Oasis Montaj 5.1.0

July 15, 2001

Release Notes

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IMPORTANT License Upgrade for version 5.1.0

Version 5.1.0 is your annual upgrade for Oasis Montaj. If you have a subscription agreement with Geosoft, or if you have a currently valid maintenance agreement, you will be able to upgrade your system to version 5.1.0. Your license will be upgraded automatically over the Internet when you install the upgrade to version 5.1.0. If you experience any difficulties, please contact technical support and have your license number (the GCxxxx number on your RED disk available and your Computer number from the User tab of the Software Manager).

If you do not have your system maintained, or you do not have a subscription agreement, you will only be able to upgrade to use the "free" capabilities in version 5.1.0. If you wish to continue to use licensed features of version 5.0.x, you should continue to use version 5.0.8 or earlier. Also, version 5.0.8 will only be supported for subscribed or maintained users.

New in Oasis montaj 5.1.0

Metadata and DAP (Data Access Protocol)

DAP technology was introduced in version 5.0.8. DAP allows you access DAP servers over the internet to browse and retrieve earth science information that may be of interest to your project. In 5.1.0, we have added the ability to browse and retrieve any metadata that may be associated with DAP datasets. DAP technology is advancing quickly on a number of fronts and you should expect to see more developments in this area in the future.

Geoid 99 Support

The projection engine has been upgraded to support geoid elevation models. Version 5.1.0 includes support for the Geoid 99 model sampled at a 4 minute interval for the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico). To use the Geoid 99, you need to install "Geoid 99 support" from the software manager and select one of the "[NAD27] NADCON:Geoid99" local datum transforms on the NAD27 datum for the United States. Elevation values on the NAD27 datum can then be converted to or from WGS 84 (or NAD83) elevations. We intend to add support for other publicly available Geoid models in the future.

Software Manager

The Software Manager has been upgraded with a variety of enhancements including the ability to access individual tabs directly from the File menu. "How to" help topics are now provided for each tab in the adjacent information window. Click on any link in the tab window to find out how to use it, or to determine what the different icons indicate.

Engine Help System

Many new topics have been added to the Licensed Processing Engine Help for this release. The existing topics have been updated and are now organized according to their type of information: 'About', 'How to', or 'More' topics.

Other advances

COLORBARH is a new GX that enables you to draw horizontal colour bars. To access the COLORBARH GX, click the Grid|Display grid|Horizontal colour legend bar menu item.

ROLLINGSTATS is a new GX that calculates statistics on a rolling window through a database. To access the ROLLINGSTATS GX, click the Utility|Report|Rolling Statsitics menu item.

The IP system can now import the DOS IP system IPRED data sets.

The Robinson world projection is now supported.

We have added support for "DEG.MMmmmm" import data format.

Geosoft Plus Partner, Geophysical Software Solutions Pty. Ltd.

Geophysical Software Solutions (GSS), PotentQ software is now distributed, sold and supported by Geosoft, under the Geosoft Plus partner program.

GX Developer advances in Om5.1.0

New classes in 5.1.0

DAP DAP was introduced in 5.0.8 to demonstrate the use of the Internet to share potentially very large data sets in the context of your user's area of interest. In 5.1.0, we have extended DAP to allow you to retrieve metadata and we have added administration support functions.

META META is a consistent, hierarchical metadata class that allows us to model virtually any kind of data model into what we call a META. META is designed after XML to allow us to integrate well with XML interfaces in the future. META is also more flexible than XML because it allows us to store any kind of Geosoft object information within a META store. This release presents just the beginning for the META class and you can expect to see much more capability from META in future.

DOCU This is a class that allows you to create an instance of a document. A document is any file that can be recognized and activated in your users environment. Examples are Word DOC files, PDF files, various image files, even Geosoft MAP or GDB files. The main use for the DOCU class is to create a document that can be placed in a metadata object (META). This is a good example of the object storage capabilities of META.

HGD This is a Geosoft Hyper-Grid, which is designed to store extremely large grid images for the purpose of efficient windowing and retrieval from a DAP server. An HGD consists of a set of HGD files that represent successive decimations of a very large grid that are each block-compressed and stored in a way that optimizes access and retrieval for a DAP server. For example, we use a Hyper-Grid to store the GLOBE 1 km DEM on the Geosoft DAP server, which represents a 1 Gb grid image (43200 x 16800 points).

PIC PIC is a class for creating small pictures or thumbnail images of things. The PIC class is used in 5.1.0 to store thumbnail pictures of grids within a grid META for browsing metadata from a DAP server.

We have also added the ability to place your own DLL's is a directory other than the geosoft/bin directory. See the updated GX documentation for further information.

New Function Description

DescribeDataSet_DAP Get the meta-data about a data set
GetLog_DAP Get the DAP information log
ClearLog_DAP Clear the DAP log
Create_DOCU Creates a document Object
Destroy_DOCU Destroys the document Object
CreateS_DOCU Create from a serialized source
Serial_DOCU Serialize
Copy_DOCU Copy
iHaveMETA_DOCU Do you have meta data?
GetMETA_DOCU Get the document metadata
SetMETA_DOCU Set the document metadata
Open_DOCU Open a document in the document viewer
SetFile_DOCU Set the document from a file source.
GetFile_DOCU Get the document and place in a file.
DocName_DOCU Get the document name
FileName_DOCU Get the original document file name
IODBCFileConnect_GUI Get the connection string for a file database as well as optional table name and FileUsage attribute
MetaDataTool_GUI Allow the use to edit a META object
hCreateIMG_HGD Make an HGD from an IMG
GridPLY_IMU Get the grid edge in a PLY
Mozaic_IMU Create a mozaic image of an image list.
ImportIPDATA2_IP Imports data in the Geosoft IPDATA format - up to two arrays.
ImportIPRED_IP Imports data from the Geosoft IPRED format.
PSStack2_IP Same as PSStack_IP, but select section spacing option.
CreateIMG_ITR Create an ITR for an image.
iColorValue_ITR Transform single data value to color
Contract_LTB Contract the contents of two same-key and same-fields tables.
ResolveUMN_META Resolve a Unique Meta Name (UMN) and find the token
SetAttribString_META Set a string value to an attribute
SetAttribInt_META Set an integer value to an attribute
SetAttribReal_META Set an integer value to an attribute
fHasValue_META Does this meta/attribute have a value set?
IGetAttribString_META Get a string value to an attribute
GetAttribInt_META Get an integer value to an attribute
GetAttribReal_META Get an integer value to an attribute
GetAttribOBJ_META Get an object from an attribute
SetAttribOBJ_META Set an object to an attribute
FontWeightLST_MVIEW Fill a LST with the different font weights.
PolygonPLY_MVIEW Draw a polygon from PLY.
ColorBarHor2_MVU Create a horizontal color bar from two ITRs
ColorBarHorStyle_MVU Create a horizontal color bar in view with style options
ColorBarHor2Style_MVU Create a horizontal color bar from two ITRs with style options
Create_PIC Create
Destroy_PIC Destroy
Copy_PIC Copy
SetName_PIC Set the picture name
GetName_PIC Get the picture name
Save_PIC Saves a PIC to an external file
LoadAGG_PIC Load a picture from an Aggregate
iElevation_PJ Returns TRUE if this PJ supports elevation.
CreateS_PLY Create PLY Object from a BF
Serial_PLY Serialize PLY to a BF
SetDescription_PLY Set the PLY description string
IGetDescription_PLY Get the PLY description string
IndexOrder_VA Reorder a VA based on an index VV.
RunningMean_VVU Apply a running mean filter to a VV.
RollingStats_VVU Calculate a statistic in a rolling window.

Bugs Fixed in Om5.1.0

13084 Sendmap.gx causes error  when map exists in Geotemp directory
14322 Channel symbol failed error message. Added a new DB function (fErasedSymb_DB).
14453 Delete using Group Manager, the expanded group closes and top most group opens
14883 Blobs not transferred when using DBSUSET and DBMERGE gx’s.
15245 Corrected path problem with AGGR command in Mapplot
16234 TT fonts drawn too small would some times appear to overwrite the bounding area the text.
16682 Default “friendly” name for new source in Software manager had periods in it. Causes error.
16784 Problem with the auto scaling in the profile window, specifically when adding new profiles.
16872 Complex polygons (polygons with holes) not importing correctly from MapInfo
16878 Export of map to EPS file results in grey background
17062 Abort when plotting the mult-scatter plot from the scatter tool.
17116 Error when running in all errors mode in the dhsect.gx. Lock_EDB(21023) Lock_EDB:Database cannot be locked twice. Run stopped on line N/A of the gx: dhsect.gx
17117 Error running in all errors mode from the rpslevu.gx. Error:DOC_Cell::sEndgx(210003) Gx terminated and left 3 locks on database channels/lines.
17156 Profile legend in Profile plots are not the same as line styles
17157 Output map projection in the ERS file not the same after running Gridknit
17176 Software Manager not displaying CS Components correctly in current tab
17185 Licensing error from old IP add-on not being a valid licensed component
17286 Import of array data clipped
17347 Import of Corel DXF file resulted in extreme line thickness
17377 Incorrect map margins when running BASEMAP2.GX
17405 Static text in Magnetic Anomaly Tool GUI was not right justified
17432 Path problem with custom control file
17434 IMPORT.GX does not recognize double quotation marks
17458 Adding an Internet source pointing to a restricted URL had trouble locating an error message.
17474 The SELFLT.GX does not provide a drop down menu option
17496 Problem using sortall.gx on merged/appended databases
17497 Abort in lFindXYZ when defining a section on a plan map with the line link cursor turned on.
17520 Added error message for merging of two databases with same line numbers
17526 No grid menu items with a 3300 license
17557 Cannot run polygen.gx on some Mapinfo layers
17563 POLYGEN.GX causes montaj to shut down with no warning when run on aggregate group
17580 Map Export to MapInfo file type does not function properly when exporting files larger than 300 Mb.
17599 Abort when input latitude out of the range of -90 to 90 degree in newmapll.gx
17638 Abort when closing 3D tool
17648 Wholeplot new project rockcode opens in csv directory by default
17649 In Wholeplot ASCII import, changing the number of preview rows does nothing
17702 Abort when using GRIDVD.GX with and ERS grid
17740 Abort when importing a CSV file using an .i3 template when a label contained a comma inside quotes
17759 BRKLINE GX doesn't support alpha-numeric lines
17827 Specify number of decimals of posted assay values not clear. Documentation corrected.
17845 Default settings not working with Multprof.gx
17858 Get error: This computer is not licensed to use TIN triangulation, in uxmerge.gx
17860 There are no Easting (E) or Northing (N) annotations on values less than 0.5
17878 Added option in CHPOST to allow posting less than limit values
17913 MapInfo import of Lat-Long data into a database produces database channels X and Y with a default Lambert or Mercator projection, but the data itself remains in degrees.
17949 Abort trying to export to access database, DAO exception
17997 Active field when Editing a channel is now the OK box, not the name as previous version
18021 Added HP-RTL nesting option into Settings gx
18057 Stations and postings missing in IP section when applying limits to the data
18095 Problems with log/linear/default scaling in CHCORREL GX.
18128 GRIDREPJ.GX does not assign projection information to output grid
18135 Upgrade to 5.0.8 was "locking" Gravity system (4600) in Add and Currents tabs of Software Manager
18154 Get black background when printing an ER Mapper ALG file
18155 Path.gx not using the ‘light’ weight when plotting lines
18185 Cannot change n spacing in IP QC tool
18202 Unable to warp some data using WARPDATA.GX
18230 Problem with fonts at certain text sizes and with certain operating systems
18325 Channel string length truncated when exported using EXPASEG.GX
18328 Abort when using IP QC tool after dummying out values in QC channel
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