DAP Server 11.1

July 2009

Release Notes

About This Release
New Capabilities
Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes

About this Release

Geosoft DAP 11.1 is a regularly scheduled update of Geosoft DAP server technology. Notable improvements and functions are provided below.

Update Installation

Updates for DAP Server installations are available as part of your support contract with Geosoft. There are no downloadable updates for the DAP Server. For further information please contact either your Account Manager or our Services group.

New Capabilities


With this new maintenance release there has been a focus on improving our data management workflows for managing Pitney Bowes Mapinfo TAB files and ESRI image files. Along with these changes we have worked on multiple minor enhancements and defects. This release is implementable through a minor upgrade to DAP 11 and 11.0.1.

Pitney Bowes Mapinfo TAB files To better support MapInfo TAB files we have adjusted our cataloging process to natively store TAB files.  Preserving the original TAB files ensures there is no remapping of symbols and colors when moving between DAP and MapInfo environments. These changes do not effect the workflow when moving from MapInfo TAB to another format.
TIFFs Generated from ArcGIS 9.2/9.3 To support this image format the ESRI integration module has been amended to create a rectified geotif that is stored inside a cache directory with the same name as the original file plus a .cache extension and then the image is cataloged. Requires ESRI integration module.
DAP Administrator Reports Records and displays the user that is accessing DAP "Geodap" where the real user name is displayed on the report generated by the DAP Administrator
Warped Images Warped images can now be cataloged as rectified geotif.

Enhancements and Maintenance Fixes


DAP Server

QA 16649

DAP Server v11: Improved results from text searches.

QA 16336

DAP Administrator V11 SP1 1c: Image preview of ' 1-Canada Gravity.doc' does not work

QA 15641

DAP Administrator v11: Improved error description when unable to connect to acquire via connectors due to permissions issues

QA 15217

DAP Admin v11.0.1: Edit Configuration/File Mappings dialog problems

QA 16134

DAP Admin v11.0.1: Recreating an excluded RDBMS connector causes it to be excluded

QA 16650

DAP Administrator v11.1 1d: DAP Administrator tools to set co-ordinate systems for documents not working consistently

QA 16664

MDE: DAP Data without metadata records in the database

QA 16281

DAP Admin v11.0.1: added ability for the Meta template generated by MDE to save the values instead of IDs

QA 16439

DAP Administrator v11.0.1: DAP Admin won't launch when excluded folder is missing

QA 14858

DAP v11.0.1. GDB with 1 survey line in which Y or X includes only constant coordinates values cannot be previewed in DAP Administrator and DAP clients.

QA 16371, 13905

DAP Admin v11: If there is only one line in the GDB, the default rendering should be "points" instead of a "line"

QA 15509

MDE: User running MDE in offline mode gets error "The Single Use hardware key has not been installed on this system, or has been removed." if ArcGIS dongle has been removed.

QA 16078

DAP Client. DAPPREP.OMN - Make HGD option. Bug Mispelled INPUT in the dialog box.

QA 16046

DAP Server v11: Change "Zaire" to "Democratic Republic of Congo" in 'aoi_region.csv'

QA 15934

MDE v11: Discrepancy in the MDE and Coordinate System dialog in Oasis montaj with regards to the parameters displayed in the Unit and Local datum dropdown lists

QA 14085

DAP Server 11.0.1. Section map support is inconsistent and incorrect, depending on if there is a Data view in the map

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