Marine magnetics – the future of seabed surveys 

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle-towed magnetometer are proving to be effective in seabed surveys, and the technique could reduce costs and time, with improved accuracies.

Ontario-based Marine Magnetics Corp and Massachusetts-based AUV manufacturer OceanServer Technology Inc. have partnered to introduce an innovative approach to seabed surveys. The idea is to tow a small efficient magnetometer closely behind an AUV. The thinking is that it should reduce the need for weather-dependent traditional boat-towed magnetometer arrays.

Results, from testing the approach, have been promising and after processing the magnetometer data with Oasis montaj, the team was impressed with the sharp images.

In this article:

  • Results from testing the new AUV-magnetometer combination for seabed surveys.
  • Key challenges and advantages of using AUV-towed systems.
  • An example of the magnetometer data processed with Geosoft Oasis montaj.
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