Geosoft 2011 Survey: Managing Information for Mineral Exploration

Exploration Information
Management Survey 2011

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More than 90% of respondents to a recent survey from Geosoft, reported having challenges with managing their exploration information within the mineral exploration industry. 79% ranked data management as a critical or top 5 issue for their exploration group. Finding data and accessing it across multiple regional offices remains one of the biggest challenges. Increasing the visibility, use and access to data for exploration and reporting was seen as the most important outcome for improving data management.

Survey respondents were executives in global mineral exploration companies, government organizations and service companies involved in gathering data for mineral exploration companies

The 2011 Survey report includes insight on:

  • The key exploration data and information management challenges
  • The roles involved in managing data, impacted by these challenges
  • How mineral explorers are solving their information management issues
  • The most important outcomes for improving exploration data management


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