GM-SYS Profile 2D gravity and magnetic modelling software

See how you can use Oasis montaj with the GM-SYS Profile extension to create a subsurface geological model. You can include seismic and well data to constrain the gravity and magnetic interpr...

Product Information | Energy Geoscience | 479 views

UXO Land Quick Tour

Discover how you can use UXO Land software to locate and assess UXO targets. Geosoft UXO Land is an extension for Oasis montaj that provides a full suite of tools to locate and analyze UX...

Product Information | Near Surface Geoscience | 749 views

What's New in Geosoft 9.3

Experience better 3D graphics, new 3D voxel display options, and create animated videos from snapshots.

Product Information | Mineral Geoscience | 558 views

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