DAP Server 11.2.1

September 9, 2010

Release Notes

About This Release
New Capabilities
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

DAP Server 11.2.1 is a scheduled software upgrade available to all maintained customers. The upgrade includes software improvements and corrects a number of reported issues. The upgrade also incorporates changes to DAP Admin and Geosoft MDE.

New Capabilities


Support for ESRI

With this release of our DAP server, Geosoft has made the decision to continue to support ArcGIS ver 9.3.1 formats. This decision was made so that we could continue to provide the broadest range of support to our users as ArcGIS 9.X.x is not forward compatible with ArcGIS 10.00 formats.

With this release, we will continue to catalog and subsequently publish ESRI data as ArcGIS ver 9.3.1 datasets. Data and information submitted to the DAP server via our Geosoft MDE toolset will be managed as ArcGIS ver 9.3.1 formats as part of the submission process.

Data manually submitted by end users using ArcGIS ver 10.00, must first be saved as ArcGIS ver 9.3.1 datasets before submission. This workflow is covered in a FAQ topic.

Support for ArcGIS ver 10.00 is planned for our next major release, scheduled for 2011. For further information please contact either your Account Manager or our Services group.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

DAP Server
4919 Fixed - The DAP server goes offline when altering hierarchy when re-cataloging some items
7787 Fixed - Associated files not retrieved with custom document supported files in DAP
7809 Fixed - No warning is provided if a dataset that already exists is uploaded via the Metadata Editor (MDE)
7823 Fixed - Can only see the LYR data in the preview window when the full data extents are displayed
7835 Fixed - Error message "(40000) Parameter is not valid" when the vertical Y data range of the GDB is very small, i.e. Lat/Long data
N/A Fixed - Large red X in browser map when server times out
N/A Added - Support of the usage of "|" (pipe) as a string delimiter in metadata fields in Structured Query
N/A Added - Improved 'Set Coordinate System on Folder Contents' to more accurately report on updated datasets.
N/A Added - Additional logic for "Synchronize Metadata with Database" to update the SMQ database as well.
N/A Fixed - Disabled menu when using virtual folder, produced error previously "Invalid Node type.Parameter name: oNode."
N/A Added - Improved error messages when 'Unable to Preview Image' occurs.
N/A Fixed - The data entries are not entered with full path for Refresh Catalog Component > Text Search Index.
N/A Fixed - Structured Query <datetime> and <numeric> metadata fields are not sorted in the Query Builder dropdown lists.
N/A Fixed - ECW and JPEG2000 files retrieved from DAP Servers are shifted 1 cell south when displayed on a projected map.
N/A Fixed - Inconsistent behavior when saving and uploading data with missing or invalid values in Metadata Editor
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