Things to consider when selecting a drilling and sample data management system

Some things to consider when choosing a drill and sample data management solution that will ensure confidence in your results without depleting your IT budget or burdening your team with excess amo...

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Intelligent exploration key to finding new mineral deposits

As projects move deeper under cover, modern exploration scenarios require explorers to assess all the appropriate data on hand for the project to generate more insightful and accurate exploration m...

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Seabed UXO surveys clear the way for offshore wind farms

Offshore wind power promises to be the way of the future for Europe's burgeoning electricity needs. Locating unexploded ordnance on the seabed is an important first step.

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Effective approaches to potential field modelling in hydrocarbon exploration

In a challenging economic environment, potential field modelling can prove extremely useful to hydrocarbons exploration.

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Give them data and they will come

Geoscience data is to exploration what road systems are to transport: a precompetitive asset that jurisdictions must provide if they hope to foster a viable and sustainable mining industry.

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MX Deposit offers an affordable, flexible new option for drill results

Red Pine Exploration and Nighthawk Gold are among the exploration companies that have selected MX Deposit for managing their drill logs and results. Recently launched MX Deposit is subscription sof...

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Guidance on Geophysical Classification for UXO

New approaches for geophysical classification of UXO are helping to save time and money by reducing the excavation of harmless debris. These and other advantages are explained in a series of fact s...

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Botswana Geoscience Portal goes live

The Botswana Geoscience Portal, a partnership initiative of the Botswana Geoscience Institute, Geosoft and industry sponsors, is now live. The geoscience portal provides free access to multi-discip...

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Magnetization Vector Inversion helps identify structures in Brazilian gold district

Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) helped identify structures in the Pontes e Lacerda area of southwestern Brazil, a gold district at -12° latitude where magnetic anomalies with inverted...

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Access to online survey data helps explorers focus their exploration

How access to online government survey data is helping explorers to outline their targets more quickly and efficiently.

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Best Practices for Handling the Data Explosion

Five suggestions for best practices to help you handle the data explosion and improve exploration data management.

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Harnessing the Power of Parker

Geosoft’s Gerry Connard explains the advantages of using Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) for gravity and magnetic modelling.

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When seismic isn't enough

Interview with Dr. Michal Ellen Ruder, Wintermoon Geotechnologies, on the use of gravity and magnetic methods for Oil and Gas exploration.

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Enhancing geological interpretations with gravity and magnetics across all petroleum plays

As the utility of gravity and magnetic methods for oil exploration expands, so does the need for more awareness on how these methods can be used to enhance geological interpretations.

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Modelling the Earth through Inversion

An interview with Geosoft Chief Technologist Ian MacLeod on the benefits of 3D inversion modelling, and the company’s plans to introduce voxel inversion modelling technology as an online serv...

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Seeing the shades of grey in 3D inversion

This article looks at the latest thinking, and technology, that’s making geophysical inversion techniques more reliable and informative as an aid for mineral exploration.

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Introduction of VOXI Earth Modelling technology

Geosoft’s introduction of accessible 3D modelling technology that has advanced exploration geophysics for improved drill targeting. 

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A hybrid solution worth its salt

VALEM (Voxel Assisted Layered Earth Modelling) technology was developed by Geosoft, in collaboration with potential field experts in the energy sector, to address the base of salt challenge.

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Smarter use of big data, geophysics, and cloud computing can help boost discovery rates

Deposits may have become harder to find in recent decades, but by eliminating instrument noise, making 3D geophysical inversion an integral part of the exploration process and harnessing the unprec...

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How geophysical inversion boosts confidence at every exploration stage

From validating geology on grassroots project to finding new ore around existing mines, geophysical inversion is taking some of the risk out of high stakes mineral exploration. Recent technology de...

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Reducing risk: the advantages of Magnetization Vector Inversion

Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) is a technique introduced by Geosoft to help eliminate erroneous assumptions about magnetization. After a year of application in mineral exploration, project ex...

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Cloud Computing and Explorers, Geosoft Q&A

Ian MacLeod, Geosoft Chief Technologist, looks at the past, present and future of cloud computing from the perspective of earth explorers and exploration. The ultimate experience, long term, is one...

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Diamond Discoveries in Canada's North

Modern exploration methods, especially improvements in the ability to trace and analyze kimberlite indicator minerals such as pyrope garnet, chromite and chrome-diopside, have led to significant di...

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Closing the Productivity Gap in GIS

GIS and exploration software has come a long way in the past 10 years, especially visualization and 3D modelling. Technology has evolved to allow geoscientists to share data easily between their ma...

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UXO Lands Restoration and Release: Mitigating Residual Risk

When it comes to finding hand grenades, artillery shells or other UXO (unexploded ordnance) buried in the soil, you can never be 100% sure you've found them all. But as the odds improve, contra...

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What Lies Beneath: Detecting Bombs Under the Earth's Surface

Software and quality control measures are essential to UXO investigations, both for the interpretation of data and the creation of standardized analytical processes. With advancing techniques and t...

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Narrowing the Field: The new role of Gravity and Magnetics in Oil Exploration

Advances in processing and interpreting gravity and magnetic survey data are opening up highly promising new roles for the technique in oil and gas exploration.

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Collaboration Supports Education in Russia

A collaborative education initiative between Perm State University, AGT and Geosoft is helping to train the next generation of geoscientists in new exploration technology and data processing.

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Exploration Technology: Retooling for the digital data revolution

A review of developments in exploration technology that are delivering stronger spatial data access and management capabilities through the Internet, and advanced workflows within GIS. 

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Extending the limits of earth data visualization and exploration [PDF]

Increasingly powerful tools for geoscientific mapping, 3D visualization, and analysis respond to geoscientists’ rising need for greater power, precision and productivity in accessing, integra...

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Data Connections: Improving the Data Experience for Geoscientists

This article looks at how improving the way geoscientists connect to data can improve decision-making and results within exploration organizations. 

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Benefits of rapid data assessment and visualization prove themselves in exploration scenarios [PDF]

Rapid data assessment and dynamic visualization helps to reduce risk and to increase prospecting capabilities in exploration.

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Workflow Management: Using Software to Define Workflows

The focus is shifting from data collection to working with data to achieve project outcomes. This article provides an example of how you can use software to define workflows for finding data, makin...

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Strategies for Improving Knowledge Management

A look at how adopting a knowledge management strategy can help exploration companies to close the widening rift between the volumes of data and the supply of geoscientists needed to process it, re...

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Purpose-built Workflows for Exploration Geology and Geochemistry [PDF]

A look at how simple, multidisciplinary workflows can help you get the job done faster and better – increasing the effectiveness of exploration geology from target selection to mine developme...

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