Geosoft provides solutions for 3D geological modelling, gravity and magnetic modelling and geophysical inversion. Visualize complex, subsurface structures and increase confidence in your exploration model.

  • We had a lot of data, and with Geosoft we were able to visualize it quickly and overlay anything on top – geophysics, geochemistry, block models. We could also import it to Surpac and other mining software.

    Alex Walcott, Consulting Geophysicist
  • Geosoft is still by far the best software for generating gravity and magnetic interpretations, and products that can be easily integrated into the seismic world.

    Mark Longacre, MBL
  • The streamlining of the inversion setup, lightning-fast computation speeds you dream about and output displays make Geosoft VOXI a pleasure to use. 3D models can be generated in a fraction of the time and effort on a regular PC/laptop.

    John Donohue, Carpentaria Exploration

Reduce risk and the cost of discovery with deeper 3D insight

The ability to visualize the Earth as a 3D volume is helping to reduce risk and the cost of discovery within earth exploration. Geosoft enables geoscientists to conduct multidisciplinary data processing, modelling and analysis within one dynamic, 3D environment. Build models with confidence, and rapidly iterate – as new data becomes available - to develop new understanding.

3D Geological Modelling

As greater portions of geologically prospective land evolve into mature exploration terrain, mineral explorers are relying less on surface mapping and prospecting and more on 3D visualization techniques that can see underground to generate worthwhile projects. Presenting meaningful 3D results to management and investors can be key to success. 


3D Gravity and Magnetics 

While seismic exploration remains the primary method of exploring for petroleum, use of gravity and magnetic modelling methods has continued to expand, based on their contribution to reliable evaluations (and recent discoveries) in deeper, more challenging environments such as sub-salt structures and the deep sea. 


3D Geophysical Inversion 

Over the past decade, geophysical inversion has proved its effectiveness in exploring for ore deposits and major oil reserves around the world. Insights generated from geophysical inversion have helped to improve prospecting and focus drill targeting, particularly in deeper and more complex subsurface environments. 


High performance software for 3D earth modelling

Visualize and analyze your drillhole and borehole data in 1D, 2D and 3D.


Model complex 2D and 3D subsurface structures with gravity and magnetics.

GM-SYS Modelling

Generate 3D geophysical inversions to visualize the deep subsurface. 

VOXI Earth Modelling

Deeper scientific insight – the technology and
expertise to help you find what’s hidden, faster.


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