Success Stories

New Approach to Basement Studies for Oil and Gas Explorers

Lyatasky Geoscience Research & Consulting, Alberta Geological Survey

Success Stories | Gravity and Magnetic Modelling | 1115 views

Southeast Asia Gravity and Magnetics Interpretation [PDF]

Bird Geophysical, Gibson Consulting Solutions

Success Stories | Energy Geoscience | 3602 views

Phantom Mountains under the Antarctic Ice

British Antarctic Survey, Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Success Stories | Gravity and Magnetic Modelling | 4292 views

Technical Publications

Public domain satellite gravity inversion offshore Somalia combining layered-Earth and voxel based modelling [PDF]

2017: First Break, EM & Potential Methods
Gaud Pouliquen, Gerry Connard, Hannah Kearns, Mohamed Gouiza, Douglas Paton

Technical Publications | Energy Geoscience | 1005 views

Tilt Derivative Made easy [PDF]

2016: Technical Note
Richard J. Blakely, Gerald G. Connard, Julia B. Curto

Technical Publications | Energy Geoscience | 1267 views

Magnetic Data Modelling to Support Seismic Exploration in Distinguishing Volcanics at the Reservoir Level in the Outer Browse Basin NW Australia [PDF]

2015: AGU/SEG Workshop on Potential-Field and EM Methods Applied to Basin Studies
Beti Slakeska, Keith Jones  

Technical Publications | Gravity and Magnetic Modelling | 1675 views

Non-Uniqueness in Potential Field Inversion [PDF]

2010: SBGf Non-Seismic Methods: Birth and Re-Birth of Geophysics

Robert G. Ellis

Technical Publications | Energy Geoscience | 9710 views

3D Gravity and Magnetic Model of a Triassic Large Igneous Province Vent [PDF]

2010: EAGE 72nd Conference and Exhibition

G.G. Connard, J.M. Glen, J.M. Schmidt

Technical Publications | Gravity and Magnetic Modelling | 4153 views

Geosoft Articles

A hybrid solution worth its salt

VALEM (Voxel Assisted Layered Earth Modelling) technology was developed by Geosoft, in collaboration with potential field experts in the energy sector, to address the base of salt challenge.

Geosoft Articles | Energy Geoscience | 344 views

Effective approaches to potential field modelling in hydrocarbon exploration

In a challenging economic environment, potential field modelling can prove extremely useful to hydrocarbons exploration.

Geosoft Articles | Energy Geoscience | 380 views

Enhancing geological interpretations with gravity and magnetics across all petroleum plays

As the utility of gravity and magnetic methods for oil exploration expands, so does the need for more awareness on how these methods can be used to enhance geological interpretations.

Geosoft Articles | Energy Geoscience | 1139 views

Narrowing the Field: The new role of Gravity and Magnetics in Oil Exploration

Advances in processing and interpreting gravity and magnetic survey data are opening up highly promising new roles for the technique in oil and gas exploration.

Geosoft Articles | Energy Geoscience | 4020 views

Benefits of rapid data assessment and visualization prove themselves in exploration scenarios [PDF]

Rapid data assessment and dynamic visualization helps to reduce risk and to increase prospecting capabilities in exploration.

Geosoft Articles | Energy Geoscience | 5000 views

When seismic isn't enough

Interview with Dr. Michal Ellen Ruder, Wintermoon Geotechnologies, on the use of gravity and magnetic methods for Oil and Gas exploration.

Geosoft Articles | Energy Geoscience | 977 views

Harnessing the Power of Parker

Geosoft’s Gerry Connard explains the advantages of using Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) for gravity and magnetic modelling.

Geosoft Articles | Energy Geoscience | 936 views

Reports and eBooks

Earth Explorer: 2016 Energy Report [PDF]

A compilation of top Earth Explorer articles featuring integrated gravity and magnetic and seismic approaches, managing gravity and magnetic data, exploring in challenging subsalt environments...

Reports and eBooks | Energy Geoscience | 1301 views

The New Frontier: Exploring for Oil with Gravity and Magnetics [PDF]

Integrative approaches, combining gravity and magnetics with seismic, are helping to focus oil and gas exploration in frontier and deepwater environments. This special report features some of...

Reports and eBooks | Energy Geoscience | 9687 views

Earth Explorer: 2014 Energy Report [PDF]

A compilation of top Earth Explorer articles featuring integrated gravity and magnetic and seismic approaches, and applied success in exploring for oil in complex, offshore and deepwater envir...

Reports and eBooks | Energy Geoscience | 2849 views

On-Demand Webinars

3D potential-field modelling to help evaluate a geothermal prospect

Gerry Connard, a senior scientist specializing in potential fields at Geosoft, shows how to successfully integrate gravity and magnetic data with other geophysical data and detailed geologic m...

On-Demand Webinars | Gravity and Magnetic Modelling | 631 views

Integrating layered-earth and voxel-based modelling: A case study from offshore East Africa

See how to successfully combine conventional layered-earth modelling and voxel-based modelling by using GM-SYS and VOXI Earth Modelling. Gaud Pouliquen presents a case study using public domain sat...

On-Demand Webinars | Geophysical Inversion Modelling | 772 views

Discover Geosoft Release 9.2

Join the Geosoft technical team as they take you through the highlights of the 9.2 release. Version 9.2 simplifies your 3D experience with enhanced 3D navigation. New 3D Views enable you to view 3D...

On-Demand Webinars | 527 views

Incorporating gravity and magnetics into regional interpretation studies

TGS has conducted interpretation and play fairway studies across the frontier area offshore East Canada, following phased acquisition of 2D seismic surveys in Newfoundland and Labrador Sea in partn...

On-Demand Webinars | Energy Geoscience | 1207 views

Improving exploration effectiveness in the subsalt

The webinar introduces VALEM for GM-SYS 3D, a new hybrid gravity inversion approach for integrating gravity data with seismic data to model the base of salt. It demonstrates how hybrid gravity inve...

On-Demand Webinars | Energy Geoscience | 1165 views

Introducing VALEM for GM-SYS 3D

Join Geosoft Chief Technologist, Ian MacLeod as he introduces VALEM (Voxel Assisted Layered Earth Modelling), a new cloud powered inversion service seamlessly integrated into GM-SYS 3D, Geosoft'...

On-Demand Webinars | Energy Geoscience | 1422 views

Build powerful 3D Potential field models

This video covers the new features in GM-SYS 3D 8.3. It is intended for potential field Geophysicists who want to build and improve their models by incorporating potential field data into a 3D envi...

On-Demand Webinars | Energy Geoscience | 1219 views

Integrating potential field data with seismic data and structural geology

Potential field data is often considered “seismic’s little brother” in oil and gas exploration. In this webinar, Jonathan Watson, Interpretation Manager at Bridgeporth demonstrate...

On-Demand Webinars | Energy Geoscience | 1312 views

Maximizing potential field data for energy projects in Africa

An introduction to Geosoft products for mapping, modelling and interpretation of gravity and magnetic data. 

On-Demand Webinars | Energy Geoscience | 1078 views

Petroleum Exploration in Northwest Kenya

Why use gravity and magnetics modelling? This presentation focuses on a petroleum exploration problem and outlines an approach to solving an interpretation problem by following a holistic data revi...

On-Demand Webinars | Energy Geoscience | 1147 views

When Seismic is not enough

Fully exploit gravity and magnetic data to improve your exploration success and increase the confidence in your geologic models. Learn how and when to use your magnetic and gravity data to further ...

On-Demand Webinars | Energy Geoscience | 1218 views

Product Information

What's New in Geosoft 9.3

Experience better 3D graphics, new 3D voxel display options, and create animated videos from snapshots.

Product Information | Mineral Geoscience | 558 views

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