problems as Target or Oasis montaj tries to print ENTIRE MAP AREA (even though DXF is not visible).
16597 Fixed - ABORT: <CPG_ImpCHBField::OnSelChange> Unhandled Exception, when importing : GeochemImport>Import Assays> Data Source from database, from an xls file
8632 Corrected - Point Plots. Data outside the confines of the Data view in a Plan map, then the symbols are not clipped to the viewed region.
15185 Corrected - Geochem imports - wizard still runs when an import template is defined
16304 Fixed - Geochemistry in OM - Batch channel cuts text with more than 17 characters.
GM-SYS Basic Profile Modelling
16059 Fixed -Time/Depth cursor tracking incorrect when active cursor (+) is in the Time panel
16073 Corrected - Only first 12 views in the view menu may be selected
16150 Fixed - retain the custom colours colors that are set up in the color dialog for a block
16490 Fixed -  Printing: Postcript \ raster print output does not output symbols for grav\mag sampling locs on anomaly pane. (ps, ai, tif, png affected)
16481 Fixed -  Abort when closing Import/Export Horizon dialogue boxes using the "x"
16491 Fixed - ABORT When click ExpHoriz then click Export Horizon, without selecting any surfaces to export
16390 Fixed - Plotting a GM-SYS model to .ai, .ps, .eps, and cgm fails to bring along all the layers including the colors and patterns.  Text is misaligned, as well.
16735 Fixed - Exporting *.plt file from a GMSYS model and open it in Oasis.
16482 Corrected- SEG-Y Reader v7.1.0.3702: Broken help link in TraceViewer dialogue
16298 Fixed - Changing gravity profile units also updates units in Edit Anomaly table whilst the gravity data values stay in mGal, and not microGal.
16659 Fixed - Abort while closing the ImpHoriz window
GM-SYS 3D Modelling
11685 Improved - Error message. GMS3D Model checker should recognize grids with Geographic Projection won't work and issue error.
13140 Fixed - gms3cx - Fails when Current map is not one which displays a model grid
14246 Fixed - GMS3SI Error:  Pg2Img() "Creating new grid image" when inverting on index grid
16276 Fixed - NGAGLAYER/GOCAD VOX:  can't calculate gravity from GOCAD-converted voxel, due to incorrectly-oriented voxel
16465 Fixed -  update only:  Incorrect version of ZedGraph.dll
16557 Fixed -  Unsigned "Convert to depth model" dll
Induced Polarization
16167 Added - IPIMPORT.GX - support for multiple A-spacing changes on a single line. DPDP.
16645 Fixed - Exporting an IP GDB to a UBC DCINV2D/IPINV2D.
MAGMAP Filtering
16737 Corrected - amplitude correction inclination can no longer be specified for Reduce to Magnetic Equator - FFT2CON REDE
16559 Fixed - ABORT: <sFastProcessFilterFFT2_VV>, Assertion Failed, AbortCode=JFAQFP8, setting up a control file for use in MagMap.
16599 Corrected - MAGMAP: One-step filtering does not honour grid expansion set using "Set Expand"?
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