Oasis montaj 7.0.1

June 18, 2008

Update from Oasis montaj 7.0 to Oasis montaj 7.0.1

Release Notes

About This Release
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

Oasis montaj 7.0.1 is supported on the Microsoft Vista 32-bit operating system. All compatibility testing was conducted on the Vista Business Edition, SP1. For further information review the online Vista FAQ.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

Oasis montaj

13552 Corrected problem with disappearing profiles with 4 or more windows
13752 Corrected error when creating GDBs, MAPs, GRDs: "XML Parsing Error during: Saving UserMeta XML" due to special characters
10963 ABORT <sMarkItem_MGROUP> when adding text in a map in some situations
13064 Added support for the import of 1 BYTE (8 BIT) data in blocked binary import (importbb.gx)
13102 Corrected errors dealing with 'magik' tiff files.
13218 Corrected inability to use string channels with separators (e.g. meta-siltstone) in the new math expression tool
13338 Corrected error upon dragging .LYR file down the view group manager. Group does not appear to be valid or might be empty.
13367 Corrected problem with slow installation on computers with single core processors
13404 Corrected importing issue with maxwell plate files. "Error reading real value at line 8: Attach to Tx.: NO"
13407 Fixed ABORT <hCreat_TIFXGD> and <sGetOpenSave> when opening a map with certain Tiff files. Get message: ..\...\image.tif: wrong data tye 3 for XResolution"; tag ignored".
13476 Fixed ABORT <sDateTimeLookup_TBU> when using a 2 table lookup in some cases.
13485 Fixed ABORT: <SetLn_VV> when attemtping to plot profile when profile grid lines selected and set to zero.
13520 Corrected problem dealing with GDB's with different fiducial rates. Profiles, linking and some data effected.
13533 Corrected problem where profile order is reversed after saving in some GDB's.
13555 Corrected improper import/colouring of some JPEG files due to third party software
13562 Corrected problem exporting a grid in Pulkovo 1942/Stereo 70 projection. Produces a TAB file with no projection ('NonEarth').
13586 Fixed ABORT <sDateTimeLookup_TBU> when trying to use a date channel as a primary field in lookup table
13607 Improved the help and documentation for Print Memory parameter in the General Settings
13772 Corrected problem dealing with GDB's with different fiducial rates. Profiles, linking and some data effected.
13773 Corrected problem dealing with GDB's with different fiducial rates. Profiles, linking and some data effected.
13774 Corrected problem dealing with GDB's with different fiducial rates. Profiles, linking and some data effected.
13787 Corrected problem transfering a license and user has not defined a location. License can be lost
13819 Corrected the reproject grid GX requiring users to select grids before they are made
7094 Improved naming convention of the shaded grid in the group manager
13221 Added redrawing of new grid in existing map or auto-generated grid display window from gridding methods
13230 Fixed ABORT <hMosaic_IMU> when using Grid Mosaic (mosaic.gx) in some cases
13256 Corrected import of certain Surpac STR and DTM files
13308 Corrected error message when opening the Projections tool: "bRun failed because Failure in the "CoordSysWizardMain" GX.NET Form due to language settings
13366 Fixed ABORT <lAddTexture_MVIEW3D> when exporting a 3D.map as a jpeg
13396 Corrected Map Template invalid path for Grids and Images
13459 Corrected installation issue when an older version of ArcEngine is present
13475 Corrected the honoring of the Cells to Extended Beyond parameter in Rangrid on some datasets
13597 Fixed ABORT <w2strcat_GS> when creating a voxel and then saving it with limited memory
13748 Added missing GX, POLYMASK GX to Database_Tools menu
13249 Updated GSC DAP Server information

Oasis montaj Extensions

13341 Corrected error message using FFT Fourier to Space (fftout.gx): "CreateRefEx_FFT : Invalid data minimum expansion"
13575 Corrected distance channel not being created in 1DFFT filters
Target/Drillhole Plotting
13163 Removed length limit of structural ticks
13504 Corrected text data plotted as "Comments" using default plotting parameters only
13505 Corrected internal tension Rangrid parameter. Now supports non intergers
13532 Corrected improper North reference in legend when section has very large numbers (sig digits)
11925 Corrected import of some acQuire fields/coordinates, being imported as text
13254 Corrected non-posting of text in some cses where data fileds are very similar
13513 Improved Voxel lithology model when data is beyond dh_bottom
13297 Corrected problem dealing with project with underscores in title and inability to locate collar database
Geophysics Levelling
12948 Corrected inability to run DECORR.GX and MICLEV.GX from a script
Grav/Mag Interpretation
12119 Improved help for E3PREP
13143 Corrected error in uceimport.gx, R61 import option. "Unable to open ".\test.gdb" for mode "WriteNew" ...
GMSYS Basic Profile Modelling
12781 Corrected autosave in GMSYS to save gradient data
13540 Corrected GMSANOM as it mistakenly overwrites anomaly components in some cases
12003 Corrected inability to edit block colors in block spreadsheet
Depth To Basement
12048 Corrected depth to basement gx's to allow profiles/symbols to be displayed using same Y scale AND same range

Oasis montaj Plus Extensions

11199 Corrected aborts in PotentQ after adding a new body several times
Praga 3
12217 Fixed ABORT <sExecute_GX> Creating a Praga 3 project to display from Define Aliases screen
11177 Added channel maker to CompuDrape 1D gx


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