DAP Server 12.5

November 10, 2014

Release Notes

About This Release
System Requirements
New Capabilities
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

DAP 12.5 includes a new update metadata utility, the ability to set a redirect image to use any image in the catalog and the ability to publish raster datasets as ArcGIS image services. You can find the DAP 12.5 Administrator Manual available for download on MyGeosoft.

New Capabilities

New Feature

Publish raster datasets as an image service using ArcGIS Image Services Integration

Publish raster datasets as an image service using ArcGIS Image Services Integration. Any number of Image Services containing one or more rasters can be created using published rasters from a DAP Server​. This new feature means that Esri users who are familiar with accessing data as a service will be now able to access the imagery in ArcMap without needing to download copies of the dataset.

Data Management

Add DAP Rasters to ArcMAP through an ArcGIS Image Service

DAP rasters published through ArcGIS Image Services are available to ArcMAP users in a list of image services which can be easily added to a map. This means that the raster(s) do not need to be downloaded and are always up to date.

Set redirect to use any image in the catalog

The Set Redirect Image dialog now makes it easier to find datasets by name to use as a Redirect Image. The new autocomplete feature filters the results as you type to show only the datasets starting with the typed in text, and will fall back to datasets in the same hierarchy if no text is specified.​

Update Metadata Utility

The update metadata button will run two command line functions to synchronize the XML by the SQL database (MetadataSync.exe) and rebuild the indexes (RebuildPortalIndex.exe). This is useful for DAP Data Administrator who are unable to run these commands from the DAP Server directly.​

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

IS148470 The source image for redirection can now be set to any dataset. 
Maintenance Fixes
IS151541 Audit log report now correctly logs activity.


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