DAP Server 12.2

March 25, 2013

Release Notes

About This Release
System Requirements
New Capabilities
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

DAP 12.2 includes support for a number of new dataset types found in Geosoft software applications, including VOXI, 3D PDF (with extents), 3DV, geostrings, geosurfaces, drillhole projects, ArcGIS v10.1 LYR files, and GM-SYS 3D datasets. DAP security levels have been streamlined to three levels with simpler options and default security groups to better meet data access requirements for both users and DAP data managers. Simplified options make it easier to connect acQuire and DAP. The DAP Server REST API provides a simple, open Web interface to services hosted by DAP Server.

New Capabilities

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

IS9013 Seeker tool now re-designed extensively to facilitate easier visual verification of the coordinates.
IS13233 Data results tree build/population process now optimized to be faster.
IS15604 Tree View in Seeker now allows for review of datasets when "Entirely Within" is selected.
IS39786 Added the ability to edit the default file associations that come with the initial install of DAP Administrator.
IS69027 DAP Admin Security Permissions settings now allows for pre-configured security group to be set as the default security on all published datasets.
IS79395 Documentation for DAP Database Schema now added to the DAP Administration information products.
IS88657 Duplicates in DAP Catalog repositories can now be deleted.
Maintenance Fixes
IS9750 Select Zoom to Preview Image in the Seeker Results page works as expected in both List and Thumb Views under Windows 7.
IS13961 The Destination folder selection, if set to a different location than the current folder path, is preserved even if new datasets are being added to the Seeker Download list.
IS13989 Individual Datasets settings now preserved when navigating between Results and Download pages in Seeker.
IS15603 Seeker now features a more intuitive process for selecting servers for SMQ.
IS70760 Delete button in DAP Administrator no longer produces Status 500 error.
IS70924 Preview button is now disabled when a group of datasets are selected.
IS73346 Workaround for DAP Admin website inaccessibility due to httpd.exe issue now added to DAP Admin documentation.
IS79487 DAP Admin Portal layout and User Interface redesigned to facilitate realignment/resizing and be more consistent across browsers.
IS80507 Addressed issue with linked documents tag in stylesheet that considered all text as hyperlinks; only actual hyperlinks are now treated as such.
IS80942 acQuire selection file extension (.dapacquire_collar_selection) no longer included in the dataset name.
IS84584 SMQ in Flamingo no longer puts GISLibrary boolean value in quotes, allowing query to run properly.
IS88650 Complete VOXI model now gets added to the catalog during the DAP verification process.
IS88651 For datasets that have incorrect extents with MinX > MaxX, repeated verification no longer occurs and no "Submited" entries are left or created in the database.
IS88653 DAP Admin Portal Service now retrieves the DAP Server license information on startup.
IS90840 webMDE now displays picklist items from a filtered, ordered view.
IS94869 Set Coordinates option under Image Preview no longer disabled when converting a JPG or GeoTIFF to a document.
IS100257 Can now use "Pages" as well as "Arrows" to navigate all the screens during metadata creation.
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