DAP Server 12

June 20, 2011

Release Notes

About This Release
New Capabilities
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

DAP 12 includes improved workflows for both the end user and data administrator, enhancing efficiency and ensuring your investment in Exploration Information Management is maximized. With this release DAP data management tasks have been significantly updated to streamline many of the tasks involved in verifying and publishing exploration datasets. See detailed System Requirements.

New Capabilities

Streamlined Data Management DAP data management tasks have been significantly updated to streamline many of the tasks involved in verifying and publishing exploration datasets. Datasets are now verified immediately when uploaded, resulting in a very fast publishing experience. Other data administration tasks have been dramatically improved such as setting security permissions and copyright notices to datasets has been streamlined to be faster and easier.
DAP administration web applicationclick to enlarge The DAP administrator application and user interface is now accessed via a browser based web portal. Administrators no longer need to install an application, login to the DAP Server, or have access to a computer with a high bandwidth connection. It is significantly easier for DAP administrators to manage multiple servers in different regions.
DAP Catalog SQL server Database The DAP catalog and metadata are now tightly integrated and managed together in a single SQL server database. This not only facilitates reporting on who accesses what datasets, it is also an important direction for future improvements.
Managed Exploration Information  Repository DAP datasets are stored in a Managed Exploration Information Repository, and dataset management is now accomplished via the web based DAP Administration Portal. The physical location of the exploration datasets are always synchronized with the DAP Catalog. This eliminates the need for the DAP data manager to directly access the data repository or use other tools such as Windows Explorer that can potentially cause the DAP Catalog and the datasets to become out of sync.
Simplified Architecture With this release we have simplified the setup and security of the DAP Server. The DAP data manager can now access all settings in one convenient and easy-to-use location.
Data Package With this release we have added the ability for the DAP Data Manager to be able to filter, organize and create a zipped subset of data, including the organizational hierarchy as a file structure. This data can then be removed from the managed data repository and shared with partners or external organizations.
Index Mapclick to enlarge DAP data managers can now create an Index Map shapefile containing bounding box outlines and structured metadata query fields for all or select datasets managed within the DAP server. This provides yet another view of the information managed within a DAP server.
Reportsclick to enlarge The DAP data manager can now quickly and easily view and track the data that has been uploaded by dataset type and how users are using the managed datasets.
Support for ESRI 10 DAP data managers can now publish ArcGIS v10 Layer (.LYR) file and Map Services.
Web-based Metadata Editorclick to enlarge DAP data Managers can now edit metadata of a dataset in the Managed Exploration Data Repository via the DAP administration web application. 
Flexible Presentation Hierarchyclick to enlarge DAP data managers can now organize data using a defined "folder structure" or using metadata fields to create a folder-like hierarchy. The DAP data managers can easily update the presentation hierarchy without having to un-catalog and re-catalog datasets, or re-organize files on the DAP Server data repository, saving time and effort.
Simplified Security Model Data access is controlled using a security model based on groups. The DAP data managers can create security groups based on Active Directory groups and users. In this way, Active Directory will be indirectly supported, and other security models can be added in the future.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

IS15273 Added ability to view dataset/feature class boundaries (index map) in DAP as .SHP files
IS9004 metadata Editor no longer displays the ".cache" folders in the DAP Data window when the administrator is uploading data packages
IS9014 Added the Clear Previous option in the metadata editor Edit menu to disable auto-population of fields when entering new metadata records 
IS9015 Filenames that begin with "_" now appear at the top of the ascending order list when displaying folders in DAP Data in metadata editor 
IS9012 Ability to modify all values in the date field (Day/Month/Year) now possible in the metadata editor.
IS7791 RDBMS connector re-order fields now the same as the original database in the new DAP Admin Portal
IS15606 Folder tree retrieval and numbering in Seeker is now faster when searching to add data folders
IS27150 DAP Download Logs accumulated daily for each DAP server can now be viewed and exported on the new DAP Admin Portal
Maintenance Fixes
IS15624 Structured metadata Query in Seeker is now applied to all servers when all servers follow the same common schema
IS15276 "Check for Updates" now verifies if license is supported before downloading the update executable
IS8582 Seeker now retrieving/clipping datasets based on newly defined AOI and adding to projected map if dataset intersects with projected map extents
IS16017 Resolved Geosoft Public DAP Server "datahmap" and "oisext" aborts
IS10077 Cataloging a single point in HXYZ, GDB, and SHP files now results in a blank image in Tooltip previews and Preview maps instead of a "red X"
IS7718 DAP Admin Portal addresses issue with cataloging process failing when WAN link is of poor quality
IS10076 DAP Admin Portal addresses issue with security groups being displayed as AD group descriptions instead of GUIDs
IS15993 Corrected error message to now display "An error occurred while attempting to retrieve "DNAG Magnetic Field":
The DAP server has encountered an error while retrieving your data. Please contact your DAP Administrator with the name of the dataset and area of interest so the issue can be investigated."
IS15643 Grids now properly display default/embedded Colour scheme when the grid is a plan slice from a voxel, or a Target level plan or section
IS7812 Seeker no longer prompts for username/password upon encountering a web proxy when attempting to access public DAP servers 
IS15641 Resolved DAP Seeker connection latency issues
IS15272 Added metadata support for DAP AcQuire connectors and RDBMS connections
IS27142 Refresh Structured Query Tables option is now available under Refresh Catalog Components
IS9322 List of datasets in Seeker now sorted by the displayed value originating from the metadata "Dataset Title" field value and no longer by the physical dataset name
IS9793 AcQuire connector Selection File name no longer defaults to the SEL file for the first connector listed as AcQuire connector is now in the DAP Database 
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