Intelligent exploration key to finding new mineral deposits

As projects move deeper under cover, modern exploration scenarios require explorers to assess all the appropriate data on hand for the project to generate more insightful and accurate exploration m...

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Magnetization Vector Inversion helps identify structures in Brazilian gold district

Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) helped identify structures in the Pontes e Lacerda area of southwestern Brazil, a gold district at -12° latitude where magnetic anomalies with inverted...

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Access to online survey data helps explorers focus their exploration

How access to online government survey data is helping explorers to outline their targets more quickly and efficiently.

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Smart exploration on a shoestring

Colorado Resources, Peter E. Walcott & Associates

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Smarter use of big data, geophysics, and cloud computing can help boost discovery rates

Deposits may have become harder to find in recent decades, but by eliminating instrument noise, making 3D geophysical inversion an integral part of the exploration process and harnessing the unprec...

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How geophysical inversion boosts confidence at every exploration stage

From validating geology on grassroots project to finding new ore around existing mines, geophysical inversion is taking some of the risk out of high stakes mineral exploration. Recent technology de...

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Reducing risk: the advantages of Magnetization Vector Inversion

Magnetization Vector Inversion (MVI) is a technique introduced by Geosoft to help eliminate erroneous assumptions about magnetization. After a year of application in mineral exploration, project ex...

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Earth Explorer: 2015 Mineral Exploration Report [PDF]

A compilation of top Earth Explorer articles featuring applied success in improving data discovery and using geophysical inversion methods to increase confidence in drill targeting. 

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3D Inversion of Magnetic Data at Low Magnetic Latitudes [PDF]

2013: SBGf 13th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society
Telma Aisengart

Technical Publications | Mineral Geoscience | 2779 views

Magnetic Vector Inversion, a simple approach to the challenge of varying direction of rock magnetization [PDF]

2013: ASEG-PESA 23rd International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition
Robert G. Ellis, Ian N. MacLeod

Technical Publications | Mineral Geoscience | 5728 views

Inversion of Magnetic Data from Remanent and Induced Sources [PDF]

2012: ASEG 22nd Conference and Exhibition
Robert G. Ellis, Barry de Wet, Ian N. MacLeod

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VOXI Earth Modelling Data Security and Architecture [PDF]

2012: Geosoft Technology White Paper
Roger Amorin 

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There’s Gold in This: New CET Grid Analysis Software

Barrick Gold, The University of Western Australia, Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET)

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Diamond Discoveries in Canada's North

Modern exploration methods, especially improvements in the ability to trace and analyze kimberlite indicator minerals such as pyrope garnet, chromite and chrome-diopside, have led to significant di...

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Closing the Discovery Gap: Exploring Deeper

McMaster University, School of Geography and Earth Sciences; Wallbridge Mining; Xstrata

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Collaboration Supports Education in Russia

A collaborative education initiative between Perm State University, AGT and Geosoft is helping to train the next generation of geoscientists in new exploration technology and data processing.

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Extending the limits of earth data visualization and exploration [PDF]

Increasingly powerful tools for geoscientific mapping, 3D visualization, and analysis respond to geoscientists’ rising need for greater power, precision and productivity in accessing, integra...

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Benefits of rapid data assessment and visualization prove themselves in exploration scenarios [PDF]

Rapid data assessment and dynamic visualization helps to reduce risk and to increase prospecting capabilities in exploration.

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Workflow Management: Using Software to Define Workflows

The focus is shifting from data collection to working with data to achieve project outcomes. This article provides an example of how you can use software to define workflows for finding data, makin...

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Fresh Perspective: Solutions for Mineral Exploration eBook [PDF]

A review of advancements in mineral exploration technology, and how explorers are using technology to improve productivity, support team-based exploration and gain deeper insight to guide drilling ...

Reports and eBooks | Mineral Geoscience | 14511 views

Purpose-built Workflows for Exploration Geology and Geochemistry [PDF]

A look at how simple, multidisciplinary workflows can help you get the job done faster and better – increasing the effectiveness of exploration geology from target selection to mine developme...

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Automating Map Production [PDF]

Servicio Geologico Minero Argentino (SEGEMAR)

Success Stories | Mineral Geoscience | 2834 views

Targeting exploration mapping needs

African Eagle Resources, Gold Fields International

Success Stories | Mineral Geoscience | 2585 views

A New, Rapid, Automated Grid Stitching Algorithm [PDF]

2004: Geosoft Technical Paper

G.G. Connard, J.M. Glen, J.M. Schmidt

Technical Publications | Energy Geoscience | 6061 views

HEM data processing - a practical overview [PDF]

2004: Geosoft Technical Paper

Nicholas C. Valleau

Technical Publications | Mineral Geoscience | 4693 views

Two Methods of Gradient Enhanced Gridding [PDF]

2004: Technical Paper

C.D. Hardwick

Technical Publications | Energy Geoscience | 5962 views

Exploration in Three Dimensions: Visualizing Drillhole Data in 3D [PDF]

2003: Geosoft Technical Paper

Tracey Minton, Tim Millis

Technical Publications | Mineral Geoscience | 4239 views

Quality Control of Gridded Aeromagnetic Data [PDF]

2000: Exploration Geophysics
Stephen Billings, Dave Richards

Technical Publications | Mineral Geoscience | 6188 views

Integration of Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Imagery for Mineral Exploration Applications [PDF]

2000: Geosoft Technical Paper

Tracey Minton, Ria Tinnion, Greg M. Hollyer

Technical Publications | Mineral Geoscience | 6771 views

The Improved Source Parameter Imaging Method [PDF]

1998: EAGE Geophysical Prospecting, Volume 46

Richard S. Smith, Jeffrey B. Thurston, Ting-Fan Dai, Ian N. MacLeod

Technical Publications | Mineral Geoscience | 5088 views

Topics in Gridding [PDF]

1998: Geosoft Workshop

Technical Publications | Mineral Geoscience | 11899 views

3-D Analytic Signal in the Interpretation of Total Magnetic Field Data at Low Magnetic Latitudes [PDF]

1993: Exploration Geophysics, Volume 24

Ian N. MacLeod, Keith Jones, Ting-Fan Dai

Technical Publications | Mineral Geoscience | 9447 views

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