DAP Server 12.1

April 18, 2012

Release Notes

About This Release
System Requirements
New Capabilities
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

DAP 12.1 includes improved workflows for both end users and DAP Data Managers, enhancing efficiency and ensuring your investment in Exploration Information Management is maximized. With this release DAP data management tasks have been significantly updated to streamline many of the tasks involved in verifying and publishing exploration datasets.

New Capabilities

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

IS9748 Added the ability to make logical teams associating DAP users who submit packages with a metadata Administrator
IS10078 Added the ability to automatically re-read new/updated lookup tables following an update
IS17799 Added the Preview feature for displaying datasets
IS17814 Reject Log dialog now displayed once for multiple datasets to be rejected
IS17826 Added ability for DAP Server to save images in GeoTIFF when the TIFF option is selected
IS28599 Seeker SMQ query builder now provides an entry box instead of a drop down list for selecting a value to be searched
IS40112 Added the ability to set the download option of "Download Only" as the default
IS40130 Reject Log dialog now displayed once for multiple datasets to be rejected
IS40688 Quality of dewarped images now significantly improved
IS53003 Added support for DAP Documents that have an associated folder
IS62707 ISO/FGDC format flag can now be applied in the Web metadata Editor
IS62712 Advanced Search now narrows down the options available in child folder levels based on parent folder selection
IS62730 Display dataset icons now available
IS64500 Added the ability to convert spatial datasets to DAP Documents
IS65574 Added the ability to use Shift-Click to select a group of datasets
IS65575 Added the ability to use CTRL or Shift-Click to select multiple groups when setting security on datasets
IS68536 Added the ability for checking and reporting duplicate name, hierarchy, and bounding box
IS68867 Added the ability to preview default disclaimers in the Settings page
IS70582 Release notes now accessible in metadata Editor
Maintenance Fixes
IS8368 People list in the Audit Log dialog is now sorted alphabetically
IS8563 Destination publishing queues can now be selected for submitting
IS27213 Geosoft metadata "Title" now changed to "Dataset Name"
IS27237 DAP Search for datasets with numeric names now returns relevant results
IS30390 ISO tags for the Abstract and Data Source fields are no longer the same in the metadata Editor config file
IS46265 RDBMS connectors with errors can now be edited to resolve any such errors
IS51847 Hyphen now treated as a character in Seeker and DAP Search tools so datasets with hyphens in their names can be retreived
IS58458 Verification process no longer copies associated files to incorrect folders
IS62710 Flamingo extraction process now downloads the Project Package dataset with a ZIP file extension
IS68253 "All supported Files" now the first item in the drop down list beside the "File name:" field on the Select Dataset dialog
IS68254 metadata XML file no longer saved when not wanting to save from a newly created data package
IS68552 Downloading large datasets directly from the DAP Admin Portal no longer gives Internal Server Error in the web server
IS70582 Cataloging JPG file without a coordinate system as a document is now possible
IS70745 Datasets no longer remain unverified in the Incoming folder during the verification process
IS70757 Stability issues in DAP Admin around previewing image for an acQuire selection no longer occur
IS70762 Fixed misnamed package name in DAP Admin Portal
IS70763 Only datasets that are selected/checked get exported to the package or index map during its creation
IS71021 Datasets with accents in the DAP Admin hierarchy no longer produce error when verified
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