DAP Server 12.3

Nov. 19, 2013

Release Notes

About This Release
System Requirements
New Capabilities
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

DAP 12.3 includes support for Esri 10.2, along with a number of minor enhacements and fixes.

New Capabilities

Esri 10.2 is now supported.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

IS118264 Added the ability in Advanced Search to search for datasets with no security groups applied.
IS126028 Added data type support for the new 3D types to allow editing metadata via Web MDE.
Maintenance Fixes
IS111328 Issues around Geosoft Public DAP server busy when using Seeker not reproducible.
IS112073 Replace option now works consistently in conjunction with various functions in DAP Admin Portal.
IS115302 No errors triggered when automatically updating the AcQuire connector.
IS117510 Extraction temporary data are now created in the DAP temporary directory and extraction files that have not had any client interaction for over 10 minutes are purged every hour.
IS118261 DAP Server now works for users that are not in the same domain as the REST application pool identity account.
IS125150 Data published from DAP Servers can now be downloaded as expected on DAP clients, including Plug-In for MapInfo.
IS125692 Seeker Help now loads as expected in Plug-In for MapInfo.
IS125700 Publishing or Excluding selected data now unloads the Dataset Properties panel and disables previously activated buttons with the exception of Add Connector.
IS126020 Can now alphabetically sort new Security group and Dataset Type entries without having to refresh.
IS126046 Large World Magnetics HXYZ data published on Geosoft Public DAP Server now downloads as expected.
IS126072 North America\Canada\Ontario data passes verification and no longer aborts as an old acQuire dataset.
IS127780 DAP Uninstall now cleans up the bin folder (and any other expected folders/ files).


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