Geochemistry for ArcGIS 2.0

March 4, 2010

Update Geochemistry for ArcGIS from version 1.0.1 to 2.0. This file will also update Target for ArcGIS from 3.1.1 to 3.2 for customers with licenses for both products.

Release Notes

About This Release
System Requirements
New Capabilities
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

Geochemistry for ArcGIS 2.0 is a scheduled software upgrade available to all 1.0.1 maintained customers.

System Requirements

Enhanced Support for Windows 7: Geosoft Geochemistry for ArcGIS will run on Windows XP (32 Bit), Windows Vista (32 and 64 Bit) and Windows 7 (32 and 64 Bit) operating systems. Requires ArcGIS v9.2 (SP6) or 9.3.1 (SP1). See detailed System Requirements.

New Capabilities


New Duplicate Sample Identification Method click to enlarge Duplicate sample identification has been simplified and improved. The Duplicate indicator column now contains the original sample number of the parent sample. This enables you to have multiple duplicates that reference a single parent sample.
Coloured histogram and probability plots click to enlarge   Histograms, multi-histogram reports and probability plots now use the colour-based percentile breaks as defined in the Visualization tools. By automatically displaying the colours breaks on the all the analysis tools it is easier to compare sub-populations in the data.
Leveling data options Assay data can now be levelled using the following methods: mean, medium, mode, geometric mean, z-score and peak to noise. Levelling data based on a categorization field such as year, sample type or lithology can help geologists understand the relationships in their data.
New box plot options click to enlarge The Box plot can now display data using a logarithmic or linear distribution.  We have also included a number of options for whisker display providing more flexibility for the display of outliers. The X axis labels can now be plotted vertically on the Box plot graph, accommodating longer category names in the classification field.
3D Topography draping Shapefiles, layer files and gridded geochemistry data can be draped over a topographic relief surface and explored in the Geosoft 3D viewer. This presentation allows you to readily see relationships between topography and geochemical data.

Data Access and Data Support

Seeker click to enlarge Seeker combines capabilities from DAP Find Data and Dapple interfaces. It replaces our two 'Find Data' options with a 3-step workflow. Search criteria can be used to refine results, retrieve and use them in your local mapping environment. Seeker is available in all Geosoft applications and plug-ins.Watch the Geosoft Seeker Video.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

16031 Fixed - GfA 1.0 - Geosoft Geochemistry Error when loading a feature class with nothing in it into the assay import.
16040 Fixed - v1.0 GfA - Importing Access file into assay cannot have ObjectID field
16117 Fixed - GfA BUG - Some of the analysis tools DO NOT work with a survey that was created from a drillhole project.
16378 Fixed - GFA 1.0 - Bug - Standards report stops plotting if it encounters an element with all the same values.
16382 Fixed - GFA 1.0 - Bug - Request for box plot labels on x axis to not overlap.
16383 Fixed - GFA 1.0 - Bug: You should be able to import more than one assay table into a Survey in a GFA project.
16580 Fixed - GfA BUG - Store Graphs check box should be by default checked on.
16584 Fixed - GfA  BUG - Default Feature Class Name uses the <Merged table name>-<Survey name>-<ALL/Selected>
16586 Fixed - GfA  BUG - Set Assay Colours Bugs.
16675 Fixed - GfA BUG - Duplicates Report: if i enter two tolerance values in the Duplicates Report separted by a comma, strange things happen.
16771 Fixed - GFA - In box plot analysis tool plots and labels are overlapping for larger datasets.
16785 Fixed - 1.0 (GfA) BUGS - histogram analysis, axis is not refreshing if curve changed from "Probability" to "Cumulative"
16786 Fixed - (GfA) BUG - Histogram Analysis - curve not included in plot to layout
16796 Fixed - GfA 1.0: String field from Feature Class import is a string, but format says Date
16798 Fixed - GfA 1.0. * Cancelling the “Processing Merge Survey Data and Assay…” progress bar did not cancel the process.
16808 Fixed - GfA 1.0 BUG - Need a Log option on the Boxplot graph tool,  all the other graphing tools have this option, excepting the Box plot.
16809 Fixed - GfA 1.0 BUG - Need Levelling options / Data normalization options, like in OM geochemistry
16810 Fixed - GfA 1.0 BUG - Better display of axis values on graphs, esp. the probability tool & the ability to click on the Prob plo tand see the cursor location value
16841 Fixed - 1.0 GfA Zooming in on analysis tools - required?
16849 Fixed - (GfA) ABORT <CCTL_Text::sFieldBreaks> "I was trying to import csv data."
16905 Fixed - GfA v1.0 - Statistics – default number of decimals is 4? Why? 
16941 Fixed - v1.0 GfA: Feature Request: Default colour look-up table defining percentiles for assay data range (to replace manual classify tool in ArcGIS) - for use in grid, feature class and statistical (e.g. histogram) colour display
17089 Fixed - (GfA) BUG - if you set two axes to be the same in the ternary plot, ArcMap crashes
18001 Fixed - GfA Bug. Extract duplicates tool; Extract originals and duplicates
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