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Solving complex 4D problems on Canada’s West Coast

Pacific Salmon Foundation, Terry Curran

Golden West Innovates in UXO Survey and ClearanceGolden West Humanitarian Foundation
Inversion modelling helps define kimberlite targets in the Northwest Territories Margaret Lake Diamonds (MLD), Campbell & Walker Geophysics
Southern surveys: unravelling the mystery of East AntarcticaUniversity of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) 
Smart exploration on a shoestringColorado Resources, Peter E. Walcott & Associates
Geophysics Aids Sepon UXO Clearance

CH2M HILL;  ECC; NAEVA Geophysics; US Department of Defense, Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP);

UXO Quality Control

CH2M HILL;  ECC; NAEVA Geophysics; US Department of Defense, Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP);

QDEX Data: The new face of Queensland surveysThe Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ)
Expanding Norway's mineral potentialGeological Survey of Norway (NGU)
New Approach to Basement Studies for Oil and Gas ExplorersLyatasky Geoscience Research & Consulting, Alberta Geological Survey
Geosoft's education program helps train tomorrow's geoscientists

Oklahoma State University, School of Geology

Exploring the East African Rift System: Volcanic intrusions in the EARS challenge oil and gas explorersNational Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK), Université de Rennes (Géosciences Rennes)
There’s Gold in This: New CET Grid Analysis Software

Barrick Gold, The University of Western Australia, Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET)

Diamond Discoveries in Canada's North

Diamonds North, Shear Minerals

Closing the Productivity Gap in GIS

Vale, Wintermoon Geotechnologies

Closing the Discovery Gap: Exploring Deeper

McMaster University, School of Geography and Earth Sciences; Wallbridge Mining; Xstrata

Detecting Deeper Deposits of Uranium

Corner Geophysics Namibia, RES

Deep Earth Imaging: It Pays to Look Deeper

Quantec Geosciences, Romios Gold

Slocum glider generates scientific payload in undersea data

Canadian Institute of Ocean Sciences (IOS)

Uncovering geothermal potential in Ethiopia

Geological Survey of Ethiopia

Snooping under Northern Ireland:The Tellus Initiative

Geological Survey of Northern Ireland

Deconstructing Plate Tectonics

Geological Survey of Norway

A 4,000-Year-Old Necropolis

Cumhuriyet University

Automating Map Production

Servicio Geologico Minero Argentino (SEGEMAR)

VMS exploration: New life for old camps

HudBay Minerals Inc., Xstrata

Using vertical dikes as a new approach to constraining the size of buried craters: An example from Lake Wanapitei, Canada

University of Toronto, Department of Physics; McMaster University, School of Geography and Geology; University of Toronto, Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences; Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Dynamics of Geospheres

Lake-based magnetic mapping of contaminated sediment distribution, Hamilton Harbour, Lake Ontario, Canada

McMaster University, School of Geography and Geology; Marine Magnetics Corporation

Putting Nigeria on the map: New geophysical survey data positions Nigeria as an exciting destination for explorers

Nigerian Geological Survey Agency, Earthworks, Fugro Airborne Surveys, GeoWitch, Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited (PGW) 

Southeast Asia Gravity and Magnetics Interpretation

Bird Geophysical, Gibson Consulting Solutions

Geochemical Surveys Detect Undiscovered Mineral Potential

Ontario Geological Survey, Manitoba Geological Survey, Saskatchewan Northern Geological Survey

Earth Science Research at any Scale

University of Western Michigan

UXO Quality Control

Naeva Geophysics, USACE

An Integrated Approach for Measuring and Processing Geophysical Data for the Detection of Unexploded Ordnance

US Army Engineers (USAE), Waterways Experiment Station, Geomar Geophysics Ltd.

Phantom Mountains under the Antarctic Ice

British Antarctic Survey, Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Characterization of the Shallowing of the Silting Process on Japuiba Inlet

The Rio de Janeiro State University, Institute of Geosciences, Department of Oceanography

Targeting exploration mapping needs

African Eagle Resources, Gold Fields International

Improved Data Access Makes Canada a better investment

Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada

Rio Tinto Tackles Exploration Data Management

Rio Tinto Exploration, Kennecott Exploration

Creating Advanced E-Maps: A Canadian Oil & Gas Example

Spectra Exploration Geoscience Corp.

Integrating Surface and Drillhole Exploration Results

North Atlantic Natural Resources AB

Marine Magnetic Survey of a Submerged Roman Harbour, Caesarea Maritima, Israel

McMaster University, School of Geography and Geology; Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies, University of Haifa; Marine Magnetics Corporation

Online Geoscience Data Repository: Natural Resources Canada

Geological Survey of Canada, Natural Resources Canada

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