DAP Server 11.2

March 16, 2010

Release Notes

About This Release
System Requirements
New Capabilities
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

Geosoft's main goals with this release were to simplify and improve both end user and data administrator workflows. Many of the changes within this release have come from working directly with customers to enhance the end users workflows and ensure the investment in Exploration Information Management is maximized.

Major changes include the new tool for finding and retrieving data, Seeker, plus new capabilities to support and administer Structured Metadata Queries. Along with these changes we have worked on multiple minor enhancements and defects documented below. See detailed System Requirements

New Capabilities

Seeker click to enlarge Seeker combines capabilities from DAP Find Data and Dapple interfaces. It replaces our two 'Find Data' options with a 3-step workflow. Search criteria can be used to refine results, retrieve and use them in your local mapping environment. Seeker is available in all Geosoft applications and plug-ins.Watch the Geosoft Seeker Video.

Improved Automatic Rendering for Shapefilesclick to enlarge

DAP Server 11.2 includes improved default preview rendering for vector data. Specifically, hypermaps are created automatically in the DAP catalog and used for rendering shapefiles.  This means that the shapefile will appear crisp, not blurry, when viewed in the DAP data access tools including: Seeker, Dapple and web clients.

Metadata Editor Multiple File Selection

The Geosoft Metadata Editor, deployed with DAP Server 11.2 supports multiple file selection. This allows users to enter 'copyable' metadata fields for many files simultaneously.  This improvement makes the creation of project metadata more efficient.

Report for Non-Cataloged Datasetsclick to enlarge

DAP Administrator 11.2 has the capability to create an interactive report for files that are in the data folders but have not been cataloged.  The data administrator can catalog selected datasets directly from the report, quickly adding any datasets that may have been overlooked.

Support for GDB extraction through Web Clients

Support for the extraction of Geosoft Databases has been added to the web client interface for DAP Server 11.2.

JPEG 2000 Support

We have added support for JPEG 2000 (*.JP2 and *.J2K). Conversion to JPEG 2000 can be found under Map Export formats. Similar to GeoTIFF format, JPEG 2000 supports embedded coordinate system information. Transparency for sharing grid images that are not rectangular is also supported now.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

DAP Server
16815 Fixed - No transformation options when raster is downloaded from DAP/DAPPLE into ArcMAP into different GCS. Resolved through Seeker.
17396 Fixed - DAP Server ABORT v11.1. Error "YOUR SESSION WAS TERMINATED AFTER 20 MINUTES OF INACTIVITY" when trying to extract datatsets caused by a DAP Server ABORT
17665 Fixed - DAP v11.1: Email option in License Manager rolls back the installer... Cannot install an offline license
17861 Fixed - DAP Server/Admin v11.x installs: Clicking 'E-mail' button in license manager dialogs gives "Send Mail failed to send message" geolicense error
DAP Client
13781 Fixed - DAP Client v7.0.1: Clients unable to automatically locate DAP Servers through ISA Server without specifying ISA address
14022 Fixed - Find Data w/ Dapple v7.0: Setting a Region as AOI (such as a rectangle like Chile) in Dapple as you can in the old Dap client interface.
14269 Added - Allow Dapple to be non-modal.
14270 Added - Allow Dapple download from DAP Server without having to render the image of the data.
15240 Fixed - Dapple v7.x: Cannot run Dapple in VMware (VMware ESX solution does not support DirectX)
16850 Fixed - Find Data w/ Dapple v7.1.1-MapInfo: "tif.xml is not in a recognized format and no metadata will be loaded" error when extracting ECW in MapInfo
16865 Fixed - DAP Clients v7.1.1-Oasis montaj/MI:  Abort/Error downloading a dataset that is prefixed with "!"
17625 Fixed - Unable to extract Web and Image server datasets into existing projected grids and maps.
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